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  1. Today Is a Good Day

  2. Why I hate every browser

    why no opera?
  3. We got b&

    Now I'll never know if I'm the 1,000th visitor again
  4. We got b&

    awww shieeeeet
  5. We Have Ads!

    When the ad's for adblock
  6. Say No to Drugs, Buy INCAs instead

    No te comprar drogas , comprar nativos lugarDrugs= Illegal Slaves = Legal (1600s)
  7. Say No to Drugs, Buy INCAs instead

    Don't buy any of that shify stranger's stocks man, buy INCAs instead. For a cheap $100 you can get your own share of INCA! Why buy drugs when you can buy INCAs?
  8. April Site Stats

    That would be it XD