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    LordStrum got a reaction from Wingawoo in Charter Of Ayyslam   
    why the fuck can i see this
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    LordStrum got a reaction from masteraka in Charter Of Ayyslam   
    why the fuck can i see this
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    LordStrum got a reaction from Pheonix in Charter Of Ayyslam   
    why the fuck can i see this
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    LordStrum reacted to Yosodog in The Public BK Shitlist   
    The following leaders are hereby placed on the Public BK Shitlist for crimes against BK or general idiocy. All leaders placed on this list are hereby barred from joining The Black Knights and we will give warning any future alliance they seek to join. Any alliance that accepts one of the following leaders will lose respect from BK. The only way to be added or removed from this list is with approval from the Emperor.
    Jemm (AKA Jimmyboy) - Failure to meet standards, disobedience, called us "too gay" for him
    Jaguar - Failure to fight in a war, left BK too many times, implied we're not serious, an absolute complete dumb ass
    Rahul - Disobedience
    Kastor - Being Kastor, to keep our bank safe
    Mitch666 - Occasional Douchebag, being Mitch.
    Gabby - Gee...I wonder why?
    Quasar - Left BK too many times, constant pedo comments despite requests to stop
    hidude45454 - Pixel hugger, put himself over BK
    El Commander - 3ego5me
    Keksalot - lol
    Youislove - Deserter during BKExit war
    Holton - Left without notice while holding high-level job, suspected spy, tried to pull this shit.
    Anneal - Disobedience, attempting to circumvent authority, and just being a huge prick.
    John Smith - Posting private conversations with BK members on the OWF without their consent, attention seeking on the OWF in a particularly douchey way.
    DukeofNavies - Embezzling war aid for baseball.
    Noctis - Leaking                                                         
    Gorge - Embezzling funds from bank AA and pretending it was deleted
    Curufinwe - Crimes against BK, two-faced douchecanoe
    Who Me - Crimes against BK, two-faced douchecanoe
    Seeker - When you say something this fucking stupid, obviously you don't pass our intelligence test.
    hadesflames - OOC attacks, breaking peace terms, unlikeable douchebag
    Leo the Great/The Mad Titan/Aragorn - Crimes against BK, making shit up, breaking every core tenant BK was founded on, Strum wannabe, Roq's bitch
    Roquentin - Crimes against BK, strong inferiority complex, general pain in the ass
    MIKO/Horny/Bashir Al-Assad/Copypaste/bj1905 - Multis, suspected spy, generally an annoying piece of shit
    Camelot (Alliance) - Stealing code from BK Net
    Rothschild Family (Alliance) - Stealing code from BK Net
    Blackbird - Stealing code from BK Net and selling it
    Ahmed Guray - Insubordination, cowardice
    Shifty Stranger (Shifty) - Pixel whore, bank thief, entitled and paranoid bitch, posts shitty food
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    LordStrum reacted to Tiber in Detailed Information for Prospective Members   
    Hello! Glad to see you are considering the Black Knights to be your future alliance. Here is some more detailed information about all the great stuff we offer.
    Strong Community - We have a very strong, fun community. Even if the game gets boring, you'll always be having a good time at BK.
    Advancement Opportunities - We are still a smaller alliance (for now). That means there is more opportunity for you to move up the ranks, if that is something you want to do.
    Financial Incentives - Here at BK, we offer plenty of financial incentives to help you build up your nation. Here are some of the best ones.
    City Grants - We offer city grants (free money for you to use to buy cities) up to 20 cities. Entrance Aid - You will get free money just for joining. Loans - Low interest loans to help you keep buying them cities, or infrastructure, or whatever. Lottery - I don't know if gambling counts as a financial incentive, but hey, it is fun. BK Net - This is the system at the center of our alliance operations. It does tons of things, but here is some of the benefits it could give you right away.
    Bank Accounts - Don't want all your money sitting in your nation where it can get stolen? Here at BK, you can have your own bank account. The money is stored in the alliance bank, where it is much safer, and is accessible to you at any time. Deposits and withdrawals are automated, so you can do them at any time! Automated Grants and Loans - you won't have to make some forum post, or message a gov member, to request grants and loans here. That is all a click away with BK Net. Detailed nation information - BK Net can give you information about your nation that you couldn't even get in-game. One neat example is a graph of the money you've had in your nation over the past year.  
    Hopefully we will see your application soon. And if you still have more questions, don't hesitate to message me on Discord or in-game.
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    LordStrum got a reaction from Blastofica in BK Government History   
    First Charter: (12/12/14 - 12/25/14) (14 days)
    The Right Honorable Yosodog, Master Black Man of the Realm, Seducer of Women, Protector of the Unholy Lands, Secretary of State for Useless Titles, Purveyor of Sexual Favors, God Emperor of the African Alliance, Lord Admiral-General President of Zimbabwe, Printer of Currency, etc.

