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  1. Stalin's Application

    Please end your wars so that we can continue.
  2. Kelvin's Application

    You should see a link that says "Discord" at the top of our forums, which will take you to our public Discord channel. Feel free to pop in and get to know some of our members. We have an academy for new members. It will help you learn more about the game, and how to grow your nation efficiently. Are you okay with doing this?
  3. Vectoze's Application

    Yeah it should. We'll continue when you finish.
  4. Vectoze's Application

    Have you played games like P&W before? If so, which ones?
  5. Antoine's Application

    You don't have to apply again. Just use this application and tell us when you are finished your war.
  6. Antoine's Application

    Well find a way to do so or else we can't continue.
  7. Antoine's Application

    Please end your war for us to continue your application.
  8. Caboose's Application [Accepted]

    To the best of your ability, describe what "ayy lmao" means to you using more than 5 words, but less than 23.
  9. Caboose's Application [Accepted]

    If two officers give you contradicting orders, what would you do?
  10. Caboose's Application [Accepted]

    If a superior officer gave you an order you disagree with, what would you do?
  11. Caboose's Application [Accepted]

    BK is a meritocracy, so we like to reward members who contribute to the alliance. That being said, we have several entry level positions to choose from. Do any of these sound interesting to you? Communications Staff - some design graphics for the alliance and possibly writing articles for our paper. IA Staff - the Internal Affairs department has several positions available based on rank. IA Staff is the entry level position where you can start working yourself up. Duties include: contributing to the activity of the alliance by posting discussion topics and coming up with events, assisting leadership with the applicant interviews, recruiting and doing other random stuff. Diplomat Corps - the public face of the alliance. Diplomats represent the alliance in other alliance forums/Discord channels and are responsible for reporting weekly to the FA Office. Defence Staff - Defence staff are responsible for ensuring that BK performs the best it possibly can militarily. They are responsible for helping our members meet their defence commitments, ensuring that raiders are promptly countered and for making sure that everyone is doing what they should be doing when war occurs.
  12. Caboose's Application [Accepted]

    Select one of the following, or use your own words, to best describe what kind of member you will be: I would like the protection and economic benefits that BK offers, and I will fight in wars for BK, but I don't really want a job or to be particularly involved. I want to be moderately active in the BK community. I will post on the forums and hold a job. I want to be extremely active in the BK community. I will frequent the forums and the discord channel, and would like to work my way up to a leadership position in the future. I'm just here so I don't get fined. (raided)
  13. Griff's Application [Accepted]

    If two officers give you contradicting orders, what would you do?
  14. Griff's Application [Accepted]

    If a superior officer gave you an order you disagree with, what would you do?