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  1. After years of secret development, including the productions of memes, potential overcompensation for the lack of an economy, and just quite literally crash and burns, Elysia is proud to present the newest invention to ever grace the known galaxy: the pocket dreadnought. This bad boy you all know and love is coming to a system near you for the meager and perfectly reasonable price of 49.99b (or 34.45b for you Josh). Features of this include, totally not being unwieldy, a 'sure' victory over your opponents and measuring the size of each other's navies, a strong and stable economy, and a very smart admiral leading it all. Everyone i Elysia had one, why don't you, even poor little Jimmy on crutches has one! Head down to your local Elysian embassy and pay the 49.99b tri- I mean payment, or make 5 payments of 12b every turn. You surely will not be disappointed in your purchase. 10b Shipping and handling not included. Elysia does the right to not and will not reimburse you for your purchase if any of the following happens, civil wars, famine, disease, invasion, being the laughing stock of the universe, decline of a 'strong and stable' economy, lack of treasury funds since you forgot to manage your economy, public spending and depression at being subservient to a nation lead by Panzer.