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    jelle's Application

    While in the application process you MAY NOT start any wars, if you do so you will be denied. We expect activity out of our applicants. If you go more than 24 hours without answering a question you will be rejected. What made you want to join BK?
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    Ricky5849's Application

    Denied for stealing my name. Will someone please lock this? Thanks.
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    Congratulations! Your application has been ACCEPTED! You are now an academy student. You will receive a message in your inbox shortly explaining what to do from here, so please keep a lookout for that. In the meantime, you can introduce yourself in this thread if you want.
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    Nation Name: Tri Poloski Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=121950 Previous alliances and Previous Positions: Argos - Former Head Officer of War Have you done something to piss someone off in P&W?: no What skills can you offer BK?: My extensive skill set includes -Experience in fighting wars and cooperating with others -Experience in helping out newer members learn the ropes of the game -Substantial knowledge of several different forms of philosophical thought including Foucaultian, Malthusian, and Machiavellian ideals -An enormous amount of knowledge and interest about World War 2 and other wars in general We are a military alliance, which means you will be required to stockpile a warchest (stockpile of resources and money) which will cut into your growth, are you okay with this?: yes
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    No one's home. Please try again next year
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    Tom Swift

    A Lipton Tea Factbook

    Lipton Tea and Steel I. On the Company Harkening back to the early Terrestrial Era, Lipton Tea and Steel Corp. began in earnest when a royal grant for a 15 year monopoly on the East Indies spice trade was bestowed upon a humble tea brewery in Northern England. Henry Lipton, the owner of the brewery, couldn’t even read most of the writing, with all its flares and flourishes and swirly whirly things and so he took it to the governor. The governor couldn’t read it either. A calligrapher was brought in after a three week’s journey and it turned out that it didn’t matter for much since at the king’s various titles took up a majority of the document anyways. No less confused after the whole affair and thinking himself completely unqualified for the task that had been demanded of him, Lipton scrounged up the little savings he had and went to the capital for a royal audience. It turned out that the king really liked Lipton’s tea. Lipton was reassured by the compliment. Then, with great favor from the Crown, and the full might of the Navy under its beckon and call, Lipton’s small tea shop set itself to the high and noble task of extracting as much tea as possible from whatever lands it could capture and hold by force. Taking a mere ten years and half the royal treasury, Lipton swiftly and deftly led the company towards commercial and military dominance in the region, peaking in the destruction of the Chinese Grand Sea Fleet in the battle of Changliang Bay. The company did hold the largest standing army and navy in the region, but that wasn’t the point. The tea was the point and they made good on that point. The tea must flow. Nine currencies and the security of a good quarter billion people were staked upon Lipton, and even pirates and smugglers observed the sanctity the tea trade, out of fear for their own fortunes. Indeed, the company enjoyed a lucrative two centuries of glorious tea harvesting and brewing prosperity, (and even made some money along the way) but fell into a deep decline, for still uncertain reasons. The key events surrounding its founding and early operation, including all one hundred and thirty-eight of Lipton’s own tea recipes, have been preserved with an almost religious zeal, yet much of the rest has been lost to the millenia. Thus, the health of the company across its life as well as the timeline and extent of the decline is difficult to determine. Research is further muddled by the complete and unintentional destruction of company ledgers in a fire set by the mole people, or as the footnote in recipe 67 for Orange Pekoe states… Historians still debate the exact causes, but the leading consensus of the moment is that people simply got tired of tea. Lipton tea was forced to diversify or face insolvency and nationalization and turned towards the budding Industrial Revolution in its home country. Heavy industry proved a logical leap from tea, with the next being taking to the stars. [more to come] II. On Organization Lipton Tea and Steel Corp. is organized as any other company. The company is ultimately beholden to its shareholders, yet manages to hold a high degree of autonomy due to its considerable size. Perhaps in reference to its organization and efficiency, the company has at times throughout its history been referred to as a mercenary or paramilitary group.
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    End of hostilities Today the Children announce a ceasefire with the Arakhari forces. From now on no hostile actions may be comitted by the Arakhari in the Systems 4, 5, 9, 10 and 11 against the Children. In exchange the Children withdraw from system 6 and discontinue their attacks on smaller arakhari bases. Furthermore, the Arakhari are allowed to use jellyfish space lines and logistics. The jellyfish are happy, that from now one mining is again a option for poor jellyfish families to earn some money.
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    Tatras Announcements

