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Why I hate every browser

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As many of you know, I'm making a game. I finally decided to see how it looked in each browser and here's the results:

Google Chrome - This is the browser that I used to test while developing. This is how it should look like:

As you can see, everything looks normal and prefect. 

Edge - Microsoft's new browser. Let's cross our fingers: Microsoft, don't let us down!

So not horrible. You can see the header picture has some weird ass cutting or whatever. Seems that their font rendering is weird, but it's an image. I have no fucking idea.

Internet Explorer - This is IE11. I fear to try any IE version less than this...

Of course IE doesn't support shit for HTML5. Same issues as Edge but at least Edge supports HTML5, smh

FIrefox - The browser that I thought would be just as good as Chrome... Unfortunately... 

WHAT IN THE FLYING FUCK IS THIS? Firefox, what do you not understand about table widths? wtf? Every browser, EVEN IE, displays the tables correctly.

Anyway, this is why all the browsers should be the same, god damn it.

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