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We Have Ads!



Before you go saying I'm a greedy little fuck, FUCK YOU.

Anyway, I've decided to do a trial run with ads. I've added a banner ad at the bottom of the page so that it is not distracting at all (trust me, I wanted to put them all over the place but I didn't want to piss Jimmy off). Basically, all profit generated by the ads will go towards making these forums better. From a better host, to an SSL certificate, I plan to improve these forums with the money generated. Not only that, but we can put some money into the game by having lotteries where you get 6 credits towards your nation and such.

So I ask that everyone disables adblock. We get a shit ton of views every month (almost a million last month) and this could generate some serious cash towards the forums. For example, we could get a good copy of the awards plugin, the arcade plugin, the economy plugin, etc (when they get updated to IPS4). If you don't know how to white list our site, click the adblock icon on your browser, should be near the top right, and find something along the lines of "Allow ads on this site". Boom, you're done and you've helped BK.

As always, it's your choice to run adblock on this site. I won't force you to white list our forums but I will think less of you.

>inb4 Shifty calls me a money whore
>inb4 Jimmy calls me a greedy shit
>inb4 Strum says gg
>inb4 An example of NPO from Magic
>inb4 Hooker Money
>inb4 Fuck you Yoso
>inb4 These forums suck
>inb4 We shouldn't have upgraded
>inb4 Hot single mothers in your area

>inb4 inb4


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