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  1. if you can't find Jimmvbuck, Jimmyvbuck works fine
  2. Here's an example for the really dumb people. Leader Name: LordStrum Nation Name: MSDPRUS Acacia Previous alliances other than BK: Silenzio Do you understand that this is a different alliance than the Curu/Leo era and you are okay with many changes?: They were dumb as fuck, we're not. Sign me up. Favorite species of grass: I don't eat grass, I just eat ass.
  3. fuck people who don't check the forums I say, good on Curu for making their lives miserable.
  4. LordStrum

    We Have Ads!

    bumping just to say gg HELLO FROM THE FUTURE
  5. [5:38pm] Zoot: Since Strum won't be a hard ass. IF YOU FUCKING WASTE YOUR SPY OPS ON THAT MENSA SPY SHIT WHILE WE'RE AT WAR I'LL HAVE YOU THROWN OUT SO FAST THE DOOR WON'T HIT YOU IN THE ASS, IT'LL HIT YOU IN THE FACE! [5:38pm] LordStrum: I thought that was implied zoot [5:38pm] LordStrum: come on :v [5:38pm] LordStrum: also >implying I'm not a hard ass [5:38pm] LordStrum: do you even read my hate speeches [5:38pm] Zoot: You mean your emo whining? [5:39pm] LordStrum: damn [5:39pm] LordStrum: DAMN [5:39pm] LordStrum: DAMN [5:39pm] LordStrum: i'm hurt [5:39pm] LordStrum: time to go make a blog post about it #strumislove #strumislife
  6. what the fuck did i just read
  7. didn't drink his own piss 0/10 would not bang
  8. "Cheshire Cat" that would be Manthrax, aka bae also we had the arcade before they did, then Yoso updated the forums and the arcade was kill
  9. You've been on the shitlist since the day you left, so I don't see why you're taking this so hard.
  10. BK origins was better. but this isn't too bad.
  11. BK origins set the bar high. don't disappoint
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