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                                                                                                                    KOI EDISION



GREAT I EMPIRE completes 150 days !

KOI ISLAND: ​Great I Empire today marked its 150th day by opening two shopping malls  at one of its Metropolitan city "KOI Trade Center".Shopping malls were open by Rahul around 6 30 pm(IST).

3 cities to be recognized as metropolitan cities !

ABAM: King has announced to recognizance 3 cities as Metropolitan cities of Great I Empire in a event held to celebrate the 150th day of Nation. KOI Island,ABAM and KOI Trade center are the three cities which is going to be recognized as  Metropolitan cities of the country.King also so assured that these three cities will have special build up in coming days to make all three cities to reach 100% in commerce.

Empire's Finance capital inaugurated!

DELHI:​King inaugurated a long awaited national finance center at  Delhi! This is going to function as financial capital of the country, and Nations reserve bank is to be situated here.

Empire's revenue has doubled up!

DELHI: Empire's Revenue doubles up, as King said in a inauguration function of Great I Empire's Finance capital at Delhi,Nation's daily revenue has grown from 0.3 million to 0.8 million after the inauguration on 7th city in the country. 


Nation's GDP Per Capita touches $ 3000 ! 

DELHI: Nation has reached the GDP PER CAPITA target a 50 days before the scheduled date.World's economist have said this was possible for the nation only because of its far visioned economic policies.

King releases next 150 days plan for the nation. 

KOI ISLAND: King today released the plan for nation's progress in next 150 days,in that he have planned  to create 5 more cites and to increase the infrastructure level of all cities at 

   2000.He have also assured the all cities at the empire will be protected from missiles,as the national project is to be opened in 40-50 days  and initially 2 missiles will be commissioned in same period.Also in next 150 days he said empires score will be taken above 1500.

Empire reaches top 10 in alliance!

DELHI: Empire is now in top 10 in alliance and international economist have termed the nation as the world's and alliance's fastest growing economy.


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