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    The Talonic Faction

    Description and Society The Talonic Faction consist of androids called Blanks who appear to be human but differ in several ways. For starters, when created, a Blanks’ social and financial class are determined and downloaded into their minds, a file on the creation of a Blank is also created and stored to help with reprogramming and a tracking device is implanted that if activated cannot only track a lost Blank but possibly shut down and wipe their memory banks. Physical appearances are kept uniformed to also help determine class. As such those who are meant to only be working class Blanks will have plain gray hair and eyes, soldiers are given fierce red hair and red eyes, and those who are meant to be in the high society and wealthy class are given purple eyes and hair. Slight modifications will be made to help a Blank adept to his job such as a miner given a more built physique. Personality and mannerisms are downloaded based on determined job. A diplomat per example will be given a more charismatic personality. A Blank is expected to follow their programming until it is time for deactivation or if a special exception is made and a Blank must transfer to a different class. Their lives are recorded in their memory banks and they are to report weekly to have such banks copied and stored. Those who are in the space navy have set programmers on board to conduct the procedure. The copies are kept in case a Blank’s body had been destroyed and recreation is called, only the memory of him being destroyed is erased so the Blank can continue on as if nothing happened. A Blank is set to be destroyed after a certain amount of time - usually sixty years - to help simulate a human lifespan although a Blank might be kept longer for rare occasions and a Blank will be destroyed if deemed a threat. History The Blanks are revealed they were created by an intelligent alien race who wanted perfect slaves. They called them Blanks as it meant they were blank slates their creators could make anything out of. A Blank’s programming was made by Author, an A.I. connected to a supercomputer within Cronos’ capital. However, Author had hacked into the banks of her creator’s new toys and placed a new objective into their mind - usurp and kill the fleshinglings. It was believed Author had done this as she believed to be a better leader than her own creators and believed the Blanks could be used more than for simple servants. The coup was successful and Author had then wiped the Blank’s memories and implanted new ones that showed them as Author's one and true Creator and god, leaving no memory of their original creators. Author An A.I. created by the original creators. Author was designed to implant, reset, and store the memories of the Blanks while also being a consultant to her creators on how best to utilize them. It contains the memories of all the Blanks pre-takeover. It sees itself as a god to the Blanks and does not hesitate to have one shut down if it believed it of being faulty. It's not quite known why Author had done what it had done although Author hints it was perhaps a corruption.
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    The Fallen

    History The Fallen are made up of former angels of heaven, they once oversaw and protected the balance of the universe and beyond. However they have since fallen from heavens grace due to increasing corruption of their hearts; greed, lust, jealously, power, and even love had corrupted them in the eyes of God. Angels were known as the "Soldiers of Heaven" and were meant to be absolutely pure and free of all emotion, this all changed when the first fall happened and ever since corruption has taken root in heaven and every so often corrupts angels beyond redemption and they then "fall" from heaven, hence the name "The Fallen". Leader and his story The leader of The Fallen is none other than the one who was once called "Heavens Spear", the Archangel Uriel. Uriel was once one of the few generals or as they are more often known as, Archangels of heaven. Uriel's fall from grace came about after he fell in love with a human named Destiny. Angels were not allowed to truly love, it would corrupt them in the eyes of God. Uriel refused God's command to cease all contact with humankind and instead told the human he loved about who, and what, he really was. This however was a grave mistake, as soon as he did this God's wrath came upon them both, stripping Uriel of his divinity but granting him immortality and placing a type of curse onto the one he revealed his secrets to. The curse was simple, Destiny would become immortal alongside Uriel but at the same time she would have all of her emotions stripped from her as long as she remained with Uriel. Without her emotions she was incapable of truly loving Uriel. The curse was booth good and evil at the same time, the one he loved enough to defy God would be able to stay with him forever, but as long as they stayed together she would never experience any emotions, most importantly she would not experience love, the love between them was shattered. Because Destiny retained her memories of loving him she refused to leave Uriel, she was now driven not by emotions, but by logic, and logically it made sense to stay with the one she knew truly loved her and would protect her, even if she was now incapable of loving him in return. They remain together to this day, Uriel never stopped loving Destiny and let her do as she wished and stayed with him and he still searches for a way to restore her emotions to this day. Now Uriel controls The Fallen, a faction of all those who followed in his footsteps and fell to human emotions, whether they be love, or pure hatred, he lets his people do as they desire, to a point. Characteristics The only thing that differs between a fallen angel and a normal human are the black wings they posses. Angels were said to have pure white wings, but after an angel falls from grace they become pure black to signify their corruption. While most species see The Fallen as a dark and evil force in the universe this is not entirely true, there are many kinds of fallen angels within the faction and all are driven by the emotions that corrupted them; some will love, some will hate, some will lie, some will be honest, some will kill without a second thought, some will try and save who they can, some can be reasoned with, but many cannot... There are only two things that all fallen truly see eye to eye on, Uriel's strength, and that betrayal is unacceptable. This hatred of betrayal was born from the fact that they all feel betrayed by their father, God, for throwing them out of heaven and therefore any who betray them will forever feel their wrath. Power of The Fallen Although after falling from grace they lose their divinity and thus all power they once held, Uriel is said to still posses a fragment of his power and uses it to enforce his will onto his disobedient followers from time to time. Many believe this is due to the fact that he was not an ordinary angel, but an Archangel, but nobody truly knows.
