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The Sword



A/N: For @Psweet because he demanded someone get hit with a bastard sword, you're lucky I'm nice :p anyway hope the rest of you enjoy and don't be afraid to comment. I'm a big girl and can take criticism

The Sword

Maddela's eyes widened as she felt the weight of the  bastard sword, or the Moonsword, in her hands. Ilvaria looked at her with amusement as she took a few steps back. Looking up at her foster mother, Maddela watched as the woman gracefully grabbed the hilt of her own blade and unsheathed it without hesitation and had it in battle ready with only one hand. 

"Don't worry, it takes time to wield a blade of this size. Time and practice, which is what we'll be starting on today." 

Maddela opened her mouth to say something but didn't have time as Ilvaria charged at her, swinging her blade with only one hand. Both hands on the hilt of her blade, Maddela held it up to block the incoming blow but was pushed back by the force a few steps.

"You're defensive stance is off. That's one thing we'll work on," Ilvaria said as she then launched at her again, this time two hands on her own blade.

Maddela tried to dodge this time. She considered herself to be quite light on her feet and Ilvaria wasn't as young as she use to be. It should have been an easy dodge. But then she felt the sharp sting as the tip of Ilvaria's sword swiped her leg. Not deep, but she knew that would scar as she stumbled back a bit again. 

"Take it the extra weight threw that off as well. Yet another thing we'll have to work on."

Ilvaria pointed the tip of her blade to Maddela. Maddela winced as she got back into her readied stance but felt the pain of her injury shoot through her.

"Let's make this more interesting," Ilvaria said, "The first one to reach five injuries loses and will have to take on the other's cleaning duty at the temple." 

"I'm starting to think you planned this." Maddela said as she baced herself and then charged. 

She brought the blade above her head with the intention to swing down but the weight again hindered her as the momentum from swinging it up caused it to launch out of her hands. Maddela turned her head for just a second as she heard the sound of it clatter before she felt another sting at her side.

"Well of course, how else am I suppose to teach you and get some time off at the same time. Also, this should be basic knowledge to not turn away from an enemy. Especially when you're charging at them." 

The redness in Maddela's gray cheeks were evident as she gripped over her new wound. This one wasn't deep as well, thankfully. Ilvaria again sent one-handed as she spun around. Maddela quickly pushed herself, barely dodging the blade's reach and hissing as her leg reminded her she was in pain.

"And don't think I'll wait for you to pick up your weapon again. No enemy does that!" Ilvaria came at her again and Maddela dodged again, "Think on your feet child!"

Maddela glared at her foster mother, "I would if it didn't hurt to stand!" 

Another hit coming overhead was again dodged and Maddela quickly went for her own weapon. 

"Don't turn your back!" Ilvaria chased her. 

Maddela had her hand on the hilt of her blade when another sting went through her other side. Gritting her teeth, she used the adrenaline to pick up the blade one handed and swung it around. The clang of metal again echoed. 

"And keep a calm head," Ilvaria said while smirking. She was using both her hands to hold up her blade and block the attack, "Also keep all potential weak spots as protected as possible. 

"What in the name of Eilistaree are you..." Ilvaria ducked quickly and swung her leg out to sweep out Maddela's legs. As she was falling, another sting hit her other leg and when Maddela was on her back, Ilvaria's foot was on her stomach, the wind knocking out of her as her grip on her blade was gone.

"So much to work on child," Ilvaria said as she loomed over her. Smirking again, Ilvaria only put her blade to Maddela's cheek and scratched it, "Five hits, I win." 

"Can I allow myself to be the typical teenager and say I hate you." 

"Of course. You can even say it when you take over my chores. Don't worry child, it'll take time to get use to the Moondancer and maybe I'll be taking on your chores." 

The smile on Ilvaria's face made Maddela roll her eyes, "Can you get off me now?"