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  1. The Fallen are introducing a new service to the galaxy! We now offer a detection contract, what does this entail you ask? Glad you asked, when you enter into a detection contract you will be charged based on the number of systems and importance of the systems you wish to get our detection checks in. We offer a faction space bundle which would get you detection checks for all of your controlled territory. This is a great way to see what we see in your systems. It's an even better way to see what your neighbor has flying around since yes, you can buy detection contracts for other peoples systems as well! Remember, we are watching, and you can see what we see, for a price...
  2. Purrsian Empire

    Best race right here!
  3. As the many great factions of our time expand we watch, examine, do some math, and see how much you all are worth. You might ask yourself "then what" well I will tell you, we then charge you more for our non-interference since we could be making more off you than when we initially started our contracts, it's very simple and understandable yes? I am glad you all agree because we will be increasing rates very soon. Those of you who refuse the new rates are of course open to negotiate with us, however should that fail we will make our money off you in other ways, I hope you understand, we have children to feed, yes even pirates have children you monster! So please, think of the children and just agree. And to those of you not paying us, please think on it, it's great. P.S. BUILD SOME FUCKING MINES PEOPLE JESUS!
  4. The Fallen can help YOU in so many ways. Do you hate how we keep harassing you over and over, stealing your precious resources and destroying your precious ships, well we can help with that. For a small negotiable fee we can actually stop harassing you! We know, it's crazy but so true! Do you have a neighbor you just can't seem to see eye to eye on (not us of course) but can't directly do anything for fear of war? We can help with that. For a small negotiable fee we can actually go over there and harass them for you! They won't even know you sent us, and they will be too busy dealing with us so you can get on with your own lives. Do you wish you just had more ships to watch your systems for enemies? You guessed it, we can also help with this! For a fee, we can actually take it upon ourselves to police your systems and keep all those untrustworthy outsiders outside your systems. Last but not least who does not like a little espionage in the evening. For a fee we can get you all kinds of information, or even do some real damage to those guys you just can't seem to like no matter how hard you try. Need a more specific job done not listed here, no problem! Just contact your nearest Fallen representative hidden fees and charges may apply Thank you for you time, and remember, The Fallen are here to help, and we value equality above all else unless your a giant spider in which case please go die in a fire, catgirls get preferential treatment
  5. The Fallen

    History The Fallen are made up of former angels of heaven, they once oversaw and protected the balance of the universe and beyond. However they have since fallen from heavens grace due to increasing corruption of their hearts; greed, lust, jealously, power, and even love had corrupted them in the eyes of God. Angels were known as the "Soldiers of Heaven" and were meant to be absolutely pure and free of all emotion, this all changed when the first fall happened and ever since corruption has taken root in heaven and every so often corrupts angels beyond redemption and they then "fall" from heaven, hence the name "The Fallen". Leader and his story The leader of The Fallen is none other than the one who was once called "Heavens Spear", the Archangel Uriel. Uriel was once one of the few generals or as they are more often known as, Archangels of heaven. Uriel's fall from grace came about after he fell in love with a human named Destiny. Angels were not allowed to truly love, it would corrupt them in the eyes of God. Uriel refused God's command to cease all contact with humankind and instead told the human he loved about who, and what, he really was. This however was a grave mistake, as soon as he did this God's wrath came upon them both, stripping Uriel of his divinity but granting him immortality and placing a type of curse onto the one he revealed his secrets to. The curse was simple, Destiny would become immortal alongside Uriel but at the same time she would have all of her emotions stripped from her as long as she remained with Uriel. Without her emotions she was incapable of truly loving Uriel. The curse was booth good and evil at the same time, the one he loved enough to defy God would be able to stay with him forever, but as long as they stayed together she would never experience any emotions, most importantly she would not experience love, the love between them was shattered. Because Destiny retained her memories of loving him she refused to leave Uriel, she was now driven not by emotions, but by logic, and logically it made sense to stay with the one she knew truly loved her and would protect her, even if she was now incapable of loving him in return. They remain together to this day, Uriel never stopped loving Destiny and let her do as she wished and stayed with him and he still searches for a way to restore her emotions to this day. Now Uriel controls The Fallen, a faction of all those who followed in his footsteps and fell to human emotions, whether they be love, or pure hatred, he lets his people do as they desire, to a point. Characteristics The only thing that differs between a fallen angel and a normal human are the black wings they posses. Angels were said to have pure white wings, but after an angel falls from grace they become pure black to signify their corruption. While most species see The Fallen as a dark and evil force in the universe this is not entirely true, there are many kinds of fallen angels within the faction and all are driven by the emotions that corrupted them; some will love, some will hate, some will lie, some will be honest, some will kill without a second thought, some will try and save who they can, some can be reasoned with, but many cannot... There are only two things that all fallen truly see eye to eye on, Uriel's strength, and that betrayal is unacceptable. This hatred of betrayal was born from the fact that they all feel betrayed by their father, God, for throwing them out of heaven and therefore any who betray them will forever feel their wrath. Power of The Fallen Although after falling from grace they lose their divinity and thus all power they once held, Uriel is said to still posses a fragment of his power and uses it to enforce his will onto his disobedient followers from time to time. Many believe this is due to the fact that he was not an ordinary angel, but an Archangel, but nobody truly knows.
  6. An open frequency transmission from the Geth Consensus