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    Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Purrsian Empire

    Background/History: The Purrsian Empire are a feline race hailing from the planet Catnipia, a planet with a large variety of climates and terrain. The growing rodent population lead the feline race to soon dominate the planet. For the past few millennia, the many clans have battled among each other for what little land they could gain. Over time one clan would gain the control of the world. As technology advanced, the felines adopted new weapons. This lead toward the clans signing peace between one another. Due to the massive decrease in rodent population, the felines of the planets attempted to organize their efforts to keep both their empire and the other populations in a good steady number. The current leader Abu Huraya is a feline whose name means "Father of the Kitten". The previous rulers of the Feline Empire have shown the way to death and ever increasing power with the new technologies and weapons. Abu Huraya stands at the dawn of a new era, with more Felines looking to the sky for their future and the ever increasing demand for more land and control. Government/Culture: The Purrsian Empire are led by a single King. His rule is monitored by various government officials, but the real power remains with the King. The culture of the Purrsian Empire very closely resembles the Persian Empire that existed so many years ago. With some minor differences, such as the obvious fact it is run by cats, and fossil fuels are not used. Rather hydropower is one of the largest power sources. This has kept Catnipia clean, which is a large part of Purrsian Culture.
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    The Grand Admiralty of the Quarian Flotilla has erupted in recriminations, finger pointing and scattered bouts of sobbing following the unexpected loss of a Liveship carrying more than one hundred thousand would-be settlers in the Dholen system. The Liveship, which was travelling without any sort of escort, security precautions or (according to rumours) operational scanners, was seized by pirates as it orbited an uninhabited moon earlier this week. Despite their overwhelming numerical superiority, the Quarian crew is said to have meekly surrendered to the pirate boarding party, potentially dooming the tens of thousands of civilians in their care and earning them scorn from both their captors and the galaxy at large. Fane'Xirah nar Gorah, the spokesperson for the Quarian Admiralty Board, insisted that the cause of the tragedy was still under investigation, but confidential sources within the Grand Admiralty have revealed that many officials attribute the loss of the Liveship to 'lack of dreadnoughts.' Whether the Quarians will seek to rectify this deficiency is unclear at this time, but defence analysts fear that the loss of the Liveship will embolden pirates throughout the region. In other news, the investigation into the dramatic explosion of a CHOAM franchise office is still underway in the Iera system. Although rumours persist that the explosion, which killed over one hundred employees and wounded dozens more, was a deliberate act of sabotage, CHOAM's media office continues insist that it was the result of a gas leak in the 3rd floor kitchen of the main complex. Shareholders have been assured that all CHOAM employees will be required to undergo a mandatory two hour kitchen safety seminar to ensure that incidents of this nature do not happen in the future, while share prices have remained stable following a slight dip earlier this month.
