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A/N: Yeah screw my original idea for this blog. I even forgot I had this thing. So now I decided to try something new like making short stories on random things. One day like today it'll be based off a childhood memory of one of my pathfinder characters. Another it might be a little tidbit of history involving the goat people. And it might just be something out of nowhere. If any requests let me know, I'll even keep you anonymous...if you give me Mountain Dew


Anyway here you go, as said this one will be based on one of my pathfinder characters: my half-drow cleric of Eilistaree Maddela. Originally it would have been Reda, my half-elf hunter who's possibly bisexual, but I decided nah. Also while we used pathfinder rules, we used a DnD setting. Enjoy.



"Have you found him?" Ilvaria asked in a soft tone.

Volundeil shook her head, a tired frown across her dark face. The answer was no surprise to the cleric who shook her head and turned on her heels to hear to the nursery.

"He's clever, no doubt. And definitely swift to manage to get ahead of us." Volundeil said as she followed her friend.

"It became easy for him when he does not have the burden of carrying an infant with him."

"Is that anger in your voice, Ilvaria?"

"Is it not obvious?" Lowering her voice just a bit more, Ilvaria pushed open the door to the nursery, "Would you not be upset over seeing a man just leave his child?"

Ilvaria recalled the day the man came to the Promenade. The Sword Dancers had to practically hold him up while they also held the infant. His eyes were sad but also determined as she helped to tend to his many injuries, speaking more than he ever did which was never. The infant who was nameless in the beginning spoke more than he did even if it was only babbling.

Ilvaria could have respected that. Being a cleric who had always dealt with the newcomers that the Sword Dancers brought in, she had learned to understand that silence was, for a lot of them, the one thing that kept him alive. This was especially so if they were freed from the bondage that came with being under a follower of Lolth.  

She had respected his silence even more when the Sword Dancers who had gave her a theory for his fleeing. Even the most well trained drow could only so much trauma. 

"He would have been safe here." Ilvaria said more to herself as she stepped into the room and to the crib. The infant - Maddela - slept peacefully, "And if he didn't feel safe here why leave her here then." 

Arrangements for both him and the baby were being made. Once his injuries had been completely healed he would have been given a place to stay and a chance to fully turn what the Dark Maiden wanted which was to lead Drow to the light of the surface world and build bridges with other races. Considering the infant he came with was half-drow and his possible story of how he came to the Promenade, it wouldn't have been too hard. 

But then he left. The only thing left by him was a piece of paper with the infant's name.

Ilvaria picked up Maddela and held her close to her chest as a slight smile came across her face. She had been unharmed when brought in, a blessing from the Dark Maiden herself. No doubt it was difficult for the man to keep her safe while on the run from a band of determined and vengeful drow. When he left, Ilvaria had volunteered to care for the infant until her father was found. If he wasn't, she intended to adopt her.

"Do you think I can give my guess?" Volundeil asked.

The smile turned into a frown and Ilvaria turned on her heels to her friend, "And what guess could you have to justify his actions?" 

"As we searched for him, we nearly had run ins with the party that was sent to hunt him down. Apparently they're relentless but if our observations are correct they're heading away from the Promenade. Why lead away from this place unless your target is heading the other way. What better way to guarantee the safety of your daughter than by leading the threat away from her?"

Silence came into the room for a few seconds. Volundeil's expression was soft despite the serious question she asked a few moments ago. Ilvaria thought it didn't match.

"Then why not tell us what he was doing?"

"Would you let him do it or would you expect someone else to let him do it," Volundeil didn't give her time to answer, "What I am saying is simply a guess and definitely something for you to think. Ask Eilistaree for your guidance on this when you pray tonight because I think you need it."

Maddela shuffled in Ilvaria's arms and let out a little whine. Ilvaria looked down and saw she had opened her eyes a bit, revealing red eyes that were unusual for a half-drow but not non-existant. Definitely made her unique.

"I will let you tend to her, but please think about what I said." Volundeil bowed her head in respect as she slowly backed out of the nursery.

Ilvaria rocked Maddela as she whined again and made her face scrunch up. Signing, Ilvaria nodded to her friend, "I will. After all guesses can be wrong."

And sometimes they could be right and if that was the case, she asked Eilistaree to forgive her. 

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