    01001001 01110100 01110011 00100000 01100110 01101111 01110010 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01010010 01010000 00101100 00100000 01101011 01100101 01100101 01110000 00100000 01101111 01110101 01110100

    Updated, let me know if you need help figuring out how certain things work
  8. Drow Territorial Expansion

    Drow Territorial Expansion As of today the Drow hereby claim territorial rights over system 34, 35, 40, and 44. Drow territorial laws will now be enforced throughout these systems. Thank you for your time, and remember... If at any point in time you wish to surrender your freedoms to the Drow, feel free to do so. Our slave races are treated very well so long as they obey. And of course you will be under our protection, and all this costs is your worthless freedom. Join us, we know what's best for you! This message was approved by our Blessed Queen Amalatar
  9. Drow Safety Procedures

    Drow Safety Procedures These procedures were created so you don't die when interacting with us in any way. 1. If you wish to seek passage through our territory....Don't, unless you think we like you, then try, but be prepared to pay for it because as they say, nothing in life is free, and if you want your life to continue, you will pay. 2. If you are thinking about entering our territory without proper authorization, we advise against it. Our military has strict orders to destroy any unauthorized vessel detected within our systems. There will be no warning! 3. If you believe you have the ownership rights to a system the Drow currently occupy, feel free to contact us about it. However, if you are detected attempting to set up any kinds of infrastructural before negotiations conclude (or if you never start negotiations) it will be seized and/or destroyed without warning. Please keep in mind this is not meant as an act of war, simply us enforcing our territorial rights. 4. When speaking with the Drow refrain from acting superior, because you are not superior to the Drow and acting as such will only incur our anger. 5. If at any point in time you wish to surrender your freedoms to the Drow, feel free to do so. Our slave races are treated very well so long as they obey. And of course you will be under our protection, and all this costs is your worthless freedom. Join us, we know what's best for you! These procedures are brought to you by our Blessed Queen Amalatar

    The biggest part of this is the purchase calc, it just makes life better if you don't already use one. I ripped most of my other sheets off this so some of it no longer works (like the finance stuff) but the purchase calc still works fine. It does not have every unit, so you might want to add the ones you want, it's not hard to do once you understand how it works. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19DSiuRbk4f5M94KMWY3zH8ATQpeElwi14Gv86420VC0/edit?usp=sharing
  11. New Movies

    I don't think they do have the best in mind, they have $$$ on the mind, there really is no other reason to ruin the perfect ending. If they wanted to do another season they should have made it a spinoff, or just disconnected it from Lelouch. My biggest issue here is that Lelouch is in it, he should not be, but he basically is the series so it's whatever I guess.
  12. New Movies

    Hey man I agree with you 100%, I remember watching it all in 2-3 days, then a few days later watching it all again (although a little slower the 2nd time)
  13. New Movies

    Yeah...I am personally not a fan of the idea, Lelouch will come back which is my main issue with it. I feel the original ended PERFECTLY now they are ruining that for me.
  14. New Movies

    Not sure how this will work or if you will even see it BUT....I just saw that they are making 3 movies. Seems like these will be compilation films before the new season to get people caught up without needing to watching you know....50 episodes
  15. Turn update and change log

    I think some of these are WAY too low, like a class III should never make only 300m imo, like that's such a waste.