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About this blog

Hey there kids! Do you want to know what is going on in the life of the dankest memelord ever. "No..." Well too bad because i'm doing it anyway

I will tell you what is going on in my day, everyday whenever I can now you may be asking.

"Wtf you faggot what is the purpose of this this is like a diary online where anyone can read"


"Get a lief u has no frends I'm the L33TEST XxPanzerCrashesCarsxX in da world and this sht is bad get a lief noob 1v1 at the swing set 4:20Am"

And to that I say....... fuck you

But anyway yeah I want you guys to know whats going on in my life for no reason... judge as you please


Entries in this blog


Day 2many2count

Brahs, u wont belve dis. I wus abducted by guis in masks and stuf. I dunt know where I am and I am scurd. Oh sht ngga they are coming. [Hides in room marked "Safe Place *No rapes happen here*]  K i tink im safe, the room said its a safe place and I wont get raped... whatever dat means... i forgut 2 tell u im 3 yrs old and I found this lite machine that givs ability 2 speak without actually speaking. itz cool. Anyway theses menz are mean and they took me away from mum and that made me m




Day 2... and 3... ok fine 4

Ok so remember when I killed the guy who arrested me... Well turns out it was And I got knocked the fuck out for 3 days... When I woke up I was in jail and said to myself. "I guess Shifty is a plum" So then I burned the metal off the door of my cell and slipped through and walked out. I don't understand why they just opened the gates for me. And there was like 50 guys with long black things (No it's not a dick Strum) And when I tried to walk by them they started to




Day 1

So today was normal... smoke a few blunts and snorted 100 pounds of cocaine, the usual. Then I went to school where I took a blunt while lit and put it in some kid's eye that was giving me a weird stare. Then got arrested for assault where I then again smoked a blunt and then the cop took it away... you never take away MY blunt. Let's just say half of downtown is no more. So anyway here I am at my computer playing video games all day... so yeah... that my first day... Du u liek? Vote on teh poll



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