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  1. Catia Laws & Announcements

    Down With The Pirate Menace! Today the Speaker Eris announced the planned formation of an anti-pirate pact between any willing factions wishing to cooperate and coordinate against the rising Arakhari threat in the galaxy. This pact would require nothing from the members other than to share any information they receive on the Arakhari such as stronghold locations, fleet locations, colony locations, ect. Any member of this new pact might also receive financial and military assistance in the event of an emergency however this is not required between the members. If you are interested please contact your nearest Catian representative to learn more, Trouble Afoot Reports are flooding in about a large scale military deployment on Kittens Paw. So far the military has only reported this as a "military training exercise" however it would seem the military forces are armed with live ammunition and seem to be very tense about whatever is about to happen. The Speaker was asked about this deployment as well and her response was simply this "This is the will of the cat gods, this is but a ritual cleansing of the impure, nothing more, nothing less". This statement has led many to believe this deployment is religiously motivated and may have in fact been ordered by the Speaker herself. The question on peoples minds now is what will happen, and I believe we will find out soon enough.
  2. Catia Laws & Announcements

    Catian Planetary Leases Now Available! Have you always wanted a lovely garden world for your colonists but could just never find one that suited you? Well look no further, Catia is now taking applicants for our new planetary lease program! All the planets we are offering for lease are genuine gardens, are we have plenty to choose from! Now you might be asking yourself "under what terms can we lease these beautiful planets!" and we have the answers you seek. There are several base terms for our lease agreements dealing with things such as military presence (Don't worry, we will let you defend your planet), production facilities (Primarily dealing with military vessels), and of course the big one, the payments. For more information regarding the Catian Planetary Lease Program please contact your nearest Catian representative. These worlds won't be available forever, contact us now!
  3. Catia Laws & Announcements

    Expansion & Hostilities The Catian Council has announced that the CEI (Catian Expansion Initiative) is now well under way and in the process of setting up system wide defenses in all Catian controlled systems. This announcement was accompanied by a reported massive increase in mining revenue in several key systems and talk of ever increasing garrisons on Catian colony worlds. Along with this good news some bad news also came to light; the CDF (Catian Defense Force) commander announced that while executing the CEI they had received credible information about several Arakhari outposts within Catian space and had already found and eliminated one such outpost and would proceed to do the same with the other with little delay in the CEI itself. The Speaker Eris also had a personal comment on the recent Arakhari raids "We will not sit idle while our people suffer from the weak and selfish Arakhari, these pirates are a plague on the universe and they will be dealt with as such. Anyone suspected of conspiring with the Arakhari will hereby be imprisoned and put on trial to find the truth, any outside faction suspected of conspiring with them shall be dealt with harshly as well". After this announcement reports started coming in about illegal home searches and several arrests have already been reported. The thing on most peoples minds right now is, why is the military the one executing these searches and arrests and not the local police. The answer? By all accounts it seems the local police forces on all Catian worlds have been placed under military control. We have yet to actually get any confirmation of this as of yet.
  4. Catia Laws & Announcements

    An Unfortunate Series of Events Earlier this week a newly established colony was taken by force by a group of Arakhari pirates claiming they were simply "seeking a home". The colony was meant to have a defensive garrison along with it but it seems the transport ships were delayed and arrived too late to stop the attack. Soon after the initial attack by the Arakhari the troops that were originally meant for the garrison dropped onto the planet and took out the enemy forces on the planet while maintaining minimal civilian casualties and taking no loses themselves. As of now the colony is back under Catian control and there are no signs of Arakhari presence in the immediate area. The Council has announced that it will be increasing the military presence in the system and on the colony in order to stop such an outcome like this again and find out where the enemy forces came from in the first place. Lastly, reports have been coming in about a supposed formation of "death squads" on the colony getting ready to purge the Arakhari population that sprung up while under occupation but these reports have been denied by the Council.
  5. Round VI.5 Format

    So your only giving us extra money specifically for buildings? That seems like a lot of money just for buildings. I would rather just give a boost to overall starting money so people can choose if they want more units, or more buildings. And maybe less, since 100b more is a lot of money imo. Again 50b just for buildings is just silly, even more so for non-govs that really don't make that many buildings to begin with, giving them almost double their starting money just for buildings is just silly. This is something I am not okay with. I know it's not super hard for a non-gov to get a colony but they do need to put more effort than normal to get one, I think just giving every non-gov a colony is not just silly, it's stupid, getting a colony for a non-gov should be a bigger deal imo and I don't want a non-gov getting a colony anywhere near me since I would never give them a colony ship in the first place honestly.
  6. Catia Laws & Announcements