    Supercheese, Master of [email protected]#$ery and Other Such Things

    Mr Flubb, Lord Master Gigolo Joe

    LordStrum, Keeper of the Royal Solitaire Table

    P8ntballerdude, Tamer of [email protected]#$ Wolves

    Jaguar, Issuer of Bestiality Licenses

    Irule777, Keeper of the Royal Sex Toy Library
    Second Charter (12/26/14 - 01/19/15) (24 days)
    King: Yosodog

    Queen: LordStrum

    Lord of Defence: Magicboyd25

    Lord of Coin: Flubb

    Lord of the Interior:
    Jaguar (12/26/14 - 01/13/15) (13 days)
    Lelouch (01/13/15 - 01/19/15) (6 days)

    Lord of Foreign Affairs:
    Supercheese (12/26/14 - 01/14/15) (14 days)
    Farquad (01/14/15 - 01/19/15) (5 days)
    Third Charter (01/19/15 - 02/22/18) (1131 days)
    Yosodog (01/19/15 - 04/26/16) (464 days, 488 days total)
    - LordStrum (Acting, 09/24/15 - 04/26/16) (216 days)
    LordStrum (04/26/16 - 12/12/16) (231 days)
    Curufinwe (12/12/16 - 09/05/17) (268 days)
    Tiber (09/05/17 - 02/22/18) (170 days)

    LordStrum (01/19/15 - 04/26/16) (464 days, 488 days total)
    - Yosodog (Acting, 09/24/15 - 04/26/16) (216 days)
    Jimmyvbuck (04/26/16 - 09/07/16) (135 days)
    Curufinwe (09/07/16 - 12/12/16) (97 days)
    Tiber (12/12/16 - 09/05/17) (268 days)
    Zoot (09/05/17 - 12/04/17) (90 days)
    Leo the Great  (12/04/17 - 02/22/18) (80 days)

    Archduke of Defence:
    Magicboyd25 (01/19/15 - 05/25/15) (126 days; 150 days total)
    Cheedows (05/25/15 - 07/26/15) (62 days)
    Flubb (07/27/15 - 09/26/15) (61 days)
    Jose Rodriguez III (09/26/15 - 09/07/16) (348 days)
    Lelouch vi Britannia (09/07/16 - 06/03/17) (269 days)
    Kasikil (06/03/17 - 09/01/17) (91 days)
    Josh Freer (06/03/17 - 09/16/17) (105 days)
    Curufinwe (09/16/17 - 02/22/18) (160 days)

    Archduke of the Interior:
    Lelouch (01/19/15 - 03/19/15) (59 days; 65 days total)
    Magicboyd25 (03/19/15 - 05/25/15) (67 days)
    Hooves (05/25/15 - 08/02/15) (69 days)
    Tiber (08/02/15 - 12/12/16) (499 days)
    Who Me (12/12/16 - 09/06/17) (269 days)
    xSTRYKAx (09/06/17 - 12/11/17) (96 days)
    Shadow Company (12/11/17 - 02/22/18) (74 days)

    Archduke of Foreign Affairs:
    Farquad (01/19/15 - 05/18/15) (119 days; 124 days total)
    Lelouch/jimmyvbuck (05/18/15 - 10/01/15) (136 days)
    Flubb (10/02/15 - 11/10/15) (39 days)
    Natinator (11/10/15 - 05/02/16) (175 days)
    Curufunwe (05/02/16 - 09/07/16) (129 days)
    DVDCCHN (09/07/16 - 06/02/17) (268 days)
    LeotheGreat (06/02/17 - 12/04/17) (185 days)
    Amaryllis (12/04/17 - 02/22/18) (81 days)

