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  1. B0SS's Application [Accepted]

    A language used by extraterrestrials when high, also a language that humans will never be able to understand.
  2. B0SS's Application [Accepted]

    If two officers give me contradicting orders, I would notify both of them and ask them to sort it out themselves. If they do not come up with a compromise or agreement, I will ask another officer that is of higher rank to help sort the it out.
  3. B0SS's Application [Accepted]

    If a superior officer gave me an order that I disagreed, I would just follow it. I mean, I applied for this alliance for a reason, I know what this alliance is about (loyalty etc.) Plus the superior officer is superior for a reason. He/she is most likely is much better than me, the order he gives will most likely make more sense than my idea as he/she is more experienced than me.
  4. B0SS's Application [Accepted]

    Excuse me, but I will not be able to answer any of the questions on the whole day friday, 5/18/2018. This is because I have to attend a friend's funeral right after school. The funeral will last well into the afternoon and night. I will not be able to access my computer all day that day. Is this okay with you guys? Edit: However, I will be available tomorrow and saturday, and so on. Sorry for the inconvience. If this is not okay, I understand completely, sorry for the sudden notice.
  5. B0SS's Application [Accepted]

    IA Staff sounds very interesting, as you get to talk to new people.
  6. B0SS's Application [Accepted]

    I would really hope to be a "2", but I will most likely be between a "1" and a "2". Like sometimes really active, sometimes semi-active.
  7. B0SS's Application [Accepted]

    Of course, I would love to learn more about this game.
  8. B0SS's Application [Accepted]

    In the forums, I will try to be on at least 3 times a day. In game, I will mostly be on for most of the afternoon. For discord, I should be on every 2 or 3 hours or so. (With some exceptions like some school events that last the whole day).
  9. B0SS's Application [Accepted]

    Since I have ended all wars, can we please continue onto the interview?
  10. B0SS's Application [Accepted]

    I have ended all wars as of now.
  11. B0SS's Application [Accepted]

    Oh okay, I will. Thank you.
  12. B0SS's Application [Accepted]

    It may take a while as I am also being attacked by another person. Is it alright if the wars are done by the end of Monday? Or is that too late.
  13. B0SS's Application [Accepted]

    Okay. I will.
  14. B0SS's Application [Accepted]

    Okay. I will. All of them are inactive though...should I like finish them?