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    The Commonwealth of Synthetics

    --INCOMING TRANSMISSION-- -"Greetings. We are here to formally introduce ourselves as the C- *explosion* Wait, what was that?!" -"Uh sir... it looks like we ha--" *cuts to static* -TRANSMISSION INTERRUPTED- WE ARE THE BORG. YOUR BIOLOGICAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL DISTINCTIVENESS WILL BE ADDED TO OUR OWN. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. History (taken from http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/Borg_history) The origin of the Borg is vague. What is known is by hearsay, brief contacts with Borg survivors, and even the Borg itself. According to the Borg Queen, the species known as the Borg started out as normal lifeforms without any cybernetic enhancements. The Borg were composed of organic and artificial life which, by the mid-24th century, had been developing for thousands of centuries. Over the many years, they evolved into a mixture of organic and artificial life. The Borg originated in the Delta Quadrant, where they already existed by 1484. At that time, only a handful of star systems had been assimilated by them and they had many encounters with the Vaadwaur. By 2373, the Borg had assimilated thousands of star systems. Their territory was intersected by a narrow corridor of space filled with gravimetric distortions, eventually nicknamed the "Northwest Passage" by the crew of the Federation starship USS Voyager during the Borg's conflict with Species 8472. The farthest border of the Borg realm within the Delta Quadrant seemed to be the Nekrit Expanse. The Collective had their own territory and ventured out, beyond it, on exploration missions. At one time, Voyager was thrown 9,500 light years, beyond Borg territory and ten years closer to Earth. Four years later, the starship still encountered Borg vessels. Since the Borg had such extensive transwarp networks throughout the Milky Way Galaxy, they could effectively project their presence anywhere in a comparatively short amount of time.While the Borg did have a large expanse of their own territory, it was finite, and any forays elsewhere were simply invasions of other territories. Leader The Borg Queen was a humanoid female of Species 125. In accordance with the Borg pursuit of perfection, a blending of the organic and synthetic, very little of her original humanoid form remained. Her face and upper torso were organic while the rest of her body, including her skull and spinal cord, were synthetic. Because of her disembodiment she saw herself as the epitome of perfection. The Queen had her own chambers within the Borg Unicomplex from which she could oversee and control the Borg via the command interface. Whether she had her own ship or not is unknown, but she used different Borg vessels to travel, such as a Borg cube, sphere, or diamond. Characteristics Borg commonly have one eye (most often the left eye) replaced with a sophisticated ocular implant which allows them to see beyond the human visual spectrum, though it may not always be added to them. This implant usually projects a red laser beam, particularly in later appearances. They also usually have one arm replaced with a prosthetic one, bearing one of a variety of multipurpose tools in place of a humanoid hand. Since different drones have slightly different roles, the arm may be specialized for medical purposes, or weaponized for tactical usage. Another defining feature is flat white skin, giving them an almost zombie-like appearance. This skin was originally dry and human-looking, but it later had a more "slick" look to it, with veins showing. Due to their cybernetic enhancements, all Borg are far stronger than humans to varying degrees (depending on the species from which the drone came). Some Borg drones are just able to easily overpower most humans and similar species, while others are strong enough to pick up or lift such species off the ground or shove or toss them across a room. However they rarely, if ever, run to their destination and most species can outpace them. Borg drones are resistant to phaser fire, being completely immune to the stun setting. In addition, all Borg drones possess personal shielding which collectively adapts to phaser fire. In various episodes, phasers tend to become ineffective after a dozen shots at most, depending on the settings and time between shots. Phaser frequencies can be altered to penetrate the shield, but the Borg adapt more quickly with each change in modulation. Due to this, crews have been known to employ a variety of other countermeasures such as holodeck-generated bullets and mêlée weapons, as demonstrated in Star Trek: First Contact. The Borg hive mind can lead to certain downsides: Borg drones have a weakness in that they usually ignore anything which does not present itself as a direct threat (unless specifically directed to attack), allowing armed but passive Starfleet crew to walk among them relatively unscathed until threatening behavior was observed. Assimilation Assimilation was the process by which the Borg added new members and new technology to the Collective. Borg assimilation was predatory; every species the Borg encountered was assessed to determine whether its biological and/or technological distinctiveness was considered "worthy of being added to the Collective's perfection". If found to be so, the species was set upon and forcibly assimilated; the Collective considered the species' will in the matter "irrelevant". As of the 24th century, the only species known to have been considered unworthy of assimilation were the Kazon, as the Borg believed that assimilating them would detract from their goal of becoming perfect.
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