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  1. Worried Jellyfish taking action

    Declaration from the Children: With the inability of the Cat-Barbarians, bordering to the high Civilisation that is our aqueous realm, to pacify their space and keep it clean from pirate activity, our Chancellor decided to take action and send help to the poor people that suffer both from being cats and from the incompetence of their government. As our scientists for the moment dont see any possibilty to cure them from their suffering, financial and technical support for the independent colonies in system 15 and 16 have been approved by the parliament. On an unrelated note the children are happy to announce that the relationship between Jellyfish and Liazards it as a all time high with several hundreds of billion galactic credits of civil aid transfered over the last months.
  2. End of hostilities Today the Children announce a ceasefire with the Arakhari forces. From now on no hostile actions may be comitted by the Arakhari in the Systems 4, 5, 9, 10 and 11 against the Children. In exchange the Children withdraw from system 6 and discontinue their attacks on smaller arakhari bases. Furthermore, the Arakhari are allowed to use jellyfish space lines and logistics. The jellyfish are happy, that from now one mining is again a option for poor jellyfish families to earn some money.
  3. Special offer from the Children

    Tired of pirates raiding your systems? Can't find their bases? Your people risk their life maneuvering through a swarm of recon satellites? If you answered one or more of the questions above with yes, the Children now have a solution for you. With the development of the new Artemis-Class our scientists now offer a supreme option on the market of reconnaissance spacecraft. A focus on the ships sensor tech combined with a revolutionary wolfpack hunting technique give you an edge over the pirates. Ask for our service today! Price on request. Results may vary.
  4. Round VI.5 Format

    I would like to start with maybe 1 mediudm one small or 2 medium techs, so we have some diversity (most people will take mining otherwise). Also those techs should be non tradeable. Also i dont want to research the same stuff over and over again For the already scanned systems: With a big system you know have an advantage because eveything is already scanned. Maybe we should limit the amount of scanned plantes/moons to the lowest one player has.
  5. The Great Black Knightian Empire (PART 1)

    waiz, jimmy is friendly? Shouldnt he be a pirate or Something?
  6. Who am I?

    ur mum
  7. The Origins of BK (Part 3)

    Obviously wrong, because i am not part of it. And Magic isnt here, to few shitposts.
  8. The Origins of BK (Part 1)

    lol, 100% true.
  9. Prolouge

    td;dr before my exphy lessons today. maybe later. But thumbs up for your work
  10. You want to be a Jedi-Master or Sith-Lord? Be afraid, the russians will kill you all. nuff said ^^ And if you know the problem that somebody ayy lmaod on your couch, then i have now the perfect solution for you: Works 100%!!!! With another video from this guy I managed to erase all my SO debts!!!111