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  1. Purrsian Empire

    Background/History: The Purrsian Empire are a feline race hailing from the planet Catnipia, a planet with a large variety of climates and terrain. The growing rodent population lead the feline race to soon dominate the planet. For the past few millennia, the many clans have battled among each other for what little land they could gain. Over time one clan would gain the control of the world. As technology advanced, the felines adopted new weapons. This lead toward the clans signing peace between one another. Due to the massive decrease in rodent population, the felines of the planets attempted to organize their efforts to keep both their empire and the other populations in a good steady number. The current leader Abu Huraya is a feline whose name means "Father of the Kitten". The previous rulers of the Feline Empire have shown the way to death and ever increasing power with the new technologies and weapons. Abu Huraya stands at the dawn of a new era, with more Felines looking to the sky for their future and the ever increasing demand for more land and control. Government/Culture: The Purrsian Empire are led by a single King. His rule is monitored by various government officials, but the real power remains with the King. The culture of the Purrsian Empire very closely resembles the Persian Empire that existed so many years ago. With some minor differences, such as the obvious fact it is run by cats, and fossil fuels are not used. Rather hydropower is one of the largest power sources. This has kept Catnipia clean, which is a large part of Purrsian Culture.
  2. New Movies

    Season 3 Hype Even though they may kill the perfect ending To be fair they did intend to make Code Geass 100 Episodes in total, so I do believe the Studio has what is good in mind. And with the success of the anime that there is more faith in the project. But they already have 2 movies compiling everything...

    Uh Huh
  4. hey i wanted to apply for fa job for my second module and you were one of the people to contact so yeah

    1. Lelouch Vi Britannia

      Lelouch Vi Britannia

      Send me a pm and we can get to work

  5. Hi I'm curently trying to aply to FA and I contacted Curufinwe but after a few questions he stoped answering. I'm in BKU and I'm running out of time.

    Can I try the application with you?



  6. Gods & Goddesses: Entry #1

    WHERE AM I?!?!
  7. The Great Black Knightian Empire (PART 2)

    Jimmy keeps making bad decisions Quasar was expected Psweet should have said something like "If you give me water i can give you 5% of the water back over a 5 week period" I dunno its in his sig gg
  8. The Great Black Knightian Empire (PART 1)

    Strum accepting contracts from random people in the dessert? Sounds like an anime to me
  9. The Origins of BK (Part 2)

    Jack for #1 best seller in Orbis and the Black Knight beautiful
  10. The Origins of BK (Part 1)

