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The Great Black Knightian Empire (PART 2)

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Three days had past since Strum accepted the proposal that would change his life forever.

Jimmy and Strum were walking through the seemingly endless desert, and they were running out of supplies.

"Where the hell are we headed?" Strum said while panting and impatient.
"You will see in due time, son. In due time." Jimmy replied, while also panting.
Jimmy reached into his travel sack and pulled out his canteen. He opened the lid and hovered it over his dry lips. One single drop came out.
Jimmy had a panicked look on his face because he knew that if they didn't find a water spout soon, they would perish.
Jimmy and Strum climbed over a desert mound and saw grass and shimmering lights. Both of the men's faces light up with pure joy.

"Is that what I think it is!" Exclaimed Strum.
"It looks like a city to me" Said Jimmy while concealing his happiness.
Strum started running towards the city and old man Jimmy followed.
The doors to the settlement were wide open, they appeared to be welcoming any travelers and merchants.
The two men looked around and spotted a sleek young man holding some gold coins.
Strum walked up to the man while Jimmy stayed behind.

"Hello sir, do you have any water?" Strum said, obviously desperate for the need of the lovely clear nectar.
"Hello, my name is Psweet, but unfortunately I do not have any water, but I can offer you a loan of 100 gold coins." Said the mysterious sleek man.
Strum's eyes lit up, but he knew he didn't have a job and he would surely not be able to pay such a hefty price back.
"What's the catch?" replied Strum.
"There is no catch sir, I just want to help out a fellow traveler. The only catch is, if you can't pay it back I will execute you." Replied Psweet with a large demonic smirk on his face.Jimmy eavesdropped on the conversation and whispered into Strum's ear, "Do it, I will find a way to pay him back."
Strum accepted the money and started walking with Jimmy down the large settlement.

First they stopped at a tavern and got drunk, then they found a brothel and entered it.
The man at the door was rugged and mean looking.
"My name's Quasar, how may I help you fine gentleman tonight?"
Strum mumbled something incomprehensible and Jimmy didn't say a word.
"I've got just the right thing for you!" Exclaimed Quasar. He then brought out a Korean woman.
"Her name is Taeyeon. She likes you, she's only five gold coins for tonight. The best part about her is that she has such a nice singing voice that you will cum when you hear it!" Said the perverted looking Quasar
Strum handed over the coins and also paid for Jimmy's whore, who he entered one of the rooms with.
Taeyeon grabbed Strum by the hand and pulled her into one of the rooms. She pushed him down on the bed and started pulling down his trousers. Strum was a virgin and was very hesitant in having sex.
"Wait!" Strum yelled, petrified.
Taeyeon took her hands off of Strum. She was rather confused at why he yelled at her.
"Sing for me." Strum said wanting to preserve his virginity.
"당신은 정말 당신을 사랑 해요 , 너무 잘 생긴 입니다. 내 남편 과 나는 당신에게 아이를 부여합니다 바랍니다 . 나는 칠년 여기 갇혀 있다 , 나는 매 순간 싫어. 나의 용감한 사람이 저를 데려가" Sang Taeyeon.

Strum did not cum to her voice but he did fall in love with her after the first words came out of her mouth.
"I think I love you.." Strum said with a blushed face.
Taeyeon couldn't speak very good English but she understood it very well.
She jumped on Strum and kissed him on the lips. "Take me away please. I love you too." Taeyeon said happily.
Strum left the room without Taeyeon and walked into Jimmy's room.

"AH! AH! AH! AH!" The brunette exclaimed while bouncing up and down on Jimmy's dick.
Strum walked over to Jimmy and noticed he was passed out.
"What the fuck?"
Strum slapped Jimmy.
"huh, huh, what?"  Jimmy said as he awoke out of his slumber.
Jimmy looked up at the girl that was riding his dick.
"What the fuck?" he said.
Jimmy pushed her off of his dick and she hit her head against a table and cracked her skull open.
Strum and Jimmy were both petrified.
"We need to get out of here now!" Jimmy yelled.
He pulled Strum by the shirt and pulled him out of the room and into the hallway of the brothel.

"Wait! I need to grab something" Strum yelled with distress.
"Hurry the fuck up, I don't want to be executed for murder!" Jimmy replied.
Strum walked into one of the rooms and took a Korean girl with him.
"Why the hell are you bringing this whore?" Jimmy said with disgust.
Strum punched Jimmy and added, "She's my girlfriend you inconsiderate dickhead. She's coming with us!"
"Alright then, but if she steals your money don't tell me I didn't warn you."
Jimmy and Strum fled the brothel and found a place to stay within the town.

The town was so big they didn't think they were going to be caught and executed. We do not know how this story will play out.... Only time may tell.



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6 minutes ago, Shifty Stranger said:

I never thought BK would be so degenerate as to have member inspired erotica.

Gg Queersar. gg.

you must have missed BK origins.


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