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  1. Round VI.5 Format

    So your only giving us extra money specifically for buildings? That seems like a lot of money just for buildings. I would rather just give a boost to overall starting money so people can choose if they want more units, or more buildings. And maybe less, since 100b more is a lot of money imo. Again 50b just for buildings is just silly, even more so for non-govs that really don't make that many buildings to begin with, giving them almost double their starting money just for buildings is just silly. This is something I am not okay with. I know it's not super hard for a non-gov to get a colony but they do need to put more effort than normal to get one, I think just giving every non-gov a colony is not just silly, it's stupid, getting a colony for a non-gov should be a bigger deal imo and I don't want a non-gov getting a colony anywhere near me since I would never give them a colony ship in the first place honestly.
  2. Catia Laws & Announcements

    System Claims Catian expansion fleets have been hard at work and Catia has officially laid claim to the following systems: Betalla (38) Nariph (43) These systems will now be subject to Catian laws. We ask that any current resident of these systems please contact the nearest Catian official to discuss relocation or to seek official residency within Catian space.
  3. Catia Laws & Announcements

    An End To The Fighting The rumored peace deal with Elysia has finally been confirmed by Eris as she announced that the Enoch would no longer fall under Catian control and instead be transferred to Elysia and all hostilities between the two factions have officially come to a close. Eris did not however speak on the matter of the third party that started the war in the first place leaving many to believe they had nothing to do with the deal and were still seen as a hostile force in the eyes of the council. The terms of the peace deal were not released but according to public records a substantial monetary payment was made hours before the official announcement by an as of yet unknown source highly suspected to be the Elysian government. This coincides with a massive fleet restructuring currently underway within the Catian military as it is rumored that the majority of the fleet is returning home for reassignment to other systems of importance.
  4. Catia Laws & Announcements

    PEACE? News has been circulating that the very recent war may have already come to a close. Although the council has yet to make any formal announcement, civilian ships report seeing the fleets thought to be stationed in the Enoch system pulling back into the Kriseroi system and seemingly not preparing to return for a counterattack. This has led many to believe that Catia has abandoned the Enoch system altogether but others believe a back room deal may have been made for the system. Signs of Unrest In related news word has reached the Catian homeworld that the recently established colony in the REDACTED system is showing some signs of unrest. The cause is thus far unknown but it is likely to do with the recent battles. The Catian council seems to have already taken measures to stop something before it starts as several transport ships have been seen transporting large numbers of military personnel into the REDACTED system seemingly as a garrison force for the colony. Whether this action helps or hurts the current situation we will need to wait and see.
  5. Catia Laws & Announcements

    WAR! Today a Catian patrol fleet that was dealing with a small force of unregistered vessels was taken by surprise by a large fighter swarm belonging to Elysia. The majority of the defending Catian fleet was unfortunately destroyed and all eyes are on the Council as to what will be done about this situation. The only announcement made thus far has been to acknowledge that although there was no formal declaration from Elysia before the attack, it is nonetheless a clear declaration of war by the Elysian government. It is unknown how long Elysia had been planning this attack or why exactly the attack occurred, many believe it to be related to the increased border friction recently however Elysia never contacted Catian officials to ever discuss it peacefully leaving many with one question....Why...
  6. Catia Laws & Announcements

    Invaders In Our Midst As previously reported on an unregistered foreign ship had been detected in Catian space, this ship has since been seized and it's crew is currently undergoing investigation by Catian authorities. More conderning news has since been brought to light as well, it seems soon after the foreign vessel was seized another group in a neighboring system attacked Catian surveying ships. These hostile invaders were quickly dealt with minimal losses on Catias side. These events have however brought to light the fact that there is very likely an unauthorized foreign base of operations within Catian space and will need to be further investigated. System Claims Catia has successfully expanded its borders and hereby officially claims the following systems: Amada (36) Arinlakan (37) Enoch (46) Iera (47) These systems will now be subject to Catian laws. We ask that any current resident of these systems please contact the nearest Catian official to discuss relocation or to seek official residency within Catian space.
  7. Catia Laws & Announcements

