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  1. Dammit. You beating me on Profile Visitors and Community Reputation. Fuck you mate.


    (please gib that pic in the header)

  2. K I've been lazy so I'll prepare the rest of the year and these delicious pictures will resume in November cuz who doesn't like some gud old procrastination
  3. Yeahhhhhhh I forgot about this shitty club I made... So I guess I'll have to be active again... Whoops.
  4. Don't do too much crazy shit, that's my job...
  5. It is the senate elections again hopefully this time my name will appear on the ballot paper!

     Can I count on your support again and I will continue to heavily promote spacecat throughout my election campaign?


  6. Person to upvote Yoso to 1000!!!

  7. Day 2many2count

    but, whyyyy???!?