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    This is a document built on our age old policy of "shoot first, negotiate later" as instituted by Yoso in this 2015 thread: Due to several instances of foreign infringement on BK sovereignty, I am putting what we already practice into a formal edict on public record. This edict provides a base of support for countering not only for our own members, but our allies and protectorates as well. Shoot First Policy I. Purpose The purpose of this policy is to clarify rules and procedures when dealing with raids against members of the Black Knights or affiliated nations/alliances. II. Shoot First Any nation who attacks any member of the Black Knights or affiliated parties during peace time is hereby authorized by the Emperor for counter attacked immediately. This includes nations that fly under a protected Alliance Affiliation or top 30 alliance itself. The Archduke of Defense (or their designee) is responsible for organizing counter attacks on the raider. To clarify, this does not give permission for members to attack in defense of someone, but gives the Archduke of Defense the authority to conduct defensive counter measures to protect The Black Knights and affiliated parties, including but not limited to, counter attacks and espionage. III. Ask Questions Later The Archduke of Foreign Affairs or their designee may contact the appropriate authority figure that the raiding nation/alliance has. However, The Black Knights have no responsibility to message first nor postpone counter attacks to fit the offending sides timeline. As approved by Emperor Leo the Great, effective September 4th, 2018.
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    Applying to Join the Black Knights STEP 1: Apply to join our alliance in-game Make sure you do this, because the system will literally not let you apply before you do. STEP 2: Have a forum account Once again, the system will not let you apply before you have made an account here. STEP 3: APPLY HERE That is Tibernet, our application system. It will make sure you are eligible to apply, and then will post your application into this forum, as you, which is why you must have a forum account to apply. STEP 4: Complete the application process You will be asked questions in your application thread. If you don't come back to answer them, then you will not be accepted. ============================================================================ Requirements for applying for the Black Knights: Apply to join our alliance in-game Create an account here, on the forums. You cannot apply before you have made an account. You cannot be involved in a war against a nation. If you are, peace out of it before you apply. You must answer a series of questions we will ask you after posting your application. Please be patient, because sometimes we ask quite a few, just keep coming back to check your application thread whenever you can. If you post your application and then don't come back to answer the questions, you will be denied. ============================================================================ If you are accepted, you will be required to go through our academy, where you will learn BK and PnW basics. Also Protip: Stay on the color beige for as long as possible.
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    The Public BK Shitlist

    The following leaders are hereby placed on the Public BK Shitlist for crimes against BK or general idiocy. All leaders placed on this list are hereby barred from joining The Black Knights and we will give warning any future alliance they seek to join. Any alliance that accepts one of the following leaders will lose respect from BK. The only way to be added or removed from this list is with approval from the Emperor. Jemm (AKA Jimmyboy) - Failure to meet standards, disobedience, called us "too gay" for him Jaguar - Failure to fight in a war, left BK too many times, implied we're not serious, an absolute complete dumb ass Rahul - Disobedience Kastor - Being Kastor, to keep our bank safe Mitch666 - Occasional Douchebag, being Mitch. TBYSTAR - Called our ads stupid Gabby - Gee...I wonder why? Quasar - Left BK too many times, constant pedo comments despite requests to stop hidude45454 - Pixel hugger, put himself over BK El Commander - 3ego5me Keksalot - lol Youislove - Deserter during BKExit war Holton - Left without notice while holding high-level job, suspected spy, tried to pull this shit. Anneal - Disobedience, attempting to circumvent authority, and just being a huge prick. John Smith - Posting private conversations with BK members on the OWF without their consent, attention seeking on the OWF in a particularly douchey way. DukeofNavies - Embezzling war aid for baseball. Noctis - Leaking Gorge - Embezzling funds from bank AA and pretending it was deleted Curu - Being Curu Strum - Slut Psweet - Nazi Money Jew
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    Historical list of BK announcements

