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The Depression Era

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Lelouch Vi Britannia


On Wednesday July 29 the Empire with its foolish investment in baseball which was over 1 million and the raids against illegal alliances and members caused a toll on the Empire.

The Empire signed treaties with Brotherhood of the Clouds, Ascention, and United Worlds.

There was a 500 tank lose, 26k lose of soldiers and 50 infrustructure damage.

The Empire faced punishment from the Black Knight Alliance and had its raiding privillege revoked.

The Empire is now struggling to keep its feet on the ground, their points dropped by 30. Who knows how long it will take for the Empire to recover.

Its attempt to recover was the Empire left a standing army of 6k soldiers and 450 tanks while replacing military buildings with economic buildings greatly increasing revenue, the attempt if successful would lift the Empire out of poverty. Which it did and the Empire quickly rose its Steel production as well as net revenue.

The Black Knights also changed their tax rate to a steady rate of 20% so the money collected decreased but is climbing and at an all high. The Empire used this money plus more to raise infrustrcture and land not to mention build subways and change to nuclear power. The Depression era boomed the Economy of the Empire and has began to restore the ground as well as air forces.

However sea operations have been replaced with air. This is to quickly pick and end wars as fast as possible. The Empire will emerge out of Depression as soon as they are granted the right to raid again which is to be soon. Score is 319 and revenue is around 330k a day

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