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The Holy Era

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Lelouch Vi Britannia


Overall History:   Formed on 04/29/2015 (1992 orbis date) the Holy Britannian Empire was founded by Emperor Lelouch Vi Britannia. Shortly after being established the Holy Britannian Empire joined the Crime Syndicate but left on May 5, 2015. On May 5, 2015 the Emperor applied to join the Black Knights, and on May 6 he was able to be accepted into the alliance.
On 6/30/2015 the Holy Britannian Empire went from a score of 195 to 250 in one day. This was because of the new city Area 2 and a larger army. It was funded by the most profitable war (see military) and some BK city grant cash.
On 7/5/2015 to 7/7/2015 the Empire was crushed by two attacks resulting is the nations first two losses (see military). Specific Details: ( Dropped 31 in score after the war and 7/7 started rebuilding with a 1.1 million fund. On July 12 The empire hit its old score range and therefor recovered)

They formed their first Baseball league on July 27, they named the team the Black Knights




Military: The Holy Britannian Empire has a standing army which is spread out in the Area cities which haves its army spread out. As of 7/15/15 the Standing Army is placed in the two cities that are attacked (Pendragon and Britannia City)
In the history of the nations armed forces there have been only three military failures but none which caused the war to end in a defeat.
The first is the Mercer War where a proved attack was taken place on the Empire, however after a large amount of losses the nation came out with a victory.
The second is the Ghost War where a foolish attack on the enemy took over 23k lives and 640 tanks destroyed. The war went on for 5 days before ending in a draw.
The third war (considered end of second war) which has been one of the worst is the attack of Kebab Union on the Empire where 75 infrustrure was lost 18k soldiers died 92 tanks and 18 planes were destroyed, this was during the end of the Ghost War.
However there has been one huge success in the military during 06/25/2015 and that was the Turkistan War that generated 658k and the Empire only payed the price of 187 soldiers and 1 tank. With that money they hit a huge growth. Another success was with the German Republic during 07/02/2015 paying the price of 16,720 soldiers and 250 tanks they got 1 million dollars. Another profit was with Saudi Arabia earning 775k at the cost of 1.5k soldiers and 5 tanks. Aerium was another profit with 725k at the cost of a mere 300 soldiers and 2 tanks


The first losses of the Empire came from 7/5 to 7/7/2015. During the Saturn War.
At first the empire was destroying Saturn but suddenly Earl Peter York of Sloane Square attacked. At the end of the war the damages were 260 infrustructure, 660 tanks and 40k soldiers. The empire has estimated it was over 1.1 million in damages. However revenge came to Saturn and they were wiped out by the Black Knights along with the Empire. Sloane Square was handled by the Black Knights as well, The Empire sacked Saturn shortly after claiming revenge.



Wars: Mercer War- Result: Victory. Type: Defensive. Casualties: Unknown. Enemy: Unknown

Ghost War:- Result: Draw. Type: Agressive. Casualties: 23k soldiers and 640 tanks. Enemy- Unknown (After Kebab Attack) Result: Victory. Type: Defensive. Casualties: 18k soldiers died 92 tanks and 18 planes were destroyed.

Profit War: Result: Victory. Type: Raid Agressive. Casualties: 6k soldiers 100 tanks. Profit: 1.6 million Enemy: 18k soldiers 250 tanks and 3 planes.

Saturn War: Result: Defeat. Type: Agressive and Defensive. Casualties: 30k soldiers 550 tanks Enemy: 28k soldiers 100 tanks and 7 planes


Statistics: GDP: $635,368,590.76

GDP per Capita: $2,165.95

Average Yearly Income: $105.13

National Tax Rate: 36.5%

Weighed Average Income: $3.87

Population: 293,343







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