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The Origins of BK (Part 3)

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As Yoso and LordStrum continued on their journey, their numbers began to grow. People who were sympathetic to their cause pledged their loyalty to the kingdom. It also helped that LordStrum promised to give everyone a body pillow in his likeness if you joined. Everyone wanted to be able to say that they have slept with LordStrum.


One night, Yoso and LordStrum called for a meeting around the campfire. “Right plebs, we’ve gathered you here today to choose a new name for our kingdom. I personally suggested Baeyeonxstrum4lyfe to Emperor Manas, but obviously he was drunk or something since he rejected my fabulous idea. As we are a democratic group” *snickers*  “we believe that each of you should have the chance to suggest names for our kingdom.”


“ME SAY NAME KILLRAPELOOT’’ thundered Jose, a large black man who was known throughout Orbis for smashing people into pulp with his bare fists.


LordStrum waved Jose’s suggestion aside. “Your suggestion is like you, Jose. Stupid and stupid. Next.”


“How about the Kingdom of Waverly Place?” chimed in Tiber, who was sitting uncomfortably on a log with the broomstick in between his legs.


“Hey, your suggestion is similar to your broomstick.”


Tiber looked at LordStrum, confused.


“Because it belongs up your ass. Next.”


“I suggest we name our country the Bank, and charge insanely high rates to our citizens!” purred Zoot, a man who was rather fond of eating burritos.


“I suggest you eat a dick. Next.”


“Ayy lmao.” said Shifty, an ayylien who only said ayy lmao.


“Yeah yeah. Next. What about you Nate, any suggestions?”


Nate stared back at LordStrum.


LordStrum sighed. “I thought not. Well, looks like no one has any good suggestions here.”, blatantly ignoring other hundreds of people sitting around. “Seems like we are done for the night then. Quick notice, remember to put in your earplugs tonight. Me and Baeyeon have a long night ahead of us.” he said, creepily winking at the Taeyeon blow up doll.


Everyone was preparing to go back to their respective tents when the clip-cloping of a horse’s hooves were heard. Emperor Manas rode into the light of the campfire, wind flapping around his majestic white cloak. Yoso and LordStrum immediately dropped to their knees.


“So honored. Much happy. Many confused. Wow.” said Yoso, expressing the confusion that both him and LordStrum felt.


“We are under attack. The Fire Nation has taken advantage of your absence and are now threatening to destroy what’s left of our kingdom.”panted Emperor Manas, exhausted from the long ride. “I need you to gather up the men and prepare at once. This battle will decide our fate in Orbis. Win, and we forever secure our place in Orbis and of the untold riches of FSA. We must NOT lose!” exalted Emperor Manas.


LordStrum looked back at his eyes of his comrades. Their eyes shone with the promise of fame, fortune and a good fight. Everyone's except Nate, who just stared.

“Alright boys, it's time for war.”

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