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Prosperity comes to forums!

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Shifty Stranger


Rejoice as Shifty Stranger's Drug Cartel passes the savings onto you!

No more overpriced stocks led by the bourgeois government that comes on and posts what they want, when they want. I will be here and make you rich my friends. This is good buy, only 99.99 for the initial price. Together we will take down this Yosoeconomy meant to make the government richer and the knights poorer peasants. Buy before the server updates and get in on the action. Buy later and it's your fault if the stocks are worth millions. You snooze, you lose, you fap, you ejac. That simple.

Also you come into my blog and don't buy anything? This is an insult, do you go into a man's home and drink his drink and eat his food then just leave? You leave my shop without buy anything, you never come back, my friend!

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