    Foreigners Appear? Earlier today Catian surveying vessels detected a foreign ship near Catia. What was unusual is that this ship was unregistered and did not have permission to even enter Catian space, given these circumstances the Catian military has been ordered to capture the foreign ship and bring in the crew for questioning.
  8. Catia Laws & Announcements

    Catia Space Fares The Catian Council has decided to enact the following laws regarding foreign passage through Catian space - Should any faction wish to seek passage through Catian held space they must submit a transit application to the local government that states vessel numbers and types along with destination and reason for transit. At this time should they wish to they can also offer what they are willing to pay for permission to pass through Catian space as the next step would be the government giving a price they want to allow the passage, this rate will depend on many factors including number of ships, type of ships, relationship with Catia, ect. - Should a foreign vessel be detected within Catian space they may be allowed to pay a fee which will allow them to safely return to neutral space however depending on the situation this will not always be offered and repeated space violations will leave Catia with little choice but to see it as an act of aggression. - Foreign civilians are more than welcome to visit Catian worlds should they wish to, only a moderate fee will be charge and unfortunately no military officers will be allowed onto Catian worlds for security reasons, we hope you understand.
  9. This post is just a table of contents Current Laws: Catia Space Fares Past Announcements: 09/08/2018 09/13/2018 (WAR) 09/19/2018 (PEACE?) 09/24/2018
  10. Catia

    I think it's better than a lot of ecchi, I enjoy the characters and cat girls are great. Also yeah the image was having some issues, I had to find a different one.
  11. Catia

    That's not what my faction is from lol. My faction is from Cat Planet Cuties
  12. Catia

    lol. Have you actually seen the anime this is from? I don't think it's super popular but I loved it. Also aside from the religion and government almost all of this is from the anime.
  13. Catia

    Catia Background The Catians are a species of humanoid cat people. The origins of Catians go back to the days of a highly advanced and now vanished race manipulating genes of lesser species to amuse themselves, the end result were the Catians. Due to their society reaching its apex 70,000 years ago, (having done everything possible on their planet), they interact with other species for new experiences. These interactions vary greatly from simply visiting a planet for a while to all out war, but one thing is certain, they are not shy. Since males of their race are exceedingly rare, Catian Law does allow for polygamous couplings. Catians go into periods of extreme sexual behavior or mating seasons, with their first time at age 16. Normally they have stimulus devices to satisfy their desire to procreate. Government The Catian government is shrouded in mystery, at times seemingly letting everyone do whatever they want and at other times controlling the people with an iron fist, it seems to just depend on how they are feeling at any given moment. The government is said to be ruled by a council of elder Catians but only the leader of the council has ever been seen, she is their speaker and seemingly the one who holds most of the power. Her true name Eris but people usually just refer to her as "The Speaker" not just because she conveys the will of the council but also because it is widely believed that she receives oracles from the Cat Gods. Religion The Catians are not known to be very religious race but they do have a central religion. They follow the belief of multiple Cat Gods that created them and granted them with the wisdom and strength to survive. In reality many believe they are simply worshiping the race that genetically created them but they tend to get very annoyed when people bring up that theory. Eris is said to receive oracles from the Cat Gods however she herself has neither confirmed nor denied this. Religion has no real place within the government and the few religious organizations that do exist hold very little political power but the primary organization within Catia is one which worships not the Cat Gods, but Eris herself as a goddess the Cat Gods bestowed upon them. Because of this Eris receives almost no pushback from the reforms, new laws, and military decisions she proclaims meaning she is essentially a dictator in her own right, just a dictator the people happily follow every word of. Recent Events Recently the Catians have become increasingly interested in the perception of wealth on the galactic stage by other races. Because of this development Eris has announced that Catia shall focus its efforts on amassing as much wealth as possible in an effort to understand its effects better.
  14. Change Log (Round V Version)

    I don't like that at all, I don't think it makes any sense at all, and it makes the tech 99% worthless without the other part. You could accidently warp into a neighbors system without a dock and lose all your fighters lol. And no, it will not stop fighter spam since nobody even has the FTL tech early game and yet everyone still spams fighters because they are the most cost effective unit.
  15. Change Log (Round V Version)

    You mean random planet, not random system right? Be kinda odd to fly off in the opposite direction as you want, you could literally not use the tech lol.