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  1. Following a recent shortages of materials used in industrial and chemical fields, Her Majesty Syrusa the IX has announced Security Resolution 90, limiting exports of key minerals used in ship building, along with exports of the hydrogen Deuterium. When asked about the quotas, Her Majesty defended the government's position, stating that the quotas would, "Give the Collective the ability to continue the enlargement of the merchant marine fleet, while also providing securing energy security in a volatile market."
  2. Cutting Down the Vermin to Size

    In light of the recent trespasses and intrusion by the Vermintide's navy into the Tallus system, despite recent diplomatic overtures to rectify the situation, and regarding the Vermintide's terrorital claims to the Tallus system, the Lamian Collective has chosen to act. With a special session of the Lamian Parliament and following unanimous approval by both Parliament and the Communes on Lamia, Phokis, Thessal and Aytolia, the Lamian Collective hereby severs all ties with Vermintide, stating that a state of war exists between the two galactic nations. A small task force of the Lamian navy has been sent north to the Tallus system. While there were proposals by the Senate and Communes to send more ships and assemble them for a jump into Tallus, opposition by her Majesty Syrusa the IX as well as a majority of both Parliament and Communes successfully vetoed the proposal. Depicted above is the Flagship of the Armada: HRS Elan