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  1. Proclamations and Decrees from the Council of Ancestors

    Proclamation from the Council of Ancestors: Despite downturns in the mining sector the economy is booming so it should shorten the amount of people unemployed by such an event. The miners are to be commended for continuing to carry out their work despite these hard times. And in other news the Council of Ancestors decided we needed more living space due to our home world hitting 10 billion and have thus ordered an invasion of system 13, they would like to formally extend their thanks to the leadership of Vermintide for coming up with such an ingenious solution to our need for living space.
  2. Proclamations and Decrees from the Council of Ancestors

    Announcement from the Council of Ancestors: Due to the incompetency of our accountants it turns out that not only is our population growing at a higher rate than previously recorded but it was also failed to report that a new carrier was completed some time ago. By decree of the Council of Ancestors all accountants involved in the census and military stockpile are to be publicly executed tomorrow by immolation for gross incompetence.
  3. An archive of decrees and proclamations announced by the Council of Ancestors of the Elysian Union. Blessings be upon us for our most holy Ancestors watch over us.