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  1. Round VI.5 Format

    So your only giving us extra money specifically for buildings? That seems like a lot of money just for buildings. I would rather just give a boost to overall starting money so people can choose if they want more units, or more buildings. And maybe less, since 100b more is a lot of money imo. Again 50b just for buildings is just silly, even more so for non-govs that really don't make that many buildings to begin with, giving them almost double their starting money just for buildings is just silly. This is something I am not okay with. I know it's not super hard for a non-gov to get a colony but they do need to put more effort than normal to get one, I think just giving every non-gov a colony is not just silly, it's stupid, getting a colony for a non-gov should be a bigger deal imo and I don't want a non-gov getting a colony anywhere near me since I would never give them a colony ship in the first place honestly.
  2. Drow Safety Procedures

    Drow Safety Procedures These procedures were created so you don't die when interacting with us in any way. 1. If you wish to seek passage through our territory....Don't, unless you think we like you, then try, but be prepared to pay for it because as they say, nothing in life is free, and if you want your life to continue, you will pay. 2. If you are thinking about entering our territory without proper authorization, we advise against it. Our military has strict orders to destroy any unauthorized vessel detected within our systems. There will be no warning! 3. If you believe you have the ownership rights to a system the Drow currently occupy, feel free to contact us about it. However, if you are detected attempting to set up any kinds of infrastructural before negotiations conclude (or if you never start negotiations) it will be seized and/or destroyed without warning. Please keep in mind this is not meant as an act of war, simply us enforcing our territorial rights. 4. When speaking with the Drow refrain from acting superior, because you are not superior to the Drow and acting as such will only incur our anger. 5. If at any point in time you wish to surrender your freedoms to the Drow, feel free to do so. Our slave races are treated very well so long as they obey. And of course you will be under our protection, and all this costs is your worthless freedom. Join us, we know what's best for you! These procedures are brought to you by our Blessed Queen Amalatar
  3. New Movies

    I don't think they do have the best in mind, they have $$$ on the mind, there really is no other reason to ruin the perfect ending. If they wanted to do another season they should have made it a spinoff, or just disconnected it from Lelouch. My biggest issue here is that Lelouch is in it, he should not be, but he basically is the series so it's whatever I guess.
  4. New Movies

    Hey man I agree with you 100%, I remember watching it all in 2-3 days, then a few days later watching it all again (although a little slower the 2nd time)
  5. New Movies

    Yeah...I am personally not a fan of the idea, Lelouch will come back which is my main issue with it. I feel the original ended PERFECTLY now they are ruining that for me.
  6. New Movies

    Not sure how this will work or if you will even see it BUT....I just saw that they are making 3 movies. Seems like these will be compilation films before the new season to get people caught up without needing to watching you know....50 episodes
  7. Join BK...?

  8. Join BK...?

    idk, that is a tad too much but strum probably did it so w/e. I don't care about sparta personally, and I find embassies to mostly be useless shit anyway.
  9. Join BK...?

    The hostility here has nothing to do with him joining sparta, it has to do with him thinking we care that he comes back with his silly stupid threat of not coming back over a small thing like "join BK"... This is BK, either deal with it, or gtfo because saying "stop it or else" is not going to do anything other than make me hostile tbh.
  10. Join BK...?

    Nobody gives a flying fuck if you rejoin or not. Join BK Join BK Join BK Join BK Join BK Join BK Join BK Join BK Join BK Join BK Join BK Join BK Join BK Join BK Join BK Join BK Join BK Join BK Join BK Join BK
  11. Stuff about the RP forum

    Are you sure that's what you want to go with? I will fuck u up m8
  12. Stuff about the RP forum

    We need more RP people, welcome! lol
  13. Stuff about the RP forum

    Nothing. We have has a few RPs, they all died due to lack of involvment. We "should" be having a new big fun one starting up soonish I think.
  14. Statistics Enhancements

    That's okay I knew nothing when I started college and am just getting into coding now when I am about to graduate lol.
  15. We got b&

    I actually know several people who google and adsense did this shit to them, they wait till they are about to pay you then they make up some BS excuse to not pay you lol