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  1. Catia Laws & Announcements

    Exploring And Exploiting The Unknown Today is an historic day, today is the day that Catia has ventured into what was previously though to be unreachable space. From this day on Catia claims all rights to the Terminus system, any vessel found in this system will be quickly dealt with according to Catian spacial laws. The Rebels Strike Again More rebels have struck in the Lyrae system continuing a pattern of rebellions in the system. Some believe the planets should be purged completely while others simply state the need for increased military presence on the planets. This rebellion has come during a time of increased friction between Catia and her northern neighbor The Children who seems to be making moves in preparation for a major war in the near future. So far the Council has not made any official statement on the matter but military forces have been reportedly pouring into the bordering systems. Some believe this to be a purely defensive measure while others believe it to be in preparation for a first strike before The Children can make their move. Only time will tell.
  2. Catia Laws & Announcements

    An End To The Fighting Today Eris made a public announcement regarding the war with Arakhari: "The long and bloody war with the Arakhari is hereby at an end, we have concluded a peace deal that will end the fighting and save thousands more lives from being lost. The cost of this peace is the undeveloped system of Abaran which will now fall under the control of the Arakhari. This war has gone on for far too long, and too many have died because of it, let us hope we do not regret our choices in the future." After this announcement a brief statement was made by the military commander in charge of the war. In the statement he gave the reason for this sudden peace was the result of a massive operation to take the system resulting in another failure before it even began, the failure this time resulted in no loss of life or property but because of the possibility of massive loses a deal was made. Many have begun to question the governments handling of this war and discontent is on the rise again. And a funny photo.
  3. Catia Laws & Announcements

    Rebels Defeated The Council has made an announcement stating that the remaining rebel forces in the Hydrea system have been defeated. This marks the end of the massive multi-system revolt that started weeks ago. Corporate Solutions Following the announcement by the Catian government LT&S quickly left Catian space and gave up control of all franchises in the region. This quick action by LT&S has some believing they can be trusted to obey Catian laws and may be allowed back in the future. ONI however has yet to make any moves regarding the orders and has yet to make any contact with Catian officials. Disturbing Defeat News of a massive military defeat by the hands of the Arakhari in the Abaran system have now been confirmed by the Catian military command. The military's statement regarding the events say that during the staging phase of a massive military operation within the Abaran system the Catian forces were detected and attacked by the Arakhari before they could fully prepare for a fight. This surprise attack has caused massive losses of ships and personnel for the Catian military and marks what many to believe the beginning of the end in the fight for control of the Abaran system. The Council has stated its intentions to regroup and continue the fight but at this point the war with the Arakhari is causing a massive toll on the people and many now call for an immediate end to the war.
  4. Catia Laws & Announcements

    Conflict With The Children? After a recent announcement by The Children stating that they would be giving assistance to the current rebels in the Lyrae and Hydrae systems tensions between the two factions are at an all time high. Many believe this to be a clear act of aggression and demand the Council take appropriate actions to deal with the threat. So far the Council has made no public statement on the matter however Eris made a short statement earlier today. "Although I do not understand why The Children have taken this stance with us given that we have never made any act of aggression against them I do know that we must not allow such a thing without consequence. If The Children wish to back the rebels that now plague us and apparently finance the very pirates we are at war with then we shall see them as the hostile force they so wish to be seen as." After the short statement Eris took several questions, the first being if Catia would formally declare open hostilities between the two factions. Eris said that war may be too extreme, however it is not off the table depending on how things progress. Eris did state however that any ship belonging to The Children entering Catian space will be seen as a clear act of aggression and declaration of war by The Children and Catia and her allies will defend themselves. Arakhari War Update Fierce fighting in the Matar and Abaran systems between Catian and Arakhari military vessels continue with reports of a major victory in the Matar system and almost complete loss of control of the Abaran system. The conflict is expected to last quite a while longer and slowly shift focus from the Matar system to the Abaran system soon. Along with this news reports of three major rebellions have come in, normally rebellions of this nature would not be a real concern for the Catian military however it is now directly impacting military production and forcing the Catian military to divert much needed resources from the Arakhari front to deal with the rebels. Dealing With The Corporations @Rnar @Tom Swift Until today Catia has allowed corporations to build and maintain franchises in most of it's systems without many restrictions or oversight, this stops today. Following recent events at home and abroad ONI and LT&S are hereby ordered to cease all activity within Catian space. The following must be done within the given time limit: 1. Withdraw all space and ground based units and personnel from Catian space (This must be done within 4 turns, if you need more time, contact a representative) 2. Cease all production (This must be done immediately) 3. Make preparations for a possible shutdown of all corporate franchises within Catian space If these actions are not taken within the given time without a valid reason Catia will view it as an act of aggression and deal with things accordingly.
  5. So just to be clear....Is this a DoW?
  6. Catia Laws & Announcements

    Corporate Tensions On The Rise The Catian Council has expressed concern over the recent tensions between the ONI and LT&S corporations. Both companies posses many franchises within Catian space with several of them being on Catian colony worlds, many believe if hostilities were to occur between the two companies these franchises would be targeted, thus also making the colony worlds an enemy target. The Speaker Eris has so far stated that the Catians plan to take a "watch and see" approach to the potential conflict, however military deployments on worlds with franchises of both factions have been reported.
  7. Catia Laws & Announcements

    ONI Freeze Lifted The Council has announced that it is lifting the freeze on all ONI assets as of today. The reason given was talks between Catia and ONI representatives have gone favorably, the Council stated that as long as the agreed upon deal goes through as planned ONI will be allowed to remain within Catian space. Arakhari Gaining Ground Reports have begun to pour in about Arakhari and Catia battles throughout the REDACTED system, reports state that so far the Catian defenses have been insufficient in stopping the Arakhari forces in the system. Along with this news came more bad news in the system that several buildings had been seized by Arakhari forces. The Council has stated reinforcements are being sent into the system to take back control of the system and push the Arakhari out once and for all.
  8. Catia Laws & Announcements

