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    This is a document built on our age old policy of "shoot first, negotiate later" as instituted by Yoso in this 2015 thread: Due to several instances of foreign infringement on BK sovereignty, I am putting what we already practice into a formal edict on public record. This edict provides a base of support for countering not only for our own members, but our allies and protectorates as well. Shoot First Policy I. Purpose The purpose of this policy is to clarify rules and procedures when dealing with raids against members of the Black Knights or affiliated nations/alliances. II. Shoot First Any nation who attacks any member of the Black Knights or affiliated parties during peace time is hereby authorized by the Emperor for counter attacked immediately. This includes nations that fly under a protected Alliance Affiliation or top 30 alliance itself. The Archduke of Defense (or their designee) is responsible for organizing counter attacks on the raider. To clarify, this does not give permission for members to attack in defense of someone, but gives the Archduke of Defense the authority to conduct defensive counter measures to protect The Black Knights and affiliated parties, including but not limited to, counter attacks and espionage. III. Ask Questions Later The Archduke of Foreign Affairs or their designee may contact the appropriate authority figure that the raiding nation/alliance has. However, The Black Knights have no responsibility to message first nor postpone counter attacks to fit the offending sides timeline. As approved by Emperor Leo the Great, effective September 4th, 2018.
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    Lamian Collective Announces Quotas

    Following a recent shortages of materials used in industrial and chemical fields, Her Majesty Syrusa the IX has announced Security Resolution 90, limiting exports of key minerals used in ship building, along with exports of the hydrogen Deuterium. When asked about the quotas, Her Majesty defended the government's position, stating that the quotas would, "Give the Collective the ability to continue the enlargement of the merchant marine fleet, while also providing securing energy security in a volatile market."
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    Catian military officials are said to growing concerned as the conflict with Arakhari pirates escalates in the Abaren and Matar systems. Fighting that began as isolated skirmishes has grown into full-scale battles involving dozens of spacecraft, with the Arakhari rapidly eroding Catian military superiority with relentless hit and run attacks that have left two dozen Catian ships and more than three times as many fighters destroyed, missing or disabled. Although Catian warships responded to the capture of their primary docking facilities by successfully disabling an Arakhari outpost in the Matar system, the loss of local shipyards to Arakhari landing parties have left Catian forces in an increasingly precarious position. Nevertheless, Catian leaders have vowed to defend their claim to the systems 'whatever the cost' and both sides are said to be rushing reinforcements to the region. In the Tudran system, fighting has moved to the surface of the colony world of Pysny after several clashes with the Purrsian fleet forced the Tatrean fleet to withdraw. Purrsian ships have imposed a strict blockade on the planet, turning away LT&S ships seeking to trade at local markets as their ground forces ready an offensive against the colonial garrison. Tatrean forces, meanwhile, are said to have dug in the cities, although a tide of refugees fleeing the Purrsian advance is believed to be disrupting their defensive preparations. Arakhari mercenaries are also said to be present on the planet, although reports of looting, extrajudicial killings and atrocities against Tatrean civilians have been vehemently denied by NSS representatives. In business news, tensions are rising between ONI and LT&S over conflicting claims to mineral, colony and trade rights in a number of systems. ONI directors are said to be seething following LT&S' decision to build new docking facilities in the Eidera system, a move that analysts say is the first step to establishing a visible LT&S presence in the area. This was followed by an unsuccessful attempt by ONI to colonize the Mizar system, only to discover that LT&S had already established its own colony on the system's only habitable planet. Although ONI spokespersons have refused to publicly comment on the dispute, rumours are spreading that investors are growing concerned over the loss of market share in the face of increasing LT&S competition.
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    Tom Swift

