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Entry #2: Peace not War

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Welcome to the daily dairy entries. I am feeling depressed today so I will put up some depressing stuff. This is automated from yesterday since, on Saturday, I have job training.

Today's topic is the gruesome effect of war. Namely, this:





The citizens you have in your fictional nation are soldiers who go to war and raid. They die in gruesome fashion and, every time a bomb goes off or your land is attacked, innocent children die as they run away with melting skin and flesh. As disease in your cities run rampant, bodies are burnt, the ill are shunned and left to die, people die painfully, and suffering is always there. The cosmetic taxes? You are taking the livelihood of your people to support a dictatorship. Your baseball team ages and dies but you remain an immortal tyrant with no democracy, no elections, no freedom. Your people never vote and you never hear their voice because they don't have a voice.

When your crime rate is up, imagine all the people there being murdered, raped, and brutalized in the worst way possible. You are a murderer.

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