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The Diplomacy: Entry #1

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This will be a new part of my blog/journal/diary dedicated to my experiences as a foreign diplomat for the $yndicate and Roz Wei! :)

My first impression of Roz Wei is that they're a lovable bunch of xenophobic ayy-lmao haters and Donald Trump lovers. Literally all of them have a Donald Trump post / topic in the P&W official forum. They're not exactly active in the embassy but they're a strong, new alliance filled with people like the infamous Rozalia. They're followers of Divine Right and have a particular obsession for Chinese/Asian dynasties and emperors in contrast to our love for aliens and anime.

On the other hand, the $yndicate has primarily two members I particularly adore (one of which I am having a pun-flirting competition with) named Wilhelm the Demented and the other guy who has the Cheshire Cat as his avatar. I envy them for their arcade and have spent more time trying to beat high scores (and succeeding in a game of Snake) against their members. I have proudly secured the #1 position of Snake for the Black Knights (brags, brags, brags). We should have an arcade. I might actually defect to the $yndicate purely for their '80s style arcade. They have cool dropbears as their mascots but aliens definitely beat them in the catchphrase and mascot categories.

All in all, I'm loving my new job and I find myself frequenting their forums.


TLDR: Roz Wei hates ayy lmao, the $yndicate has a cool arcade that we should have, and I love my job.

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We used to have arcades and competitions and shit as Strummy said, then forums got updated to and they got removed. Same with YosoBux ripperoni in pepperoni my homie

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9 hours ago, LordStrum said:

"Cheshire Cat"

that would be Manthrax, aka bae

also we had the arcade before they did, then Yoso updated the forums and the arcade was kill

Huh, I didn't realize we used to have an arcade - it's too bad it didn't make it.

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