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  1. You are once again a regular person for being confused
  2. Brahs, u wont belve dis. I wus abducted by guis in masks and stuf. I dunt know where I am and I am scurd. Oh sht ngga they are coming. [Hides in room marked "Safe Place *No rapes happen here*] K i tink im safe, the room said its a safe place and I wont get raped... whatever dat means... i forgut 2 tell u im 3 yrs old and I found this lite machine that givs ability 2 speak without actually speaking. itz cool. Anyway theses menz are mean and they took me away from mum and that made me mad so i tryed 2 kik the bad man but tat made him mad and now i here. I'm hearing noises behind me and im scurd, did safe room lie 2 me. My mum told me nevar 2 lie. the room must of nevar listen 2 my mum. OH SHITQAGFSSDASDASDASDASA. OH SHT NIGAGAGSDAGSDADADSADASDASDASDARAPERARPERAPERAPERAPERAPEGDAFDSF Hello. This child is my son and he is trying to get out of a punishment. There will be a poll asking how we should punish him more. Trust me these are all humane and he will not be dead and his body wont be tossed in a river within 48 hours of this post.
  3. Congrats you are a normal person for being confused
  4. Ok so remember when I killed the guy who arrested me... Well turns out it was And I got knocked the fuck out for 3 days... When I woke up I was in jail and said to myself. "I guess Shifty is a plum" So then I burned the metal off the door of my cell and slipped through and walked out. I don't understand why they just opened the gates for me. And there was like 50 guys with long black things (No it's not a dick Strum) And when I tried to walk by them they started to spray me with metal objects. So I said to myself "So this is what GTA is like" So I kept walking knowing they obviously could not shoot me because as we all know GTA cops are stupid And once I got hit with one of the metal objects I turned around Pulled up my Hud Picked the biggest fucking gun And did this And this Also this And after the mass murder I walked into the sunset. And smoked a blunt... And went back home... I don't know how to end this. Bye.
  5. So today was normal... smoke a few blunts and snorted 100 pounds of cocaine, the usual. Then I went to school where I took a blunt while lit and put it in some kid's eye that was giving me a weird stare. Then got arrested for assault where I then again smoked a blunt and then the cop took it away... you never take away MY blunt. Let's just say half of downtown is no more. So anyway here I am at my computer playing video games all day... so yeah... that my first day... Du u liek? Vote on teh poll
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