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Dark Maiden's Guide



A/N: I know poetry isn't a short story but screw you this is my blog and I do what I want with it. I'm more freestyle so that's a heads up. Enjoy some culture every once in a while. Also think this will be the last work involving Maddela for a bit. Emphasis on think.

Dark Maiden's Guide

Choosing exile over a pardon for a crime she was tricked into commiting. 

She became a guiding hand in the dark of her mother's wrath.

Freeing drow that wish to return to the surface and embrace the light. Even if it was a bit harsh on their white or red eyes.

Fight the battle of those who try to undermine the Dark Maiden's guide. 

But not always one with blades and blood although the Dark Maiden knows that will come. But one of kindness for all as that is her true goal.

To help build bridges between the drow and surface world. Knowing her mother's web has played a part in burning them all.

Your looks will cause the surface to fear and run, but the Dark Maiden encourages to carry on.

Practice what you preach is what should be done as a way to prove them all wrong.

And when her mother's spider horde charges forth, fear not as you pick up the sword to fight. As The Dark Maiden will be there to guide the blade's strike.

Remember this as you dance for her at night. Remember the Dark Maiden's Guide.