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    a void ray

    Spaghetti Cake/cool kid poll

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    Spaghetti Cake/cool kid poll

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    you're fake and gay
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    Gwyn's Application [Denied]

    Hi, thanks for the welcome unfortunately I am going to have to rescind my application, as a couple of personal issues have come up. I don't think I will be active and to not waste everyone's time, I think I should not continue with the application. I apologize for this sudden decision. Thank you for taking your time to reply.
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    Shoot First Policy

    Shoot First Policy I. Purpose The purpose of this policy is to clarify rules and procedures when dealing with raids against members of the Black Knights. II. Shoot First Any nation who attacks any member of the Black Knights during peace time is hereby authorized by the Emperor for counter attacked immediately. This includes nations that fly under a protected Alliance Affiliation. The Archduke of Defense (or his designee) is responsible for organizing counter attacks on the raider. To clarify, this does not give permission for members to attack in defense of someone, but gives the Archduke of Defense the authority to conduct defensive counter measures to protect The Black Knights, including but not limited to, counter attacks. III. Ask Questions Later The Archduke of Foreign Affairs or his designee must contact the appropriate authority figure that the raiding nation has. If the raiding nation is not in an alliance, then a message is to be sent directly to the raiding nation. As approved by Emperor Yosodog effective February 21, 2015. As amended by Emperor Yosodog effective April 19, 2015.
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    ayy lmao
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    Spaghetti Cake pictures

    something other than a spaghetti cake picture
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