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    Please note we are at war and you may be attacked. We will assist you if possible. We expect activity out of our applicants. If you go more than 24 hours without answering a question you will be rejected. What made you want to join BK?
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    KHjgVUs Application [Accepted]

    Your worst nightmare
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    KHjgVUs Application [Accepted]

    Everytime Arrgh members start applying to BK a global war starts.
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    This is a document built on our age old policy of "shoot first, negotiate later" as instituted by Yoso in this 2015 thread: Due to several instances of foreign infringement on BK sovereignty, I am putting what we already practice into a formal edict on public record. This edict provides a base of support for countering not only for our own members, but our allies and protectorates as well. Shoot First Policy I. Purpose The purpose of this policy is to clarify rules and procedures when dealing with raids against members of the Black Knights or affiliated nations/alliances. II. Shoot First Any nation who attacks any member of the Black Knights or affiliated parties during peace time is hereby authorized by the Emperor for counter attacked immediately. This includes nations that fly under a protected Alliance Affiliation or top 30 alliance itself. The Archduke of Defense (or their designee) is responsible for organizing counter attacks on the raider. To clarify, this does not give permission for members to attack in defense of someone, but gives the Archduke of Defense the authority to conduct defensive counter measures to protect The Black Knights and affiliated parties, including but not limited to, counter attacks and espionage. III. Ask Questions Later The Archduke of Foreign Affairs or their designee may contact the appropriate authority figure that the raiding nation/alliance has. However, The Black Knights have no responsibility to message first nor postpone counter attacks to fit the offending sides timeline. As approved by Emperor Leo the Great, effective September 4th, 2018.
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    Nation Name: Doktookryyo Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=125018 Previous alliances and Previous Positions: None Have you done something to piss someone off in P&W?: no What skills can you offer BK?: I am good at managing resources and manpower, and I have a Jacksonian approach to war (never attack first, but always keep fighting until the enemy is defeated). I can also supply the Black Knights with top-tier memes, and I like planes and spying. We are a military alliance, which means you will be required to stockpile a warchest (stockpile of resources and money) which will cut into your growth, are you okay with this?: yes
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    Will do.
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    The most accurate translation I can think of is: "I, an extra-terrestrial, am having a good time." ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lmao
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    I would make a forum post asking for clarification, unless you have another place you would prefer I submit such queries.
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    I think it depends on the order. If they were asking me to do something that would (for example) violate one of our treaties, or break the rules of P&W, I wouldn't follow them, and I would probably report them. If it's just a simple disagreement, such as they want me to develop my nation a certain way that I don't want, or they are asking for more resources than I am willing to give, or something of that nature, I would most likely see if a compromise was possible. That being said, I do want to be cooperative, so I don't think I would outright refuse an order given by a superior unless it was against the rules.
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    I have experience as a writer, so Communications Staff doesn't sound too bad. I'm useless as a graphic designer, however. Defense Staff also sounds interesting, as I have already decided that I want to support BK militarily should my application be accepted. I plan on having a very strong military as my country grows. The responsibilities you mentioned are consistent with my goals for my nation as well.
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    I want to be a fairly active member of the BK community, especially in-game. I'll participate in the forums and on Discord, and I'm willing to hold a job. I'm not particularly interested in a leadership position, but I do want to help out and do my part should BK accept me.
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    Yes I am. I will do that now.
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    I have a Discord. I am TehRedBlur #5984 I'm not used to forums or Discord, so I'm not sure how active I would be on those, but I plan to be on P&W at least once a day (IRL obligations have me busy but that's a realistic goal), so I could easily check the forums and Discord when I do that. If you require a certain level of forum/Discord activity, I will do my best to meet those requirements.
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    No, I'm not aware of any other games like P&W, but I am a fast learner!
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    Siegfred recommended your alliance to me, and I appreciated the Code: Geass reference in the alliance's name and logo. I also received a recruitment message from your member Tiber, and the benefits to joining that he listed were incentive enough to make me want to apply.
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    Yeah, this should be fun. Hopefully I can log in regularly with all the crazy stuff happening IRL