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I suck at titles



She brushed away his hair to look into those beautiful eyes. She shivered as he looked straight into her. It was as if he could stare into her very being.  

He took her hand and placed it away from his face, turned and walked out of their home. 

As the door slammed shut, Delilah collapsed on the floor. Her long hair getting wet with the flowing be tears, she thinks to herself, 'How did we end up here?'  She gathered her strength so she could stand. Unsteadily she walked to her bedroom, and proceeded to curl up in her bed.  The sheets still smelled of him. Who was she kidding, the place was completely him. 

After a few hours, Delilah finally settled into a long sleep.


Finn took one last look at the place he had made his home, and walked away with a sigh. 'Can this even be fixed,' he wondered. He thought how crazy things had been over the years.

The love they had for each other, but also the fights. The words that could never be unsaid. The hurt they had caused each other.  He touched his face where her hand had been, surprised to see he had been crying.

Finn got into his car, and drove until he couldn't anymore. He came across a random motel, it looked horrible but a bed would be better than sleeping in his car.  As he parked, he drifted away in thought.