    A Lipton Tea Factbook

    Lipton Tea and Steel I. On the Company Harkening back to the early Terrestrial Era, Lipton Tea and Steel Corp. began in earnest when a royal grant for a 15 year monopoly on the East Indies spice trade was bestowed upon a humble tea brewery in Northern England. Henry Lipton, the owner of the brewery, couldn’t even read most of the writing, with all its flares and flourishes and swirly whirly things and so he took it to the governor. The governor couldn’t read it either. A calligrapher was brought in after a three week’s journey and it turned out that it didn’t matter for much since at the king’s various titles took up a majority of the document anyways. No less confused after the whole affair and thinking himself completely unqualified for the task that had been demanded of him, Lipton scrounged up the little savings he had and went to the capital for a royal audience. It turned out that the king really liked Lipton’s tea. Lipton was reassured by the compliment. Then, with great favor from the Crown, and the full might of the Navy under its beckon and call, Lipton’s small tea shop set itself to the high and noble task of extracting as much tea as possible from whatever lands it could capture and hold by force. Taking a mere ten years and half the royal treasury, Lipton swiftly and deftly led the company towards commercial and military dominance in the region, peaking in the destruction of the Chinese Grand Sea Fleet in the battle of Changliang Bay. The company did hold the largest standing army and navy in the region, but that wasn’t the point. The tea was the point and they made good on that point. The tea must flow. Nine currencies and the security of a good quarter billion people were staked upon Lipton, and even pirates and smugglers observed the sanctity the tea trade, out of fear for their own fortunes. Indeed, the company enjoyed a lucrative two centuries of glorious tea harvesting and brewing prosperity, (and even made some money along the way) but fell into a deep decline, for still uncertain reasons. The key events surrounding its founding and early operation, including all one hundred and thirty-eight of Lipton’s own tea recipes, have been preserved with an almost religious zeal, yet much of the rest has been lost to the millenia. Thus, the health of the company across its life as well as the timeline and extent of the decline is difficult to determine. Research is further muddled by the complete and unintentional destruction of company ledgers in a fire set by the mole people, or as the footnote in recipe 67 for Orange Pekoe states… Historians still debate the exact causes, but the leading consensus of the moment is that people simply got tired of tea. Lipton tea was forced to diversify or face insolvency and nationalization and turned towards the budding Industrial Revolution in its home country. Heavy industry proved a logical leap from tea, with the next being taking to the stars. [more to come] II. On Organization Lipton Tea and Steel Corp. is organized as any other company. The company is ultimately beholden to its shareholders, yet manages to hold a high degree of autonomy due to its considerable size. Perhaps in reference to its organization and efficiency, the company has at times throughout its history been referred to as a mercenary or paramilitary group.
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    Ayy LMAO is the spirit of Ayyslam, of BK
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    Visit Yoitz!

    More coming soon! If you'd like to travel to Yoitz, don't be shy - Nyanro is here to answer all your questions :3
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    Altion News Network (ANN)

    This will channel is to help you understand what goes on from elections to new law announcememts. ANN has the information you need. Pirate Infestation For more than ten turns, the Altion have been dealing with pirates who are responsible for raiding billions of dollars from our mines and destroying several of our recon satellites. We have responded by destroying any of their ships detected, outlawing tech trade with them, enforcing strict scans of moons and planets held in our territory, and have finally managed to destroy a stronghold found nesting in our colony system. Apparently now, they decided to up their tantrum by attacking and destroying two corvettes guarding one of our docks in System 18, killing the crew. We would like to send a prayer to those who have died and would like to make it clear we are not ceasing our attempts of running these dangerous lizards out of systems. We urge our citizens to report in any suspicious activities held in our space docks and to warn them any cooperation with the pirates will have serious repercussions. We would also like to this time to warn those in the galaxy that no one is to enter our territory without express permission from the senate. Any crossing will be viewed as hostile and your ship will be destroyed. Thank you.
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    Catian scientists examining anomalies in the Terminus system have reportedly uncovered evidence that the irradiated planets present in the system were once inhabited by a previously unknown humanoid species. Although the ruins on heavily irradiated planets are too decayed to offer much insight into the nature of this species, dubbed the 'Precursors' by Catian explorers, it does appear that they were a space-faring race with outposts throughout the system. More disturbingly, it appears that the radiation on the planets was the result of a sustained space-borne nuclear bombardment, suggesting that the Precursors themselves were responsible for the devastation of their planets. Why this might have occurred is a mystery, but scientists remained hopeful that the intact garden worlds in the system may contain clues that explain why the Precursor civilization collapsed.
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    An archive of decrees and proclamations announced by the Council of Ancestors of the Elysian Union. Blessings be upon us for our most holy Ancestors watch over us.
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    Catia Laws & Announcements

