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  1. Greetings members of BK, and welcome to Format Police. A place where we can come together and discuss the bad formatting that happens from time to time in BK. The first thing that we will be discussing is Alliance Announcement Terrorism. Far too often do the nations of BK have to log into their nations to see an alliance announcement, only to open it and find that it contains a link to the forums that is in non-hyperlink format. Now let me just come out right now and say this, folks, a link that isn't a hyperlink just isn't a link. It would be like if I posted an image in all binary. Sure, it technically represents an image, but it just isn't an image and why the fuck did I do it? Now, unfortunately, this blog is the Format Police, not the Format Discussion Blog. So I can't just discuss this type of transgression, I must call out the Transgressor. In this case, it is none other than our Emperor, Curufinwe. Just recently, he submitted an alliance announcement titled "Eighth BK Senate Elections" which nothing up a "link" to a forum topic. Unfortunately, this link is nothing but plain text. How can our members trust us to lead the alliance if we can't even provide them with links to click? The Black Knights probably provides more general conveniences to its members than any other alliance out there. We have so many nice scripts and things for signing in, requesting grants and loans, etc. However we then cruelly force our members to COPY AND PASTE A LINK? Just because our in-game alliance HQ is located in Africa does not mean we have to act like we live there. We have hyperlinks here and we should use them. The Format Police is issuing ONE DEMERIT to @Curufinwe. Total demerits will be kept track of at the end of each blog post. If YOU see any formatting transgressions that deserve a demerit, please contact the Format Police immediately. Total Demerits Curufinwe: 1
  2. Okay...these replies are unnecessarily hostile. You know I was salty about you leaving, but I didn't really hold it against you that much, and idk why everyone else is. However, asking us to stop telling you to join BK was pretty dumb for a couple different reasons: The "Join BK" is basically an alliance joke. Hooves had to deal with tons of "Join BK"s after he left, and as far as I could tell, it was always just a friendly joke coming from the fact that we did indeed want him to rejoin BK. You know this alliance, and you still came here and told us NOT to do something. This is obviously going to make everyone do it. So yeah, I both disagree with the hostility towards you, and with the original post.
  3. I don't chase the snitch, I'm a keeper.
  4. Tiber

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    This is pretty awesome. Is the data collected at the same time every day, or is it just whenever you do it? Edit: Didn't read.
  5. That is pretty awesome, and also explains why I sometimes see that a random "Guest" is reading that post.
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