    *clapping* Beautiful
  11. New Canadian Era

    Ill stop now brb giving Linus all my money
  12. New Canadian Era

    Thanks Yoso you da best
  13. New Canadian Era

    Changed your comment for you
  14. New Canadian Era

    On September 19, 2015 the Canadians of the Holy Britannian Empire assumed control under the rule of II Emperor Lelouch Vi Britannia. The statistics before the Canadian Era as follows: 377 score 421,000 revenue 97 steel created evert day 56 food produced every day 2 uranium produced everyday Standing Army: 72 planes 1000 tanks 9,000 soldiers The Canadian era was mostly a sense of name change from Holy Britannia to Holy Canada, however, war struck 1 month later on October 18,2015. The standing army for the war was roughly: 45,000 soldiers 2,000 tanks 200 aircraft On October 18, 2015 at 2:50 am ( October 17, 1997 11:50 PM Orbis Date) The Holy Canadian Empire engaged in its first war under its new name. On October 17, 1997 at 11:50 Pm Orbis date the Black Knights declared war on The Dutch East India Trading Company, and as a knight under the Black Knights the nation was obliged to follow orders. Shortly after the Declaration of War the Holy Canadian Empire conducted an air-strike on New Alba's city called Dublin and followed with a ground assault. Without any defence the operations costed very little casualties to the Empire. However in Tanarax's Mansh an air-strike took out enemy aircraft and tanks, and a massive ground attack commenced which followed with an Empire win. The New Alba war was a victory total damage received was only 467 soldiers, since the area was undefended. Over 204 infrastructure was destroyed, 100 of that was done by using the airforce. The Tanarax War was declared a success by the Holy Canadian Empire, however official reports on damage and such were lost after the nation disappeared. Total Deaths 467 soldiers (Empire) 204 Infrus (100 air) Spoils: 625k A few days after the beginning the Black Knights declared a free-for-all on the Brotherhood of Clouds on the 21 of October (Original declaration was made around the 20th) The Holy Canadian Empire quickly took its forces from the Dutch East India Trade toward the new enemy. The Holy Canadian Empire attacked Meria and The Arabic Islamic Cooperative. The AIC was actually involved way before regarding an "accident in a previous log. The final BOC target was The Fallen Vale which was a bore attack as it was merely ground attacks. The Meria war was won very easily as the enemy was not as strong as the Empire. However, most of the damage dished out was on the ground. The only air combat was trigged by enemy jets attempting to bomb the Empire's cities, however they failed. The empire returned hitting the jets and destroying them and bombing a city. Ground forces quickly took over even after being hit a few times, but all victories was with the Empire. The Empire lost some infrastructure, but the enemy lost a lot more Total Deaths: Meria: 73,077 Soldiers/ 495 Tanks/ 144 Aircraft (138 Infrus (9.11 air) ) Holy Canadian Empire: 18,744/ 250 Tanks/ 113 Aircraft (12 infrus) Spoils: 9k The Arabic Islamic Cooperative war was more of bombing raids and ground attacks. Ground battles were fought, the Empire never lost, as well as air attacks were a huge success. The first step was ground, air and then it was taking out the enemy ships. There wasnt much effort to stop the Empire and thus the war ended short, the AIC almost on the brink of destruction Total Deaths: AIC: 19,200 soldiers/ 250 tanks/ 111 aircraft/ 10 ships (159 infrus (70 air) ) Holy Canadian Empire: 6,032 soldiers/ 88 tanks/ 24 aircraft Spoils: 657K The Fallen Vale War: Less of a war and more of ground attack on a nation defending itself. The Empire being much stronger and active was able to use tactics and overcome the enemy Total Deaths: The Fallen Vale: 20,735 soldiers/ 1 tank (47 infrus) The Holy Canadian Empire: 4,656 soldiers/ 29 tanks Spoils: 209k The Brotherhood of Clouds surrendered to the $yndicate aka the Black Knights allies on October 26 and thus peace was agreed between the battling sides, however the damage had been done and the Black Knights and Holy Canadian Empire turned its attention back to the DEIC. After that two victories were given easily to the Empire through almost no resistance as the DEIC was being beaten down by other members of the Black Knights. However, the Indonesian war was the bloodiest The Beatdown double wars were the Holy Canadian Empire vs Cothroime and Loughotopia who lost very easily and provided spoils of war to the Empire granted under the Defence administration Total Deaths: Cothroime and Loughotopia: 240 infrastructure Holy Canadian Empire: 578 soldiers Spoils: 800k Indonesian Blood War. Its been recorded the bloodiest was in The Holy Canadian/Britannian Empire history was the Saturn was which costed 1.1 million in damage, 40k soldiers died and 600 tanks were lost. However, this war makes the Saturn war look like a raid. Beginning with a quick sweep of air and ground the Empire had trouble getting rid of the enemy ships which keep getting replenished. The Empire escaped one blockaded and nearly starved from another one. This war destroyed all acting jets and the military was re-built within a day after expiation. The war began on 23 of October and ended on the 28. Although it was a tie, damage wise, the Empire won. Total Deaths Indonesia: 88,613 soldiers/ 2,959 tanks/ 197 aircraft/ 10 ships (344 infrus (100 air) Holy Canadian Empire: 36,899 soldiers/ 2,486 tanks/ 212 aircraft (190 infrus) Spoils: 759 K The next three wars were with The League of Nations, Soviet Socialist Republics, and Savensarai. However the last of the three was the only defensive war for the Empire, and of course the Empire sent them packing. Only the Soviet war was a Victory, as on November 5 a No-Beige act was implemented so the Empire bombed the other two nations hard and long for 2 days, for on November 6, close to midnight was peace agreed. Total Deaths League of Nations: 21,891 soldiers/ 127 tanks/(373 infrus (180 air) Soviet Socialist Republics: 0 (219 infrastructure) Savensarai: 17,107 soldiers/ 32 tanks/ 59 aircraft/ (559 infrus(385 air) Spoils: 6.5 million The total number of deaths for the enemies is: 261,873 soldiers/ 3972 tanks/ 543 aircraft/ 29 ships/ Money Lost:11.4 Million/ 59.5 Million in damages The total number of Holy Canadian soldiers is: 104,650 soldiers/ 2885 tanks/ 414 aircraft/ 0 ships/ Money 62 thousand/ 17.7 Million in damages Enemy infrastructure destroyed: 3588. Over 760 of that was dished out by the Holy Canadian Airforce. Holy Canadian infrastructure lost: 525 The war ended with a BK victory. After loosing so much in the war the only thing that saved the empire from poverty was the fact the Empire's military held out while keeping the income at a steady 500k for the whole war. So along with the funds that were saved and the spoils of war the Empire was extremely wealthy. However the Canadian Era came to and end on November 7, 2015. The following is the final statistics of how much changed during this era. 580 score 727 revenue 121 steel created every day 14 food produced every day 4 uranium produced every day. Standing Army: 30,000 soldiers 2,000 tanks 252 aircraft The next era...Is the New Britannian Era