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  1. Bog's Application [Accepted]

    At the top of the page you should see a link "Discord" on the navigation menu, please click it to join our server and get to know some people! BK is a meritocracy, so we like to encourage and reward members who contribute the alliance by getting a job within a department. We have several entry-level position open to pick fro. What one and why sounds most interesting to you? - IA Staff - the Internal Affairs department has several positions available based on rank. IA Staff is the easiest entry-level position where you can start working yourself up. Duties include: contributing to the activity of the alliance by posting discussion topics and coming up with events, assisting leadership with the applicant interviews, recruiting and other activities as you progress. IA staff is the backbone of BK, and your hard work becomes the basis of our community. Join this if you want to have a lasting imprint on the culture of BK. - Diplomat Corps - the public face of the alliance. Diplomats represent the alliance in other Discord channels and are responsible for reporting weekly to the FA Office. Join the FA staff if you want to represent BK abroad, and increase our external prestige. - Economics Staff - Econ is responsible for maintaining and creating a budget to align with BK goals, building and maintaining a war chest for the alliance to use during fights on global or small scales, trading resources to help BK profit over time, and training with other new members of economics. Econ requires a bit more specialized knowledge and people wishing to join will have to enter Economics University to learn more about the game's mechanics. Join Econ if you want to make BK more prosperous, increasing the size of all BK nations. - Education, Development, and Optimization (EDO) – EDO is responsible for ensuring that members have optimal builds and are complying with alliance-wide resource and military mandates. They additionally help mentor new members. EDO is also responsible for visual graphics and ads that we use to broadcast our alliance’s message to Orbis. If you are interested in making BK stronger from within or producing propaganda for BK’s cause, EDO is for you.
  2. Cavemanho's Application [Denied]

    In BK growing is not optional, we expect all our members to maintain a acceptable level of activity in order to apply for these grants. Are you willing to apply for and accept what is essentially free money? What makes you want to join my econ team?
  3. Cavemanho's Application [Denied]

    Are you familiar with Discord? If so, what is your username and ID? Will you be able to check Discord and the forums at least once a day? A few other things i do want to note. 1. BK runs a centralization economic system, meaning 60/60 tax... are you ok with this 2. Were currently at war, with your current city count (8) there is a small chance you get hit. Please verify you understand this 3. It looks like you have gotten some grants from your last alliance, do you plan to pay these back, and have you made arrangements with them
  4. Rhomilton's Application [Denied]

    Welcome to the Black Knights Application process, im Gorge (AKA Pestilence), if you have any questions feel free to message me or any other member of BK gov While in the application process you MAY NOT start any wars, if you do so you will be denied. We expect activity out of our applicants. If you go more than 24 hours without answering a question you will be rejected. What made you want to join BK?
  5. Weste's Application [Accepted]

    While in the application process you MAY NOT start any wars, if you do so you will be denied. We expect activity out of our applicants. If you go more than 24 hours without answering a question you will be rejected. What made you want to join BK?
  6. Pashibaru's Application [Accepted]

    Do your best, imagine two managers tell you to do the opposite
  7. Jay's Application [Denied]

    Your application has been REJECTED. If you have questions about why, you can direct your inquires here.
  8. Ivory Knight of GOG

    @Amaryllis / @Tiber no GoG mask I can see, plz do this since tis beyond my perms
  9. Atum's Application [Accepted]

    Personal vouch, can prob skip BKU aswell (jus sayin) @Shadow Company
  10. Diablin's Application [Accepted]

    You won’t need that grant then, you will move on to 3rd city
  11. Redwolf's Application [Denied]

    During this process you are not allowed to start any new wars or being engaged in any wars already. Doing so will result in the appliciation being denied. Following this you will be asked a series of questions, do your best to answer them truthfully and relatively quick. what made you create this account, was your old one removed for inactivity? Also so nice to see you again
  12. Sauce Master's Application [Accepted]

    @Shadow Company
  13. Paige's Application [Accepted]

    If you could take away or find one thing in bk personally, what would this be?
  14. Sauce Master's Application [Accepted]

    Yes, @Leo the Greatping the right people plz boss guy
  15. Sauce Master's Application [Accepted]

    Coolio, I’ll turn this over to IA who will ask any questions they need to or will accept or deny, not really sure how that works... a coin toss or dart board I assume