    Arakhari Aggression On The Rise Recent attacks by the Arakhari pirate group have been increasing recently with several mining groups being attacked and recently a massive attack against a Catian military patrol which ended in failure for the Arakhari. The Speaker Eris made a statement on the current situation. "With the increased Arakhari attacked against our people and property we are now treating this as a declaration of war from the Arakhari. We also have reason to believe, given the fact that they had never been this aggresive in the past, that they may be under orders from an unknown faction. If this is the case we will find out, and we will deal with them the same way we will deal with the Arakhari, with overwhelming force. We will protect our people!" After the speech the crowd could be heard screaming "Long Live Eris, Death To The Arakhari!." ONI Update @Rnar The Council has made a public statement on the current ONI situation. "With the current threat of the Arakhari on the rise we feel the need to finally end this ONI freeze and move our forces where they are more needed. However, this freeze will not end until the current talks and possible deals are settled, but we cannot continue to wait forever. Thus we are hereby giving ONI 2 turns to either accept our deal, or make preparations to leave Catian controlled space. If after this time is up we hear nothing from ONI representatives we will take the necessary steps to remove all ONI assets from our space." After the announcement many were questioning what this possible "deal" with ONI could be but there were simple too many possibilities to know without more detail.
  9. Catia Laws & Announcements

    ONI Update The Speaker made an announcement today that ONI representatives have finally decided to hold several meetings to discuss the current situations and Catian issues. She did not say how the talks have been going thus far but stated that for the time being the ONI asset freeze will remain in effect until further talks can be conducted. Around the time of this announcement reports came in about Catian military forces bolstering their positions around ONI assets both on the ground and in space, leading many to believe that there may be more at stake with these talks for ONI than a simple asset freeze.
  10. Catia Laws & Announcements

    ONI Situation Progresses After a sudden announcement of an asset freeze by the Catian government on the ONI corporation due to a very sudden and unannounced leadership change-up within the company reports started coming in reporting Catian military forces taking positions around ONI ground and space based assets within Catia controlled space. Thus far it seems this is not meant as an aggressive act as no attacks have been made and more of a "watch and see" kind of stance from the Catian military so they are ready if ONI breaches the terms of the asset freeze. So far ONI representatives have made no official statement on the current situation. Catia & The Purrrsian Empire MDP The Catian Council has made a public announcement of the formation of a Mutual Defense Pact between Catia and The Purrrsian Empire. This announcement confused many as there had been no real indication of any diplomatic talks between the two factions prior to this. Many currently believe this alliance has no real future but we can only wait and see.
  11. This is all for the saftey and security of my beautiful cat girls!
  12. After an unexpected and unannounced power transfer within ONI the Catian council has announced a temporarily freeze on all ONI assets within Catian controlled space until an official investigation and diplomatic talks can be conducted into the matter. This freeze will primarily affect ship movement within Catian space. With the freeze in effect all ONI military personal and/or crafts must cease any current operations and stay where they are. The Council has made it clear that any movement by any ONI controlled groups within Catian space without prior authorization will be viewed as a hostile act and will be met with force if necessary. The Council has not yet announced a planned end date to the freeze only that it depends primarily on ONIs own behavior in the following days.
  13. Catia Laws & Announcements

    The Massacre Just a few days ago reports came in about a massive rebellion on the Catian colony world on Orsonia. These reports, although not surprising many given recent political "issues" did cause some concern because of the worlds proximity to the Catian homeworld. However these concerns seemed to be misplaced as recent reports state that the Catian military garrisons have already dealt with the rebels on the planet, although at the cost of a reported nearly 100 million civilians lost. The Catian council states the reason for this being that the rebels were using nerve agents against the civilian population however these statements cannot yet be substantiated. Political Shift After a long period of political unease due to a concerning military takeover on almost all Catian controlled colonies it seems the change is finally done. The Speaker Eris has finally made an official statement on the matter saying that this was a necessary evil to ensure the safety of the Catian people and way of life. After reports of a rebellion getting crushed within days many believe this military shift is to thank for it.
  14. Round VI.5 Changelog

    I mean really all I see you did was take 10 CV off Self-propelled Artillery and cutting Self-propelled AA in half without even decreasing it's cost at all lol. Basically all this was is a big nerf to Self-propelled AA from what I see. Feel free to delete this after you read it
  15. Catia Laws & Announcements

    Down With The Pirate Menace! Today the Speaker Eris announced the planned formation of an anti-pirate pact between any willing factions wishing to cooperate and coordinate against the rising Arakhari threat in the galaxy. This pact would require nothing from the members other than to share any information they receive on the Arakhari such as stronghold locations, fleet locations, colony locations, ect. Any member of this new pact might also receive financial and military assistance in the event of an emergency however this is not required between the members. If you are interested please contact your nearest Catian representative to learn more, Trouble Afoot Reports are flooding in about a large scale military deployment on Kittens Paw. So far the military has only reported this as a "military training exercise" however it would seem the military forces are armed with live ammunition and seem to be very tense about whatever is about to happen. The Speaker was asked about this deployment as well and her response was simply this "This is the will of the cat gods, this is but a ritual cleansing of the impure, nothing more, nothing less". This statement has led many to believe this deployment is religiously motivated and may have in fact been ordered by the Speaker herself. The question on peoples minds now is what will happen, and I believe we will find out soon enough.