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    I don't think they do have the best in mind, they have $$$ on the mind, there really is no other reason to ruin the perfect ending. If they wanted to do another season they should have made it a spinoff, or just disconnected it from Lelouch. My biggest issue here is that Lelouch is in it, he should not be, but he basically is the series so it's whatever I guess.
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    Season 3 Hype Even though they may kill the perfect ending To be fair they did intend to make Code Geass 100 Episodes in total, so I do believe the Studio has what is good in mind. And with the success of the anime that there is more faith in the project. But they already have 2 movies compiling everything...
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    Hey man I agree with you 100%, I remember watching it all in 2-3 days, then a few days later watching it all again (although a little slower the 2nd time)
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    Hey, what's bad about watching all 50 episodes... not that I watched it all in 3 days or something...
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    Yeah...I am personally not a fan of the idea, Lelouch will come back which is my main issue with it. I feel the original ended PERFECTLY now they are ruining that for me.
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    WAIT A MINUTE, just HOLD up a minute... there's gonna be a season THREE?!?!?!
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    Not sure how this will work or if you will even see it BUT....I just saw that they are making 3 movies. Seems like these will be compilation films before the new season to get people caught up without needing to watching you know....50 episodes