    This topic will contain all (or at least most) announcements that BK have made on the game forums. If you find anything missing, please message me, Zoot. December 13th, 2014 - Declaration of existence December 13th, 2014 - Declaration of war on Guardian December 14th, 2014 - Declaration of war on TEst December 28th, 2014 - Declaration of existence...again. Serious this time January 26th, 2015 - Declaration of war on FSA (first real war) January 29th, 2015 - End of hostilities against FSA April 7th, 2015 - Syndicate MDoAP April 8th, 2015 - New Flubb Order protection April 27th, 2015 - UPN MnDoAP May 21st, 2015 - Declaration of war on Mensa HQ May 31st, 2015 - Mensa HQ surrender June 9th, 2015 - We now have a forum pip (way to make a pointless announcement Strum...) June 29th, 2015 - TLF MDoAP July 17th, 2015 - UIS protection August 4th, 2015 - Rose MDoAP August 4th, 2015 - InGen MDoAP August 5th, 2015 - Trident protection August 25th, 2015 - Declaration of war on VE September 1st, 2015 - VE surrender September 3rd, 2015 - Rose treaty cancellation September 22nd, 2015 - Obsidian Accords, bloc treaty with InGen and TKR September 27th, 2015 - Protecting The Masters Race October 18th, 2015 - Declaration of war on DEIC alongside TKR and InGen October 21st, 2015 - Declaration of war on BoC alongside TKR and InGen October 22nd, 2015 - Individual surrender terms for BoC and DEIC nations October 24th, 2015 - BoC surrender October 30th, 2015 - Galactic Empire protection November 2nd, 2015 - UPN and EoS surrender (while we did not fight either directly, we still signed onto the peace terms) November 6th, 2015 - DEIC surrender December 13th, 2015 - A year of BK! February 5th, 2016 - Declaration of war on CF and TLF in support of t$ February 6th, 2016 - Declaration of war against SWF in defense of Roz Wei February 9th, 2016 - Declaration of war against VE in defense of TKR February 10th, 2016 - SWF surrender February 11th, 2016 - Cornerstone declaration of war against BK February 11th, 2016 - Peace with CF and TLF February 14th, 2016 - End of all remaining hostilities March 2nd, 2016 - BoC MDoAP March 13th, 2016 - BoC joins OO April 6th, 2016 - Polaris MDoAP April 9th, 2016 - Order of the White Rose protection April 12th, 2016 - Cornerstone MDoAP April 27th, 2016 - Leadership change June 13th, 2016 - Declaration of war against NPO June 14th, 2016 - Sparta declares war on BK June 14th, 2016 - Polaris treaty cancellation June 24th, 2016 - Peace with Sparta June 28th, 2016 - End to all remaining hostilities Juli 5th, 2016 - Sparta MDoAP Juli 14th, 2016 - UPN treaty cancellation August 22nd, 2016 - Mensa treaty September 5th, 2016 - Sparta treaty cancellation (Sparta merges into TEst and cancels all their treaties) September 10th, 2016 - BK recognizes hostilities with NPO and UPN September 10th, 2016 - HBE declares war on BK September 22nd, 2016 - HBE surrenders to BK and its allies October 8th, 2016 - BK creates an NPO PoW camp to give NPO nations a chance to leave the war October 11th, 2016 - DEIC surrenders to BK and its allies October 14th, 2016 - NPO, UPN and their allies surrender to BK and its allies November 5th, 2016 - tTO MDoAP December 9th, 2016 - Obelisk MDoAP December 25th, 2016 - Peace with SK, Valyria and their allies (I can't find a dow anywhere, so we may not have made one) December 27th, 2016 - Declaration of war on TEst, RW and Arrgh January 3rd, 2017 - Obelisk treaty cancellation January 4th, 2017 - Obelisk whines about our treaty cancellation January 15th, 2017 - Peace with Arrgh January 18th, 2017 - Peace with TEst January 20th, 2017 - Peace with RW January 30th, 2017 - CKD protectorate March 6th, 2017 - R&R MDoAP March 6th, 2017 - OWR treaty (I guess it's an MDoAP?) March 8th, 2017 - NPO MDoAP March 15th, 2017 - The Inquistion, bloc treaty with NPO, Cornerstone and Zodiac March 18th, 2017 - OO cancellation April 14th, 2017 - DoW on Rose April 14th, 2017 - Rose recognition of hostilities April 14th, 2017 - Panethon declares war on BK April 14th, 2017 - BK recognizes hostilities with pantheon April 16th, 2017 - WTF declares war on BK April 18th, 2017 - Mensa treaty cancellation April 18th, 2017 TKR declares war on BK June 1st, 2017 - R&R treaty cancellation June 1st, 2017 - The Inquistion-led coalition surrender to EMC July 14th, 2017 - GoTG MDoAP August 1st, 2017 - Cerberus treaty August 28th, 2017 - The addition of the Guardians of the Galaxy to the Inquisition bloc October 12th, 2017 - Acadia MDoAP December 26th, 2017 - Lordran MDoAP
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    Join BK...?

    Okay...these replies are unnecessarily hostile. You know I was salty about you leaving, but I didn't really hold it against you that much, and idk why everyone else is. However, asking us to stop telling you to join BK was pretty dumb for a couple different reasons: The "Join BK" is basically an alliance joke. Hooves had to deal with tons of "Join BK"s after he left, and as far as I could tell, it was always just a friendly joke coming from the fact that we did indeed want him to rejoin BK. You know this alliance, and you still came here and told us NOT to do something. This is obviously going to make everyone do it. So yeah, I both disagree with the hostility towards you, and with the original post.
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    Shifty Stranger

    How AA's grow on you

    When you first start out on any AA, you question what you're doing. Like you're like wtf, why is there so much devotion being asked of me. Eventually you get to know everyone better and understand that certain quirks belong to different people. Again we're more than just our avatars though avatars do play a role in how we perceive each other. Like Yoso is more agreeable because of doge, while Strum appears to look like he just goes "kek" and skitters away because his avatar is a robot without legs. Anyway, eventually logging in everyday becomes less like damn it why do all alliances require this and more like right on, we're a hivemind where we sacrifice our first born and consume the remains of the fallen for nutrients to continue the colony. Ayy lmao. I guess the point I'm making is AAs strangely become like the people you know but at the same time don't at all. It's a strange reaction/effect that doesn't make any sense on paper. You won't get into a bar fight and back them up because they're so far out and strangers, but the same time you spend hours for a common goal.
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    Join BK...?

    You've been on the shitlist since the day you left, so I don't see why you're taking this so hard.