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New Empire Age (Updated)

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Lelouch Vi Britannia


On 22/8/15 after a military build up boosting the Empires score to 366 the Empire under order by Flubb AoD ordered an attack on a Charming Friends nation called Kakorr. With a much higher military buildup the Empire has begun its emergence from Depression via offensively. Although the Empire recovered financially the Empire has finally began using war as their tactic for extra funds.

After the Post-Depression the buildup has begun into a New Empire Era

With tensions rising in Orbis multiple Wars broke out including the Bk Vs Viridian Entente,

Since the Holy Britannian Empire is tied with the Black Knights the Empire engaged in 5 wars. Three of which ended in truce and the other two expired.

Although the Empire fought 7 battles winning all of them Orbis was reset sending the game back to 8/27 just a few days after the war broke out, thus a peace treaty was established and all the loot gained before the reset was lost. It is believed the empire earned a total of 3 million and over in loot before the reset, below are the numbers that stayed for the war.

Holy Britannian Damage and Losses: Infrastructure: 82/ Soldiers: 37K/ Tanks: 2k/ Airplanes: 100/ Cash(Lost): 200k/ Cash(Damages): 1.4 Million/ Cash(Gained): 900k

Enemy Nations Damage and Losses: Infrastructure: 350/ Soldiers: 35K/ Tanks: 1k/ Airplanes: 121/ Cash(Lost): 900k/ Cash(Damages): 2 Million and over/ Cash(Gained): 200k


Although the Empire took a hard blow to its defense its Air Force became widely feared, the ground forces quickly rebuilt and the Empires score dropped to 344, the Empire however aftre the war quickly rebuild and now September 8 stands at 371 score. With 42K soldiers 1000 Tanks and 90 planes the Empire is in its new Dawn.

In an effort to increase economy and get more raid targets the Empire dropped the maximum of soldiers from 4200 to 3000. They now have increased food production by 70 tons a day, and added roughly around 68k a day in income.

On September 19 the Canadians took over the Empire thus beginning a new era...coming soon

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