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"cam on, u ar alrmost thar, just push rit oute! " 


"ok ok, carm drown, i will get rit for you..." 

Mr Lang backed out of the bushes and moved towards the pack, lying under the light of the full moon. 

"Hey anrybody got the cool aid and the ricken? She Nay Nay wants it veri bad." 

The biggest of the wolves, Daehkcid, stood up and snarled at Mr Lang. "Piss off Lang, we ain't got shit for you. Go get your own kool aid and "ricken"." he says, looking at the rest of his pack. The pack laughed and started to chant, "ricken, ricken".

"You guys no my engerish is not veri gd, prease no make fun of me" Mr Lang murmurs to himself. This was not the first time he received such abuse from the pack. Ever since he joined, he had always been made fun of. He had originally left his eastern pack to try and make a better life for himself in the famed western packs. His family had begged him not to leave, but he, enchanted by the stories, had ignored the pleas of his parents. After travelling for miles without proper food and water, he finally found this pack which was willing to accept him. Unbeknownst to him, the pack only let him tag along to make fun of him. His role in the pack was to be the punching bag, the wolf that others can bully to make them feel better about themselves. He worked hard in the pack, always the first to put himself in danger against a stag so that the others are able to sneak up and take the stag down, hoping against hope that one day he will be accepted. However, the only wolf who showed him any kind of care and concern was She Nay Nay, one of the most eligible wolferettes in the pack. Maybe it was out of sympathy, but She Nay Nay protected Mr Lang, and made sure that no wolf lays a paw on him. Mr Lang was enchanted by her, a beautiful big black bitch, and before long, she was pregnant with his puppies. It was a joyous day, and Mr Lang hoped that this would finally allow him to be accepted by his pack. However, it seemed to have only made matters worse, as the pack, under Daehkcid's influence, started to distance themselves further and further away. 

Mr Lang shook his head. This is no time for such thoughts. She Nay Nay is in labour, and she needs his help. Mr Lang walked away from the pack. He knew a road nearby which always had some chickens crossing it. It's late, but if he got lucky, he could still get some chicken for She Nay Nay. 

Suddenly, he heard She Nay Nay yelp in pain. "Orh noe!" He thought to himself, and sprinted towards the bushes where She Nay Nay was lying. Unpleasant thoughts began to form in his mind. What if the puppy died while She Nay Nay was giving birth? What if She Nay Nay dies in the process? What if M. Night Shyamalan decides to make another Avatar movie? 

Mr Lang burst into the bush, and stopped in his tracks. She Nay Nay laid on the ground, back against him, panting. There was no puppy in sight. "Buddha bless me..." Mr Lang thought, his worst dreams having become reality. 

It was then when he spotted a white head behind She Nay Nay. As he walked around her, he saw the most adorable little puppy. It was fully white, and was suckling at the skin on his mother's elbow, attempting to coax milk out of what he thought was a tit. 

Mr Lang walked over and licked the puppies forehead. The puppy gave a start, and looked back at his papa, giving him the derp face. Mr Lang laughed. 

"Wat to rame u..." Mr Lang looked around. It was tradition from his pack to name the new puppies after something that was seen in the proximity of where the puppy was born. Mr Lang looked up and smiled knowingly. 

"Ah, I noe. Ri shall rame u..."

In true Lion King fashion, he stood on his hindlegs and lifted the new born pup up against the backdrop of the full moon.

"Moon moon."

And the puppy pissed over his father's face. 



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