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Day 1

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U liek?  

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  1. 1. I SAID U LIEK??????$%#%#

    • Yas! best thing I have ever saw
    • Nu! Get A lief nerd -snort-
    • Smoke Weed Ery Day

So today was normal... smoke a few blunts and snorted 100 pounds of cocaine, the usual. Then I went to school where I took a blunt while lit and put it in some kid's eye that was giving me a weird stare. Then got arrested for assault where I then again smoked a blunt and then the cop took it away... you never take away MY blunt. Let's just say half of downtown is no more. So anyway here I am at my computer playing video games all day... so yeah... that my first day... Du u liek? Vote on teh poll

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