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paper No 3

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17 06 2015                                                                                                          Printed at KOI ISLAND







AFRICA:Black Knights tax day is on, and tax level has been raised to 75% as usual even though resource tax remains same.Black Knights follows the same procedure to increase alliance cash balance to take care of welfare activities of its nations.


Hurr Locker to win the battle?

AFRICA: Hurr locker is winning the battle against Geth Collective, even though Geth is around 80 point higher. In the two rounds of battle Hurr has damaged 42.09 infrastructure and got 101397.96 dollars with loss of 101 soilders.


Archduke of Foreign of BK trying hard to create UN?

AFRICA: There was great push for UN from Lelouch befor the war that BK fought.But after the war there is no improvement or talks regarding UN.Now there is the greater doubt in the minds of people regarding UN and its arrival. There is no reply for this question from the government. So it is expected that Yosodog will break the silence regarding this soon.

Minecraft Server

AFRICA: As per the reports there are about 69.23 % of people want minecraft server which is under construction by Lelouch and 30.77 % of people don’t want it.As for there is the clear majority for server it is expected to hit out soon.



Titan joins Rose


PW: Emperor of Rose Keegoz has signed to protect the Titan today morning around 8.14.Even though there has been talk on merger of titan with BK,by Consul Henry in IRC Chat,with Emperor of BK Yosodog,it has been rejected as Henry wanted emperor post by the royal family of BK,even though Yosodog was ready for it.Below are the part of conversations regarding this

9:09 PM <•Henry[away]> I agree

9:09 PM <•Henry[away]> I'mma merge Titan into BK

9:10 PM <•Henry[away]> But I gotta be Emperor.

9:11 PM <•Yosodog> Sure [email protected]#$ it

9:11 PM <•Yosodog> You're Emperor gg

3:04 PM ><Impero[VE]> thats all i think about

3:04 PM<Impero[VE]>literally

3:04 PM<Impero[VE]> i lie awake at night

3:04 PM<Impero[VE]> thinking about getting reps from sk


IHL Adventures CUP


PW: Eric of canada in the alliance of Terradoxia is conducting a Hockey league with prize till 895K! Even though registration fee is nil, there is a competition fee of 150,000 canadian dollar.



Reporters Needed!


KOI Island: “KOI Edison” newspaper company needs reporters to collect reports! Interested can Message Great I Empire!


Your can advertise with us!


KOI Island:  All can advertise your news for low cost with us for more details call Great KOI Empire.


KOI Edison to charge $1 for 10 newspapers.



Published at BK,PW,DEIC and   UANS                                                                                                                                                                                              Edition:1 NO:3

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