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    Quasar reacted to Uchiha Evil in The Great Black Knightian Empire (PART 2)   
    Too funny, can't wait till the next part.
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    Quasar got a reaction from Shifty Stranger in Who am I?   
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    Quasar reacted to Magicboyd25 in Why I'm awesome   
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    Quasar reacted to Lelouch Vi Britannia in The Great Black Knightian Empire (PART 1)   
    Strum accepting contracts from random people in the dessert?
    Sounds like an anime to me
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    Quasar reacted to Yosodog in Your faith is being tested   
    I can't read your writing.
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    Quasar reacted to Zoot in [NSFW] The Quest for Perfect Tits 01   
    Heh, I guess we differ in our opinion on size. All of those look larger than my preference
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