    Conflict With The Children? After a recent announcement by The Children stating that they would be giving assistance to the current rebels in the Lyrae and Hydrae systems tensions between the two factions are at an all time high. Many believe this to be a clear act of aggression and demand the Council take appropriate actions to deal with the threat. So far the Council has made no public statement on the matter however Eris made a short statement earlier today. "Although I do not understand why The Children have taken this stance with us given that we have never made any act of aggression against them I do know that we must not allow such a thing without consequence. If The Children wish to back the rebels that now plague us and apparently finance the very pirates we are at war with then we shall see them as the hostile force they so wish to be seen as." After the short statement Eris took several questions, the first being if Catia would formally declare open hostilities between the two factions. Eris said that war may be too extreme, however it is not off the table depending on how things progress. Eris did state however that any ship belonging to The Children entering Catian space will be seen as a clear act of aggression and declaration of war by The Children and Catia and her allies will defend themselves. Arakhari War Update Fierce fighting in the Matar and Abaran systems between Catian and Arakhari military vessels continue with reports of a major victory in the Matar system and almost complete loss of control of the Abaran system. The conflict is expected to last quite a while longer and slowly shift focus from the Matar system to the Abaran system soon. Along with this news reports of three major rebellions have come in, normally rebellions of this nature would not be a real concern for the Catian military however it is now directly impacting military production and forcing the Catian military to divert much needed resources from the Arakhari front to deal with the rebels. Dealing With The Corporations @Rnar @Tom Swift Until today Catia has allowed corporations to build and maintain franchises in most of it's systems without many restrictions or oversight, this stops today. Following recent events at home and abroad ONI and LT&S are hereby ordered to cease all activity within Catian space. The following must be done within the given time limit: 1. Withdraw all space and ground based units and personnel from Catian space (This must be done within 4 turns, if you need more time, contact a representative) 2. Cease all production (This must be done immediately) 3. Make preparations for a possible shutdown of all corporate franchises within Catian space If these actions are not taken within the given time without a valid reason Catia will view it as an act of aggression and deal with things accordingly.
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    The Catian empire has continued its slide into chaos this week, with several of its colonies declaring independence in the wake of a crippling recession brought on by the ongoing conflict in the Abaran and Matar systems. The rebel leadership has cited unchecked slave raids by Arakhari pirates, economic mismanagement and general governmental incompetence as justifications for the colonial revolts, while Catian authorities have denounced the rebels as traitors and vowed to reassert control over the rebellious planets. The spreading disorder in Catian space has also drawn condemnation from the Children, who have openly admitted to funding Arakahri piracy in the region and have pledged their support for the breakaway colonies in their bid for independence. Meanwhile, the see-saw battle for control of Catia's eastern systems continues, with losses reported on both sides as Arakhari and Catian spacecraft clash in the skies above dozens of planets. In the western galactic rim, observers have expressed confusion regarding reports of fighting between Lamian and Vermintide forces in the Tallus system. Humantarian agencies that rushed to the system following rumours of a battle in orbit of the former Vermintide colony world of Patkány are reportedly baffled by the absence of any signs of fighting on the planet. Representatives of the Purrsian aid agency 'Felines without Borders' have announced that the skies above Patkány are completely clear, despite claims from Vermintide diplomats that over 40 ships were destroyed there a few days earlier. Reports from the surface have only added to the mystery, with witnesses alleging that there are no sign of Lamian forces on the planet and no evidence of damage to colonial infrastructure from energy weapons, explosives or orbital bombardment. Patkány's citizens have expressed confusion at the arrival of intergalactic aid organizations, while local hospitals deny having admitted any casualties from the supposed battle. In the face of mounting allegations of a hoax, Lamian officials have continued to insist that a great victory took place in the Tallus system, citing Vermintide's admission of defeat as evidence that Lamia's forces prevailed. Criticism of Lamia has intensified, however, as reports of fighting at Patkány has diverted humanitarian aid from the Tudran system, where Purrsian forces have seized control of the Tatrean colony world of Pysny following weeks of brutal combat that have left an estimated 20 million dead and millions more injured, missing or displaced in the fighting.
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    Linus Vulp