    Peace in our time After a long period of hostilities, the Arakhari and Tatras have officially agreed to a ceasefire in and around the Tudran system. The ceasefire will be upheld on the following terms: The Arakhari cease all raiding and slaving against Tatras in systems 23, 28, 32 and 33. Tatras recognize exclusive Arakhari ownership of system 37, grant permission for Arakhari ships to pass through Tatras-controlled space on route to other systems and pledge that any existing Arakhari strongholds in systems 23, 28, 32 and 33 will not be attacked. The Arakhari and the Tatreans agree to cede any colonies held by the other in systems 33 and 37 and pledge not to expel, exterminate or otherwise dispossess existing colonists on said colonies. This announcement comes after a prolonged skirmish between the Arakhari and Tatras on the Arakhari-occupied colony of Pysny. Citizens of both the colony and the Tatras homeworld Gerlach were seen celebrating the news of being finally reunited with their families, while administrators begin the task of integrating the Arakhari populace into Tatras culture.
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    Altion News Network (ANN)

    This will channel is to help you understand what goes on from elections to new law announcememts. ANN has the information you need. Pirate Infestation For more than ten turns, the Altion have been dealing with pirates who are responsible for raiding billions of dollars from our mines and destroying several of our recon satellites. We have responded by destroying any of their ships detected, outlawing tech trade with them, enforcing strict scans of moons and planets held in our territory, and have finally managed to destroy a stronghold found nesting in our colony system. Apparently now, they decided to up their tantrum by attacking and destroying two corvettes guarding one of our docks in System 18, killing the crew. We would like to send a prayer to those who have died and would like to make it clear we are not ceasing our attempts of running these dangerous lizards out of systems. We urge our citizens to report in any suspicious activities held in our space docks and to warn them any cooperation with the pirates will have serious repercussions. We would also like to this time to warn those in the galaxy that no one is to enter our territory without express permission from the senate. Any crossing will be viewed as hostile and your ship will be destroyed. Thank you.
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    The Altion

    Description The Altion are an organic race with skin tones with off-white, rough skin and hair colors in various blues. Their eyes are wide and almost childlike with the colors always mismatched. Their chests and noses are broad to help adapt to rough conditions of their homeland although the females are slightly slimmer and the males have broader shoulders with bones jutting out of the side. Society The Altion are considered simple to some. While the cities are known to be technologically advanced and somewhat crowded, the countryside despite their homeland being hostile environment have been worked over to sustain those who wish for a more quiet life. A night of fun for an Altion in the county could amount to simply gambling with friends while drinking Avin (an Altion popular type of alcohol) while one who lives in the city would be enjoying a time at a local night club. The Altion language could be considered an anomaly as they don't exactly speak to each other using a spoken language but telepathically. Spoken language is only used with tourists and ambassadors. Those who do not understand telepathy are known to receive unusual looks. The Altion Senate leads the race in the intergalactic scene with strict qualifications placed on candidates who wish to run - military service of a minimum of ten years, obtaining ten thousand signatures, and cannot have a familial relationship with a current senate member to name a few. Those who run Altion's colonies are senators who were elected by the senate itself and tasked with colony defense, budget, and possible cultivation. The senate can vote out the ones who lead the colonies out if they feel as though the job is not being done. History The Altion were originally a migratory race that settled on Desna sometime long ago. The planet they came from originally is currently forgotten although the Altion's believe it to have been another hostile world. Constant attacks from pirates and slavers had forced the Altion to settle on a planet for better protection and despite Desna's weaker points was considered the best option as it was uninhabited. The current Altion election wouldn't be held right away as originally the race was lead by an Altion named Amec Colus. Originally, the Altion would have had something similar to a monarchy as Amec had planned to have his children take over but corruption and family in-fighting had caused the Altion's to reject the idea to select several of those amongst themselves to lead marking it as the first elections.
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    This is a document built on our age old policy of "shoot first, negotiate later" as instituted by Yoso in this 2015 thread: Due to several instances of foreign infringement on BK sovereignty, I am putting what we already practice into a formal edict on public record. This edict provides a base of support for countering not only for our own members, but our allies and protectorates as well. Shoot First Policy I. Purpose The purpose of this policy is to clarify rules and procedures when dealing with raids against members of the Black Knights or affiliated nations/alliances. II. Shoot First Any nation who attacks any member of the Black Knights or affiliated parties during peace time is hereby authorized by the Emperor for counter attacked immediately. This includes nations that fly under a protected Alliance Affiliation or top 30 alliance itself. The Archduke of Defense (or their designee) is responsible for organizing counter attacks on the raider. To clarify, this does not give permission for members to attack in defense of someone, but gives the Archduke of Defense the authority to conduct defensive counter measures to protect The Black Knights and affiliated parties, including but not limited to, counter attacks and espionage. III. Ask Questions Later The Archduke of Foreign Affairs or their designee may contact the appropriate authority figure that the raiding nation/alliance has. However, The Black Knights have no responsibility to message first nor postpone counter attacks to fit the offending sides timeline. As approved by Emperor Leo the Great, effective September 4th, 2018.