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  1. The Enclave

    The Enclave Origins: The Enclave are a mysterious faction believed to hail from a parallel universe. As a result of experimentation with alien technology the Enclave managed to open a rift into an alternate reality to escape the nuclear holocaust of their world. There is much speculation as to their nature but many believe they are remnants of the US government fielding highly advanced weapons and high tech powered infantry armor far beyond what was available to the public. Leader: The Enclave is led by the enigmatic figure known only as John Henry Eden. Most members of the faction have never seen him, only heard his orders passed down by his many generals, who themselves receive his orders through Colonel Augustus Autumn, Who is the only figure to ever speak to Eden in person: The reason for the secrecy is because Eden is not human; He is a self aware ZAX series supercomputer that was programmed to function as president in the face of complete government collapse. Operating Procedures: The Enclave is an extremely authoritarian organization known for their zero tolerance policy against dissidents. Freedom of speech does not exist and an errant word can quickly put agitators in the sights of the Enclave's kill squads, who roam the streets burning people alive for even small infractions. On occupied worlds the Enclave conducts horrific experiments with biological weapons and conducts live fire tests on civilian targets to ascertain the effectiveness of new weapon systems. With the ultimate goal being a complete purge of the planets population. Diplomacy: The Enclave is generally open to diplomacy, Eden always enjoys a good chat, But they do not partake in slavery or trading; The former being seen as too easy of a fate for dissidents and the latter they are generally to preoccupied for. However they are always looking for new technologies.