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Other sorts of rotation are also welcomed.

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  2. Rotating Cat is actually peak rotation, only rivaled by rotating Dog.
  3. rotating cats are common now days, this is really good because they give a lot of visibility to the rotating community
  4. to said the truth frogs dont die, they just disappear and turn in to invisible gods, everyone knows this
  5. well yes, but it would need to be travelling like really fast, because it would need to be at or exceed the escape velocity of earth, and even then itll probably be dead from all that spin speed and directional speed, not to mention its gonna die pretty fast in space
  6. Wonder how long some of us have stared at that thing.
  7. The Rotating Frog Club appreciates your contribution.
  8. Naturally a rotating frog is capable of this much. When a frog's rotation passes a certain threshold, it's limbs are forced outwards by the centrifugal force into perfect aerofoils which produce lift. At this point the rotating frog will begin to fly, but because frogs lack control surfaces it won't be able to control its flight. This is the cause of premature deaths for a great many frogs around the world, and is the primary evolutionary reason why frogs lay so many eggs.
  9. bautiful isnt it ? i dont undestand people that dont like rotating animals
  10. do you want a downvote so you can get to the nice number ?
  11. i dont know about that, i think you should contact a specialist in frogs
  12. helicopter frog, ayy lmao if it spins fast enough to fly and becomes a helicopter frog does the frog still count as a spinning frog?
  13. I belive that they can fly if they rotate fast enough, but they will turn in to a helicopter frog if they do so.
  14. If the frog rotates fast enough, will it begin to fly?
  15. beautiful frog, the rotating frogs are my favourite frog type
  16. This is when the frog is rotating.
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