    Worried Jellyfish taking action

    Declaration from the Children: With the inability of the Cat-Barbarians, bordering to the high Civilisation that is our aqueous realm, to pacify their space and keep it clean from pirate activity, our Chancellor decided to take action and send help to the poor people that suffer both from being cats and from the incompetence of their government. As our scientists for the moment dont see any possibilty to cure them from their suffering, financial and technical support for the independent colonies in system 15 and 16 have been approved by the parliament. On an unrelated note the children are happy to announce that the relationship between Jellyfish and Liazards it as a all time high with several hundreds of billion galactic credits of civil aid transfered over the last months.
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    Cutting Down the Vermin to Size

    In light of the recent trespasses and intrusion by the Vermintide's navy into the Tallus system, despite recent diplomatic overtures to rectify the situation, and regarding the Vermintide's terrorital claims to the Tallus system, the Lamian Collective has chosen to act. With a special session of the Lamian Parliament and following unanimous approval by both Parliament and the Communes on Lamia, Phokis, Thessal and Aytolia, the Lamian Collective hereby severs all ties with Vermintide, stating that a state of war exists between the two galactic nations. A small task force of the Lamian navy has been sent north to the Tallus system. While there were proposals by the Senate and Communes to send more ships and assemble them for a jump into Tallus, opposition by her Majesty Syrusa the IX as well as a majority of both Parliament and Communes successfully vetoed the proposal. Depicted above is the Flagship of the Armada: HRS Elan
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    FireBall's Application [Accepted]

    If two officers give you contradicting orders, what would you do?
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    Catia Laws & Announcements

    ONI Situation Progresses After a sudden announcement of an asset freeze by the Catian government on the ONI corporation due to a very sudden and unannounced leadership change-up within the company reports started coming in reporting Catian military forces taking positions around ONI ground and space based assets within Catia controlled space. Thus far it seems this is not meant as an aggressive act as no attacks have been made and more of a "watch and see" kind of stance from the Catian military so they are ready if ONI breaches the terms of the asset freeze. So far ONI representatives have made no official statement on the current situation. Catia & The Purrrsian Empire MDP The Catian Council has made a public announcement of the formation of a Mutual Defense Pact between Catia and The Purrrsian Empire. This announcement confused many as there had been no real indication of any diplomatic talks between the two factions prior to this. Many currently believe this alliance has no real future but we can only wait and see.
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    Woof's Application [Accepted]

    Yes, will the real slim shady please stand up?
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    jelle's Application [Accepted]

    Because I am new I want to join a good and solid alliance so I can become better. Also a very online alliance is what I want because in that alliances with almost no members who are online I cant become better and I think BK is a very online alliance
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    jelle's Application [Accepted]

    While in the application process you MAY NOT start any wars, if you do so you will be denied. We expect activity out of our applicants. If you go more than 24 hours without answering a question you will be rejected. What made you want to join BK?
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    Congratulations! Your application has been ACCEPTED! You are now an academy student. You will receive a message in your inbox shortly explaining what to do from here, so please keep a lookout for that. In the meantime, you can introduce yourself in this thread if you want.
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    Nation Name: Tri Poloski Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=121950 Previous alliances and Previous Positions: Argos - Former Head Officer of War Have you done something to piss someone off in P&W?: no What skills can you offer BK?: My extensive skill set includes -Experience in fighting wars and cooperating with others -Experience in helping out newer members learn the ropes of the game -Substantial knowledge of several different forms of philosophical thought including Foucaultian, Malthusian, and Machiavellian ideals -An enormous amount of knowledge and interest about World War 2 and other wars in general We are a military alliance, which means you will be required to stockpile a warchest (stockpile of resources and money) which will cut into your growth, are you okay with this?: yes
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    No one's home. Please try again next year
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    Tatras Announcements

    Peace in our time After a long period of hostilities, the Arakhari and Tatras have officially agreed to a ceasefire in and around the Tudran system. The ceasefire will be upheld on the following terms: The Arakhari cease all raiding and slaving against Tatras in systems 23, 28, 32 and 33. Tatras recognize exclusive Arakhari ownership of system 37, grant permission for Arakhari ships to pass through Tatras-controlled space on route to other systems and pledge that any existing Arakhari strongholds in systems 23, 28, 32 and 33 will not be attacked. The Arakhari and the Tatreans agree to cede any colonies held by the other in systems 33 and 37 and pledge not to expel, exterminate or otherwise dispossess existing colonists on said colonies. This announcement comes after a prolonged skirmish between the Arakhari and Tatras on the Arakhari-occupied colony of Pysny. Citizens of both the colony and the Tatras homeworld Gerlach were seen celebrating the news of being finally reunited with their families, while administrators begin the task of integrating the Arakhari populace into Tatras culture.
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    The Altion

