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  3. Catia Laws & Announcements

    PEACE? News has been circulating that the very recent war may have already come to a close. Although the council has yet to make any formal announcement, civilian ships report seeing the fleets thought to be stationed in the Enoch system pulling back into the Kriseroi system and seemingly not preparing to return for a counterattack. This has led many to believe that Catia has abandoned the Enoch system altogether but others believe a back room deal may have been made for the system. Signs of Unrest In related news word has reached the Catian homeworld that the recently established colony in the REDACTED system is showing some signs of unrest. The cause is thus far unknown but it is likely to do with the recent battles. The Catian council seems to have already taken measures to stop something before it starts as several transport ships have been seen transporting large numbers of military personnel into the REDACTED system seemingly as a garrison force for the colony. Whether this action helps or hurts the current situation we will need to wait and see.
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  6. Catia Laws & Announcements

    WAR! Today a Catian patrol fleet that was dealing with a small force of unregistered vessels was taken by surprise by a large fighter swarm belonging to Elysia. The majority of the defending Catian fleet was unfortunately destroyed and all eyes are on the Council as to what will be done about this situation. The only announcement made thus far has been to acknowledge that although there was no formal declaration from Elysia before the attack, it is nonetheless a clear declaration of war by the Elysian government. It is unknown how long Elysia had been planning this attack or why exactly the attack occurred, many believe it to be related to the increased border friction recently however Elysia never contacted Catian officials to ever discuss it peacefully leaving many with one question....Why...
  7. Catia Military attacked whilst enforcing border laws Earlier today whilst enforcing Catia's new border laws in regards to the Enoch System the border patrol was attacked. Foreign vessels under the control of the Empire of the Kislevites attempted and succeeded to board a civilian construction vessel and were repelled when attempting the same on another vessel. However, the most damage was caused by the unexpected arrival of the fleet from Elysia. It seems the superior number of fighters managed to overwhelm Catia's border patrol. With not many survivors scattered across a few odd Catia ships, we are all wondering what Catia will do next to counter this foreign incursion.
  8. Alrea - DEFCON 1

    Nation Name: Alrea Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=107477 Alliance: DEFCON 1 Position in Alliance: IA/MA (On behalf of FA today) Alliance Forums: N/A Alliance Discord: https://discord.gg/PenqQZz
  9. Catia Laws & Announcements

    Invaders In Our Midst As previously reported on an unregistered foreign ship had been detected in Catian space, this ship has since been seized and it's crew is currently undergoing investigation by Catian authorities. More conderning news has since been brought to light as well, it seems soon after the foreign vessel was seized another group in a neighboring system attacked Catian surveying ships. These hostile invaders were quickly dealt with minimal losses on Catias side. These events have however brought to light the fact that there is very likely an unauthorized foreign base of operations within Catian space and will need to be further investigated. System Claims Catia has successfully expanded its borders and hereby officially claims the following systems: Amada (36) Arinlakan (37) Enoch (46) Iera (47) These systems will now be subject to Catian laws. We ask that any current resident of these systems please contact the nearest Catian official to discuss relocation or to seek official residency within Catian space.
  10. Catian Military enforces the law In recent weeks news has been emerging from the Catian home system of Kriseroi regarding a military conflict between Catia and an unknown faction. When speaking to Admiral Qoone of the First Catia fleet this was said "As part of our government's recent announcements we detained an unauthorised vessel that had entered our controlled space. As well as this the Second Catia Fleet was attacked by a group of ships who's identity we are not revealing at the current time. The attacks by this group of ships were unsuccessful and they have now been dealt with." Flag planting in the Hoplos System We have received unusual photos from the Hoplos System that appear to show soldiers planting flags on every asteroid in an asteroid belt. It appears that this is a factions way of showing the galaxy that they own this belt. Unfortunately, none of these photos clearly show the factions flag however once we have confirmation we will let you know. We hope to bring you more on this story as it develops
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  12. Shoot First Policy (FA Edition)

    This is a document built on our age old policy of "shoot first, negotiate later" as instituted by Yoso in this 2015 thread: Due to several instances of foreign infringement on BK sovereignty, I am putting what we already practice into a formal edict on public record. This edict provides a base of support for countering not only for our own members, but our allies and protectorates as well. Shoot First Policy I. Purpose The purpose of this policy is to clarify rules and procedures when dealing with raids against members of the Black Knights or affiliated nations/alliances. II. Shoot First Any nation who attacks any member of the Black Knights or affiliated parties during peace time is hereby authorized by the Emperor for counter attacked immediately. This includes nations that fly under a protected Alliance Affiliation or top 30 alliance itself. The Archduke of Defense (or their designee) is responsible for organizing counter attacks on the raider. To clarify, this does not give permission for members to attack in defense of someone, but gives the Archduke of Defense the authority to conduct defensive counter measures to protect The Black Knights and affiliated parties, including but not limited to, counter attacks and espionage. III. Ask Questions Later The Archduke of Foreign Affairs or their designee may contact the appropriate authority figure that the raiding nation/alliance has. However, The Black Knights have no responsibility to message first nor postpone counter attacks to fit the offending sides timeline. As approved by Emperor Leo the Great, effective September 4th, 2018.
  13. Foreign Ships Ships that wish to pass through the Sodna Faction systems must first be approved by the Sodna Council. We hold the right to allow and deny access to such areas if we deem the reason necessary. If a ship enters despite denial or without permission, we hold the right to capture or destroy the ship. Slavery and Raiding Ships We do not condone slavery in any which way and slave ships will be immediately denied access into systems under our control and if found without any slaves onboard will be destroyed. Those that do have slaves we will capture and return those on board to their homes. Raider ships will also be denied immediately and destroyed on sight.
  14. Hrothgar's Application [Accepted]

