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  1. Rob S Pierre's Application [Accepted]

    According to my research, "Ayy lmao" is an expression and Tumblr hashtag commonly associated with aliens.
  2. Rob S Pierre's Application [Accepted]

    It depends on their respective ranks; if one was superior to the other, I would follow the superior officer. If both were of equal rank, I would find a superior officer and follow his/her directions.
  3. Rob S Pierre's Application [Accepted]

    I would voice my concern to the officer in question, and if my concerns were not assuaged, I would bring the matter to another superior officer. If I was directed to follow the order, I would obey.
  4. Rob S Pierre's Application [Accepted]

    Each of these holds value in its own right - so I'll go over my qualifications for and interests in each. I have experience with web design and journalism - I run a newspaper at my school - so communications would be a simple matter for me, as well as one that I would understand and enjoy. This would require the least amount of effort for me, and I could do this without raising my activity levels overly much. However, as I am interested in becoming a more active player, the other options may hold more value for me. Internal Affairs would be equally simple for me - as I mentioned previously, I have experience with the administration of hierarchical organizations - and I would be working in a more social environment, something which I do appreciate, and would likely be more active online because of this. IA would be my second or third choice. The Diplomat Corps interests me the most out of each of these options, for numerous reasons, not the least of which being my own aspirations towards a diplomatic career in reality. While I imagine that this job requires more activity and responsibility, as well as sharp critical thinking skills, I believe that I am well qualified for such a position. This would be my number one choice. Defense Staff is something that I could potentially do even in addition to another job; I have built up a reasonably strong military in-game and would be quite happy using it for the good of the alliance. However, this seems to be the least interesting position, as well as the most materially involved position available, so it would be farther down my list of primary occupations.
  5. Rob S Pierre's Application [Accepted]

    2. I want to be moderately active in the BK community. I will post on the forums and hold a job.
  6. Rob S Pierre's Application [Accepted]

    Thanks, I'll most certainly check out your server. Yes, I would love to learn more about how to properly play the game; while I've figured a lot out on my own, I know that there must be better ways to optimize production and increase growth.
  7. Rob S Pierre's Application [Accepted]

    I am familiar with discord, through other MMOs. I'm active pretty much every day in the game, and I can be just as active on the forums - if not more so - but I cannot promise a large amount of activity on discord; I don't have a great deal of time in my day (and even fewer concentrated blocks), what with my various activities, and I mostly just log in to Politics and War for fifteen minutes or so whenever I have free time.
  8. Rob S Pierre's Application [Accepted]

    I was initially interested in joining an alliance for the economic and defensive benefits - however, as I continued to play Politics and War, I realized that the social aspects of being in an Alliance make the game infinitely more interesting - a realization which consequently highlighted the importance of choosing the right community. I chose the Black Knights specifically because they seemed to have the best mix of a relaxed nature, strong defensive capabilities, and a thriving online community - well organized, and full of engaged members.
  9. Rob S Pierre's Application [Accepted]

    Alright, All done with my wars
  10. Rob S Pierre's Application [Accepted]

    Had war declared, will fight defensively.
  11. Rob S Pierre's Application [Accepted]

    NPO wasn't doing anything for me, not really; I hadn't fully worked my way into their community yet, and the notion of a command economy, in particular, started to alarm me- especially considering that they're a very militaristic alliance, which - while defense is important, and wars can be fun - isn't exactly what I'm looking for. I was looking over my other options when I came across the Black Knights.
  12. Rob S Pierre's Application [Accepted]

    I was in several wars before beginning this process, and have since offered peace to each defender. Let me know if this's a problem
  13. Nation Name: The Republic of Haven Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=106028 Previous alliances and Previous Positions: New Pacific Order, Applicant Have you done something to piss someone off in P&W?: no What skills can you offer BK?: While I am a relatively new player, I intend to stick with this game. What's more, I intend to stick with my alliance - which I dearly hope will be the Black Knights. I have some experience with previous nation simulators, such as NationStates and Empire&State, within both of which I was moderately successful. I retain a personal interest in public policy and global events, which lead me to nation simulation games in the first place - an interest which will maintain my activity in the alliance, and which will solidify my loyalty to the proper way of getting things done within the governmental structure. We are a military alliance, which means you will be required to stockpile a warchest (stockpile of resources and money) which will cut into your growth, are you okay with this?: yes