    Description The Altion are an organic race with skin tones with off-white, rough skin and hair colors in various blues. Their eyes are wide and almost childlike with the colors always mismatched. Their chests and noses are broad to help adapt to rough conditions of their homeland although the females are slightly slimmer and the males have broader shoulders with bones jutting out of the side. Society The Altion are considered simple to some. While the cities are known to be technologically advanced and somewhat crowded, the countryside despite their homeland being hostile environment have been worked over to sustain those who wish for a more quiet life. A night of fun for an Altion in the county could amount to simply gambling with friends while drinking Avin (an Altion popular type of alcohol) while one who lives in the city would be enjoying a time at a local night club. The Altion language could be considered an anomaly as they don't exactly speak to each other using a spoken language but telepathically. Spoken language is only used with tourists and ambassadors. Those who do not understand telepathy are known to receive unusual looks. The Altion Senate leads the race in the intergalactic scene with strict qualifications placed on candidates who wish to run - military service of a minimum of ten years, obtaining ten thousand signatures, and cannot have a familial relationship with a current senate member to name a few. Those who run Altion's colonies are senators who were elected by the senate itself and tasked with colony defense, budget, and possible cultivation. The senate can vote out the ones who lead the colonies out if they feel as though the job is not being done. History The Altion were originally a migratory race that settled on Desna sometime long ago. The planet they came from originally is currently forgotten although the Altion's believe it to have been another hostile world. Constant attacks from pirates and slavers had forced the Altion to settle on a planet for better protection and despite Desna's weaker points was considered the best option as it was uninhabited. The current Altion election wouldn't be held right away as originally the race was lead by an Altion named Amec Colus. Originally, the Altion would have had something similar to a monarchy as Amec had planned to have his children take over but corruption and family in-fighting had caused the Altion's to reject the idea to select several of those amongst themselves to lead marking it as the first elections.
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    Catia Laws & Announcements

    Expansion & Hostilities The Catian Council has announced that the CEI (Catian Expansion Initiative) is now well under way and in the process of setting up system wide defenses in all Catian controlled systems. This announcement was accompanied by a reported massive increase in mining revenue in several key systems and talk of ever increasing garrisons on Catian colony worlds. Along with this good news some bad news also came to light; the CDF (Catian Defense Force) commander announced that while executing the CEI they had received credible information about several Arakhari outposts within Catian space and had already found and eliminated one such outpost and would proceed to do the same with the other with little delay in the CEI itself. The Speaker Eris also had a personal comment on the recent Arakhari raids "We will not sit idle while our people suffer from the weak and selfish Arakhari, these pirates are a plague on the universe and they will be dealt with as such. Anyone suspected of conspiring with the Arakhari will hereby be imprisoned and put on trial to find the truth, any outside faction suspected of conspiring with them shall be dealt with harshly as well". After this announcement reports started coming in about illegal home searches and several arrests have already been reported. The thing on most peoples minds right now is, why is the military the one executing these searches and arrests and not the local police. The answer? By all accounts it seems the local police forces on all Catian worlds have been placed under military control. We have yet to actually get any confirmation of this as of yet.
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    Linus Vulp

    Special offer from the Children

    Tired of pirates raiding your systems? Can't find their bases? Your people risk their life maneuvering through a swarm of recon satellites? If you answered one or more of the questions above with yes, the Children now have a solution for you. With the development of the new Artemis-Class our scientists now offer a supreme option on the market of reconnaissance spacecraft. A focus on the ships sensor tech combined with a revolutionary wolfpack hunting technique give you an edge over the pirates. Ask for our service today! Price on request. Results may vary.
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    An announcement from Dranek Technologies

