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The Origins of BK (Part 1)

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In commemoration of BK's one year anniversary, I will be releasing a story detailing the origins of BK. None of it is actually factually accurate (you can find the history of BK here: http://politicsandwar.wikia.com/wiki/The_Black_Knights) and is written purely for the fun of it. My brain told me not to release it as there will be a high chance of me getting kicked from the alliance because of this, but hey, ayy lmao. There will be 5 parts altogether, and I will release 1 part every 12 hours-ish. The final 2 parts will be uploaded on the actual day of BK's bday party. Without further ado, here it is! 




Emperor Manas sat on his throne, looking down on his only 2 subjects. Yoso the doge and LordStrum the Koreaboo stood before him. He sighed. How did the kingdom end up like this? Just mere months before the Kingdom of Peace and Butterflies stood strong, a role model for the barbaric nations that populated Orbis. It all changed when the Fire Nation attacked, destroying the kingdom like a hot knife through butter(flies). Now, all he is left with is Yoso and LordStrum, both close to useless pieces of shit.


“My brethren” he spoke with a deep voice befitting that of an Emperor. “I am certain that you know as well as I that our Kingdom is in bad shape. This is why I must now… GOD DAMN IT STRUM WOULD YOU STOP THAT?!”


LordStrum ceased his fapping and looked to his Emperor. “But my liege, I can’t help it. I’m simply irresistible.” he says as he whipped his long hair back like a shampoo commercial. “Look at me, I’m gorgeous!”, gently caressing his reflection in the mirror that he was fapping to.


“Anyway… I am sending you both on a quest. We need men to rebuild our kingdom and revitalise our position within Orbis. Furthermore, you two will also come up with a new name for our Kingdom on your journey. The Kingdom of Peace and Butterflies simply does not pack the same punch it used to have.”


“Such quest. Many exciting. Very honorable. Wow.” Yoso replied, bowing deeply before his Emperor. LordStrum gave a small bow, since he couldn’t bend that far while fapping.


“Now go! Onwards! God speed! Adios! Have a safe flight! 一路顺风! GTFO! Get yo ass out of the door!”

“Alright, alright, we get the message” LordStrum mumbles as he zips up his pants and exited the king’s private bathroom with Yoso.


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