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Focus on Politics: Analysis of Guardian

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The Focus on Politics Blogs will be serious blogs on a certain alliance. I will just do these because I feel like it. Enjoy reading. You may learn something :P

Guardian is an alliance which can be considered one of the most influential. Some consider them the most influential. But why?

Is it their upper tier? Well they do have that. They have that upper tier which makes other alliances cringe because it is not matched (plus they have other upper tier friends). They also were a main proponent of the victory in the first major global war, The Marionette War.

Guardian's leadership is also considered as one of the smartest groups of people. Prefontaine is not someone to mess around with and is one of the highest regarded leaders next to Kurdanak, Ogaden, and Pfeiffer. Pre has lead guardian well in his time.

What else though? I would say their general FA position and respect allows them to be feared. They have SK, TEst, and a few others that lurk around them quite often and will help them in wars, such as the recent GPA war. All of these are considered to be some of the most influential and most militaristic alliances. They also hold good FA positions individually.

One last thing to note is that they are not the most powerful in the game, but are one of the main powers. They are the most powerful upper tier alliance, however their dominance only exists up there. They have some medium tier that are strong, but many other powers can match that.

Hope you enjoyed my short analysis. Maybe you learned something from it idk :P

tl;dr for strum: Guardian fucks shit up in the upper tier and is not some little shit

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