    Dranek Technologies (DT), a wholly owned subsidiary of Arakhari Holdings LLC, is proud to announce the development and successful deployment of the Raikh Fusion Engine (RFE). Scheduled to enter full production later this week, the RFE is a revolutionary step forward in space travel that will have profound consequences for exploration, trade and travel throughout the known galaxy. Want to visit the Catians but they won't let you refuel in their systems because of their rampant xenophobia? RFE. Do you have a lifelong desire to swim with the Jellyfish but can't make the journey in your clunky, outdated ONI transport? RFE. Are you obsessed with goat meat but can't afford the cost of a conventional flight to Desna? RFE. No matter what your weird personal preference may be, having access to an RFE engine will make it possible! So don't wait: contact your local DT representative today!
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    Nation Name: Eshladtown Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=107314 Previous alliances and Previous Positions: Sirius - Vice Leader United Nations of Culture - Vice Leader Have you done something to piss someone off in P&W?: no What skills can you offer BK?: Active Member Good Fighter Follows Orders We are a military alliance, which means you will be required to stockpile a warchest (stockpile of resources and money) which will cut into your growth, are you okay with this?: yes
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    I’m baaack [Accepted]

    After a short stint of taking in the world and expanding I’m back and would like to jump into war mode...
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    When I created my nation you guys were one of the first alliances to send me an invite to join your alliance, so I figured it's better to join the second best alliance in the world rather than trying to grind on my own or with a few other people in an alliance no one has heard of.
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    Please note we are at war and you may be attacked. We will assist you if possible. We expect activity out of our applicants. If you go more than 24 hours without answering a question you will be rejected. What made you want to join BK?
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    KHjgVUs Application [Accepted]

    Your worst nightmare
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    KHjgVUs Application [Accepted]

    Everytime Arrgh members start applying to BK a global war starts.
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    Awesome. Now just to wait for @Shadow Company, @uranium66, or @Blank
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    Are you familiar with Discord? If so, what is your username and ID? How active do you plan on being on our forums, in-game and on Discord?
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    Dammit. You beating me on Profile Visitors and Community Reputation. Fuck you mate. (please gib that pic in the header)
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    How to Apply to the Black Knights

    Applying to Join the Black Knights STEP 1: Apply to join our alliance in-game Make sure you do this, because the system will literally not let you apply before you do. STEP 2: Have a forum account Once again, the system will not let you apply before you have made an account here. STEP 3: APPLY HERE That is Tibernet, our application system. It will make sure you are eligible to apply, and then will post your application into this forum, as you, which is why you must have a forum account to apply. STEP 4: Complete the application process You will be asked questions in your application thread. If you don't come back to answer them, then you will not be accepted. ============================================================================ Requirements for applying for the Black Knights: Apply to join our alliance in-game Create an account here, on the forums. You cannot apply before you have made an account. You cannot be involved in a war against a nation. If you are, peace out of it before you apply. You must answer a series of questions we will ask you after posting your application. Please be patient, because sometimes we ask quite a few, just keep coming back to check your application thread whenever you can. If you post your application and then don't come back to answer the questions, you will be denied. ============================================================================ If you are accepted, you will be required to go through our academy, where you will learn BK and PnW basics. Also Protip: Stay on the color beige for as long as possible.
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    The Public BK Shitlist

    The following leaders are hereby placed on the Public BK Shitlist for crimes against BK or general idiocy. All leaders placed on this list are hereby barred from joining The Black Knights and we will give warning any future alliance they seek to join. Any alliance that accepts one of the following leaders will lose respect from BK. The only way to be added or removed from this list is with approval from the Emperor. Jemm (AKA Jimmyboy) - Failure to meet standards, disobedience, called us "too gay" for him Jaguar - Failure to fight in a war, left BK too many times, implied we're not serious, an absolute complete dumb ass Rahul - Disobedience Kastor - Being Kastor, to keep our bank safe Mitch666 - Occasional Douchebag, being Mitch. TBYSTAR - Called our ads stupid Gabby - Gee...I wonder why? Quasar - Left BK too many times, constant pedo comments despite requests to stop hidude45454 - Pixel hugger, put himself over BK El Commander - 3ego5me Keksalot - lol Youislove - Deserter during BKExit war Holton - Left without notice while holding high-level job, suspected spy, tried to pull this shit. Anneal - Disobedience, attempting to circumvent authority, and just being a huge prick. John Smith - Posting private conversations with BK members on the OWF without their consent, attention seeking on the OWF in a particularly douchey way. DukeofNavies - Embezzling war aid for baseball.