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Need help finding targets?

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Need help finding targets? Well I have the tool for you!

During war, there will be a button added to the stats page located here: https://bkpw.net/stats

The button: Find Target.

Type in your score and BOOM it'll find people in whichever alliance we're at war with in your range that do not have full defensive slots or in beige.

War slots are updated every :15 and :45 of every hour so don't look then otherwise it'll come up blank no matter what.

It also shows you how well we're doing against DEIC cuz there are almost 0 slots open.


I've also removed the "target generator" and "alliance nations' from the tools for now. I needa fix a few things but I don't feel like it atm.

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Thanks i was tried the tool to find another target for me, and booom it show several leader name to choose to attack with, i tried the first leader name and declare war on him and yap. it completed, now im on war with three different nations, 2 with DEIC and 1 with Brotherhood of the Clouds. I feel save like this so strong nations cannot slip up my remaining war slot to counter my nations, haha ..


Thanks Yos, you created amazing tools again .. keep up to bring another tool to help us. Can I request some improvement? would you like to edit that tools so we can use it for raiding also (in peace defcon) .. just make new variable say no alliance with no beige and with war slot .. i hardly find the target for raid also. Thanks

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