    Congratulations! Your application has been ACCEPTED! You are now an academy student. You will receive a message in your inbox shortly explaining what to do from here, so please keep a lookout for that. In the meantime, you can introduce yourself in this thread if you want.
  15. Hrothgar's Application [Accepted]

    Special Case, already talked to us @Shadow Company, just needs a mask.
  16. Nation Name: Sachsenreich Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=131016 Previous alliances and Previous Positions: Junior Associate, The Enterprise Have you done something to piss someone off in P&W?: yes What skills can you offer BK?: In general I can be extremely co-operative, obedient and above all friendly to all people. I can work in almost all non-technical fields if commended. We are a military alliance, which means you will be required to stockpile a warchest (stockpile of resources and money) which will cut into your growth, are you okay with this?: yes
  17. Catia Laws & Announcements

    Foreigners Appear? Earlier today Catian surveying vessels detected a foreign ship near Catia. What was unusual is that this ship was unregistered and did not have permission to even enter Catian space, given these circumstances the Catian military has been ordered to capture the foreign ship and bring in the crew for questioning.
  18. Purrsian Empire

    Background/History: The Purrsian Empire are a feline race hailing from the planet Catnipia, a planet with a large variety of climates and terrain. The growing rodent population lead the feline race to soon dominate the planet. For the past few millennia, the many clans have battled among each other for what little land they could gain. Over time one clan would gain the control of the world. As technology advanced, the felines adopted new weapons. This lead toward the clans signing peace between one another. Due to the massive decrease in rodent population, the felines of the planets attempted to organize their efforts to keep both their empire and the other populations in a good steady number. The current leader Abu Huraya is a feline whose name means "Father of the Kitten". The previous rulers of the Feline Empire have shown the way to death and ever increasing power with the new technologies and weapons. Abu Huraya stands at the dawn of a new era, with more Felines looking to the sky for their future and the ever increasing demand for more land and control. Government/Culture: The Purrsian Empire are led by a single King. His rule is monitored by various government officials, but the real power remains with the King. The culture of the Purrsian Empire very closely resembles the Persian Empire that existed so many years ago. With some minor differences, such as the obvious fact it is run by cats, and fossil fuels are not used. Rather hydropower is one of the largest power sources. This has kept Catnipia clean, which is a large part of Purrsian Culture.
  19. After years of secret development, including the productions of memes, potential overcompensation for the lack of an economy, and just quite literally crash and burns, Elysia is proud to present the newest invention to ever grace the known galaxy: the pocket dreadnought. This bad boy you all know and love is coming to a system near you for the meager and perfectly reasonable price of 49.99b (or 34.45b for you Josh). Features of this include, totally not being unwieldy, a 'sure' victory over your opponents and measuring the size of each other's navies, a strong and stable economy, and a very smart admiral leading it all. Everyone i Elysia had one, why don't you, even poor little Jimmy on crutches has one! Head down to your local Elysian embassy and pay the 49.99b tri- I mean payment, or make 5 payments of 12b every turn. You surely will not be disappointed in your purchase. 10b Shipping and handling not included. Elysia does the right to not and will not reimburse you for your purchase if any of the following happens, civil wars, famine, disease, invasion, being the laughing stock of the universe, decline of a 'strong and stable' economy, lack of treasury funds since you forgot to manage your economy, public spending and depression at being subservient to a nation lead by Panzer.
  20. Catia Laws & Announcements

    Catia Space Fares The Catian Council has decided to enact the following laws regarding foreign passage through Catian space - Should any faction wish to seek passage through Catian held space they must submit a transit application to the local government that states vessel numbers and types along with destination and reason for transit. At this time should they wish to they can also offer what they are willing to pay for permission to pass through Catian space as the next step would be the government giving a price they want to allow the passage, this rate will depend on many factors including number of ships, type of ships, relationship with Catia, ect. - Should a foreign vessel be detected within Catian space they may be allowed to pay a fee which will allow them to safely return to neutral space however depending on the situation this will not always be offered and repeated space violations will leave Catia with little choice but to see it as an act of aggression. - Foreign civilians are more than welcome to visit Catian worlds should they wish to, only a moderate fee will be charge and unfortunately no military officers will be allowed onto Catian worlds for security reasons, we hope you understand.
  21. This post is just a table of contents Current Laws: Catia Space Fares Past Announcements: 09/08/2018 09/13/2018 (WAR) 09/19/2018 (PEACE?)
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