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  4. We use Discord for all our activities. May I ask why you are not allowed to get Discord?
  5. I want to join but I can’t join discord my parents don’t allow me so can I pls get a google forms instead. My country’s name is smile and I need help I am currently in a big war with an immortal group member.
  6. ALRIGHT BITCHES HOLD THE FUCK UP. I joined this club ONLY to say a few things here. First of all you are not the Cayyliph of the Grand Ayyslamic Caliphayyte, therefore you do not get to make a charter for all of ayyslam, doing so is a heresy. Be careful where you get stuff from. The sayycred texts have been corrupted by the ayyslamic terrorists called the "AP" during the SCX period. The poster looks great, good job, just be careful when speaking for all of ayyslam. These kinds of posts are okay, but they could lead you on a path to a holy war against ayylah's warriors, which you will NOT win!
  7. Please provide your input on the different conditions we should be fighting for. So far we have the following: 1. More pay (pls specify) 2. Better work hours 3. paid VM privileges 4. Delete nation privileges Please share your input
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