    Catia Space Fares The Catian Council has decided to enact the following laws regarding foreign passage through Catian space - Should any faction wish to seek passage through Catian held space they must submit a transit application to the local government that states vessel numbers and types along with destination and reason for transit. At this time should they wish to they can also offer what they are willing to pay for permission to pass through Catian space as the next step would be the government giving a price they want to allow the passage, this rate will depend on many factors including number of ships, type of ships, relationship with Catia, ect. - Should a foreign vessel be detected within Catian space they may be allowed to pay a fee which will allow them to safely return to neutral space however depending on the situation this will not always be offered and repeated space violations will leave Catia with little choice but to see it as an act of aggression. - Foreign civilians are more than welcome to visit Catian worlds should they wish to, only a moderate fee will be charge and unfortunately no military officers will be allowed onto Catian worlds for security reasons, we hope you understand.
  7. This post is just a table of contents Current Laws: Catia Space Fares Catian Planetary Leases Past Announcements: An Unfortunate Series of Events Expansion & Hostilities Trouble Afoot
  8. Catia

    I think it's better than a lot of ecchi, I enjoy the characters and cat girls are great. Also yeah the image was having some issues, I had to find a different one.
  9. Catia

    That's not what my faction is from lol. My faction is from Cat Planet Cuties
  10. Catia

    lol. Have you actually seen the anime this is from? I don't think it's super popular but I loved it. Also aside from the religion and government almost all of this is from the anime.
  11. Catia

    Catia Background The Catians are a species of humanoid cat people. The origins of Catians go back to the days of a highly advanced and now vanished race manipulating genes of lesser species to amuse themselves, the end result were the Catians. Due to their society reaching its apex 70,000 years ago, (having done everything possible on their planet), they interact with other species for new experiences. These interactions vary greatly from simply visiting a planet for a while to all out war, but one thing is certain, they are not shy. Since males of their race are exceedingly rare, Catian Law does allow for polygamous couplings. Catians go into periods of extreme sexual behavior or mating seasons, with their first time at age 16. Normally they have stimulus devices to satisfy their desire to procreate. Government The Catian government is shrouded in mystery, at times seemingly letting everyone do whatever they want and at other times controlling the people with an iron fist, it seems to just depend on how they are feeling at any given moment. The government is said to be ruled by a council of elder Catians but only the leader of the council has ever been seen, she is their speaker and seemingly the one who holds most of the power. Her true name Eris but people usually just refer to her as "The Speaker" not just because she conveys the will of the council but also because it is widely believed that she receives oracles from the Cat Gods. Religion The Catians are not known to be very religious race but they do have a central religion. They follow the belief of multiple Cat Gods that created them and granted them with the wisdom and strength to survive. In reality many believe they are simply worshiping the race that genetically created them but they tend to get very annoyed when people bring up that theory. Eris is said to receive oracles from the Cat Gods however she herself has neither confirmed nor denied this. Religion has no real place within the government and the few religious organizations that do exist hold very little political power but the primary organization within Catia is one which worships not the Cat Gods, but Eris herself as a goddess the Cat Gods bestowed upon them. Because of this Eris receives almost no pushback from the reforms, new laws, and military decisions she proclaims meaning she is essentially a dictator in her own right, just a dictator the people happily follow every word of. Recent Events Recently the Catians have become increasingly interested in the perception of wealth on the galactic stage by other races. Because of this development Eris has announced that Catia shall focus its efforts on amassing as much wealth as possible in an effort to understand its effects better.
  12. Drow Safety Procedures

    Drow Safety Procedures These procedures were created so you don't die when interacting with us in any way. 1. If you wish to seek passage through our territory....Don't, unless you think we like you, then try, but be prepared to pay for it because as they say, nothing in life is free, and if you want your life to continue, you will pay. 2. If you are thinking about entering our territory without proper authorization, we advise against it. Our military has strict orders to destroy any unauthorized vessel detected within our systems. There will be no warning! 3. If you believe you have the ownership rights to a system the Drow currently occupy, feel free to contact us about it. However, if you are detected attempting to set up any kinds of infrastructural before negotiations conclude (or if you never start negotiations) it will be seized and/or destroyed without warning. Please keep in mind this is not meant as an act of war, simply us enforcing our territorial rights. 4. When speaking with the Drow refrain from acting superior, because you are not superior to the Drow and acting as such will only incur our anger. 5. If at any point in time you wish to surrender your freedoms to the Drow, feel free to do so. Our slave races are treated very well so long as they obey. And of course you will be under our protection, and all this costs is your worthless freedom. Join us, we know what's best for you! These procedures are brought to you by our Blessed Queen Amalatar
  13. New Movies

    I don't think they do have the best in mind, they have $$$ on the mind, there really is no other reason to ruin the perfect ending. If they wanted to do another season they should have made it a spinoff, or just disconnected it from Lelouch. My biggest issue here is that Lelouch is in it, he should not be, but he basically is the series so it's whatever I guess.
  14. New Movies

    Hey man I agree with you 100%, I remember watching it all in 2-3 days, then a few days later watching it all again (although a little slower the 2nd time)
  15. New Movies

    Yeah...I am personally not a fan of the idea, Lelouch will come back which is my main issue with it. I feel the original ended PERFECTLY now they are ruining that for me.