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Stats Updates

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I know not many of you people use these tools but I might as well update you all on them.

I've moved the tools to a sub-domain to avoid cloudflare so they don't timeout (so no ssl :(). 

Anyways, you can go explore them for yourself: http://stats.bkpw.net If you have ideas about tools let me know. I can basically do... anything.

Most of the tools have been re-added with a few extras:

  • Individual Nation Stats
  • A Raid Finder!
    • Checks nations in your range
    • Checks if the nation is in beige
    • Checks if the nation is in an alliance with less than 10 members
    • Checks if the alliance is on our no-raid list
    • Check if the nation has open slots

Remember to always follow the raiding rules. The raid finder obviously does not check if the alliance is protected or meets other criteria. 

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