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  2. Lance's Application

    Okay, the interview is over unless high gov has any more questions for you. Now wait for @Shadow Company, @uranium66, or @Blank to pass judgment upon you.
  3. Lance's Application

    "ayy lmao I think this a little funny and describe a great imagination of humanity for the universe
  4. Lance's Application

    To the best of your ability, describe what "ayy lmao" means to you using more than 5 words, but less than 23.
  5. Lance's Application

    if the same rank, I will do order which has involved my job as defence officer. if superior rank I will do the superior order.
  6. Lance's Application

    If two officers give you contradicting orders, what would you do?
  7. Lance's Application

    I will complain first to see my superior know my opinion. this is not an army who need always agree to the superior order.
  8. Lance's Application

    If a superior officer gave you an order you disagree with, what would you do?
  9. Lance's Application

    defence staff, it's feel good and feel there is an achievement in myself
  10. Lance's Application

    most of our members have real jobs too... BK is a meritocracy, so we like to reward members who contribute to the alliance. That being said, we have several entry-level positions to choose from. Do any of these sound interesting to you? Communications Staff - some design graphics for the alliance and possibly writing articles for our paper. IA Staff - the Internal Affairs department has several positions available based on rank. IA Staff is the entry-level position where you can start working yourself up. Duties include: contributing to the activity of the alliance by posting discussion topics and coming up with events, assisting leadership with the applicant interviews, recruiting and doing other random stuff. Diplomat Corps - the public face of the alliance. Diplomats represent the alliance in other alliance forums/Discord channels and are responsible for reporting weekly to the FA Office. Defence Staff - Defence staff are responsible for ensuring that BK performs the best it possibly can militarily. They are responsible for helping our members meet their defence commitments, ensuring that raiders are promptly countered and for making sure that everyone is doing what they should be doing when war occurs. Economics Staff - Econ is responsible for maintaining and creating a budget to align with BK goals, building and maintaining a war chest for the alliance to use during fights on global or small scales, trading resources to help BK profit over time, and training with other new members of economics. Econ requires a bit more knowledge and people wishing to join will have to enter Economics University to learn more about the game's mechanics.
  11. Lance's Application

    no.1. cause I have a real job so I don't want to be particularly involved. I like to help other members with something(resource, advice and other) if ask and of course ready to fight at war( I hope to tell me what day and time first before the war so I can prepare).
  12. Lance's Application

    ok Select one of the following, or use your own words, to best describe what kind of member you will be: I would like the protection and economic benefits that BK offers, and I will fight in wars for BK, but I don't really want a job or to be particularly involved. I want to be moderately active in the BK community. I will post on the forums and hold a job. I want to be extremely active in the BK community. I will frequent the forums and the discord channel and would like to work my way up to a leadership position in the future. I'm just here so I don't get fined. (raided)
  13. Lance's Application

    no problem, that's what I need. I play the online game not offline cause I can know and talk to a lot of people
  14. Yesterday
  15. Wiki's Application [Denied]

    Your application has been REJECTED. If you have questions about why, you can direct your inquires here.
  16. Lance's Application

    You should see a link that says "Discord" at the top of our forums, which will take you to our public Discord channel. Feel free to pop in and get to know some of our members. We have an academy for new members. It will help you learn more about the game, and how to grow your nation efficiently. Are you okay with doing this?
  17. Lance's Application

    no, I am not familiar, just created an account a month ago. my username is Drsyt. I will more focus on the game more than once daily but look at glance forum and discord every day except some event happen who need me to act a lot of time on forum and discord.
  18. Lance's Application

    Are you familiar with Discord? If so, what is your username and ID? How active do you plan on being on our forums, in-game and on Discord?
  19. Lance's Application

    text browser game maybe only samuraioflegend, I played it for 8 years. if other browser mmo I play a lot.
  20. Lance's Application

    Have you played games like P&W before? If so, which ones?
  21. Lance's Application

    i feel fit the name of a black knight with lance
  22. Lance's Application

    While in the application process you MAY NOT start any wars, if you do so you will be denied. We expect activity out of our applicants. If you go more than 24 hours without answering a question you will be rejected. What made you want to join BK?
  23. Lance's Application

    Nation Name: Brigandine Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=129697 Previous alliances and Previous Positions: still new at game Have you done something to piss someone off in P&W?: no What skills can you offer BK?: still new at the game We are a military alliance, which means you will be required to stockpile a warchest (stockpile of resources and money) which will cut into your growth, are you okay with this?: yes
  24. Sir John Antonio's Application

    no problem
  25. Sir John Antonio's Application

    ok, thanks much.
  26. Sir John Antonio's Application

    Ok well, now the gov members @Shadow Company @uranium66 @Blank will go through your application and decide. So keep monitoring this thread, they might ask a few more questions and stuff
  27. Sir John Antonio's Application

    ayy lmao represents all things memes, conspiracy, and aliens to me. It is the essence of life and hope for future generations.
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