    Archduke of Economics:
    Lelouch (03/19/15 - 03/30/15) (11 days)
    HM Solomon I (03/30/15 - 04/02/15) (3 days)
    Morcant Bulc (04/03/15 - 06/15/15) (73 days)
    Zoot (06/15/15 - 06/15/17) (732 days)
    Brandon Donsberger (06/15/17 - 01/04/18) (204 days)
    DVDCCHN (01/04/18 - 02/22/18) (50 days)

    Archduke of Propaganda:
    Shifty Stranger (09/24/15 - 06/04/16) (254 days)
    Shifty Stranger (06/06/16 - 01/29/17) (238 days)
    Jodo (03/23/17 - 08/03/17) (133 days)

    Archduke of Communications:
    Zoot (08/03/17 - 12/04/17) (123 days)
    xSTRYKAx (01/07/18 - 02/22/18) (47 days)
    Third Charter/Reformation (02/17/20 - Present)
    Emperor: Yosodog

    Viceroy: LordStrum

    Archduke of the Interior:
    Tiber (02/17/20 - 07/09/20) (142 days)
    Josh Freer (07/09/20 - 10/18/20) (101 days)
    Shadow Company (10/18/20 - 08/13/21) (299 days)
    BigGtheSlayer (08/13/21 - Present)

    Archduke of Foreign Affairs: Supercheese

    Archduke of Defence:
    Flubb (02/17/20 - 06/04/20) (108 days)
    Magicboyd25 (06/04/20 - 08/26/20) (83 days)
    Clown (08/26/20 - Present)

    Archduke of Propaganda:
    Shifty (02/17/20 - 06/11/20) (115 days)

    Archduke of Economics:
    Kasikil (02/17/20 - 08/12/20) (177 days)
    Gustav Booth/Brandon Donsberger (08/12/20 - Present)
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    LordStrum reacted to Yosodog in Charter of the Black Knights   
    Charter of The Black Knights
    1) Government
    1.1) Emperor
    The Emperor is the supreme leader of the Black Knights. The Emperor shall represent the Black Knights in all things and have the authority to administer and regulate all aspects of the Black Knights provided his actions do not conflict with this Charter.
    1.2) Viceroy
    The Viceroy shall be chosen by the Emperor and shall act on behalf of the Emperor should the need arise. The Viceroy shall assume the position of Emperor when the Emperor steps down or becomes inactive. The Emperor may also give and remove any extra responsibilities to the Viceroy as they see fit.
    1.3) Royal Family
    The Royal Family shall be appointed or removed and responsibilities chosen by the Emperor. Positions within the Royal Family may be created or removed by the Emperor without reason at any time.

    2) Membership
    2.1) Gaining Membership
    In order for a potential member to gain full membership into the Black Knights they must go through the application process set forward by the government. Upon failure any potential applicant will be allowed to apply (1) one more time after which they will be barred from applying again. The Emperor may remove this restriction at any time.
    2.2) Responsibilities of Members
    All members of the Black Knights have the responsibility to fight for the Black Knights when at war, help when help is needed, and follow any and all rules and regulations put forward by the government.
    2.3) Retaining Membership
    All members must have an associated Politics and War nation. If a member no longer possesses a nation, they cannot retain membership in the Black Knights without approval from the Emperor.
    2.4) Expulsion
    Any member may be expelled by a majority vote between the Emperor and Royal Family.
    2.5) Senate

    3) Military
    3.1) Knights of The Round
    The Knight of The Round shall be appointed or removed by the Emperor or his designee. They will be comprised of the best military nations the Black Knights has to offer. There shall be at least (3) three and no more than (12) twelve members in the Knights of The Round at one time. The Emperor or his designee is given the authority to do so may choose to give them any special privileges they see fit.
    3.2) Declarations of War
    The Emperor has the sole authority to declare war on behalf of the alliance.

    4) Procedures
    4.1) Laws
    Any potential law must be accepted by the Emperor before becoming a full and binding law in the Black Knights. A law can be anything as long as it doesn’t conflict with this charter. The Emperor can also remove a law at any time.
    4.2) Treaties
    The Emperor has the sole authority to ratify any potential treaty.
    4.3) Amendment
    Any potential amendment to this Charter must be submitted to the Emperor before being put to a vote. The amendment Shall require approval of no fewer than two-thirds of all voting membership within a 96 hour time frame.
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